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  3. I didn't watch or listen to it. Where were you when I put the blame squarely on Leipold's shoulders? Fletcher? Yeo?? I blamed Yeo for 4+ years. You say I blame everything on Koivu? Aside from clueless you might have your girdle on upside down and it's choking your neck.
  4. Fair enough. This is how you sound to me when you blame everything on Koivu...
  5. I forgot about a couple of those guys. And to your point they also brought Cooke in here, even though the NHL had pretty much neutered him by then.
  6. What is the responsibility of the guy who has the A? I know I'm not sitting in the locker room, but Coyle doesn't seem like the leader type to me. I also don't get why management has seemed to almost show indifference towards Nino, although they did pay him.
  7. Maybe Foligno can keep Coyle consistently engaged. "Coyle was flying out there last night and looked a lot more confident" --he did that last year--on average about one out of every 3 games.
  8. I honestly thought we paid too much(length and $$) for ZP and RS at the time we signed them but never questioned it much or really looked into it. But man, when you see it laid out in front of you like that...what the H were we thinking?? Chit, we will be paying Parise $40M after he is done and gone. GMCF should be in the soup line by now.
  9. You remind me of:
  10. Good to hear. Thanks.
  11. Parise practiced with team today. Said he felt good. It's a start.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Annnnnnnnnnnnd...exhale!
  14. I just read in the Strib that EEk will play the last four preseason games.
  15. I think it is a precautionary plan right now with EEK injured. No clue on if they are just letting EEK rest a little after Traverse City and come back 100% or if he is really injured. Coyle was flying out there last night and looked a lot more confident - of course he was playing against a lot of AHL kids but I liked the Foligno/Coyle/Nino line.
  16. IMO something of note from the first two preseason games - Coyle was essentially the team's #1 Center both games. So is that a foreshadow of his regular season role? The Wild's 3rd Line Center? Or does BB just want Coyle to get minutes at Center as practice, in effect as insurance, in case the team does need him at Center at some point? I don't usually have a problem with line juggling, but I do hate it when a player gets jerked back and forth from Forward to D (Lemire's old trick), or Wing to Center. Figure out where Coyle is the most valuable and fills the team's greatest need, then put him there and leave him the puck alone! That means EEk on the wing this season and next.
  17. Good point. I was just looking at it from a roster number standpoint. One way they could do it is simply play a shell game with EEk and Kunin - a one up, one down, rotation. Or more probably, Kunin down and EEk a long term look. The huge unknown is Parise's back. Maybe they need to bite the bullet and cut on him, fix it surgically. Then he goes on LTIR and they're out of Cap Hell until he comes back.
  18. Here is exactly where I was going with this... Last night's game, prime example! Of the middle-year veterans (not young guys anymore) we have Brodin, Granlund, Coyle, Nino, Zucker & Dumba. Right out of the gate Yeo put Brodin out there and he did well. He gave Granlund free-pass after free-pass forcing him with all kinds of opportunities and it was hell to watch. Zucker he made into a Yo-Yo, Coyle was slowly given chances and Yo-Yo'd from wing to center, Nino was reserved to play penalty box duty and Dumba was somewhat jerked around like Zucker but his play has been maybe more frightening to watch than all others. In the past two years Granlund and Coyle have been main-stays in top-6 roles while Brodin a top-4 d-role. Nino has been more consistent offensively than either Granlund and Coyle, but Brodin has been the most solid of all these middle-veterans with respect to ice time and role duties. Yet last night we saw Charlie given the "A" (granted a preseason game) but it is notable. This, after a lumbering last-half of last season where he wasn't quite dismal but he wasn't productive at all. For the most part he seemed half lost and a step late or out of position. I'm trying to figure out why management gives nods to Granlund, Coyle and Brodin while zipping over Nino for instance, when he in fact has been 'thee most consistent and productive goal scorer' over the last four years. I loved seeing Coyle get the "A" if it were done so around last year mid season... Where he was as a lot of us deemed, destined for the "C" some year down the road... But Brodin and Nino seem to get their job done better. Hell, I still don't get why Nino is seen as a 12-14 minute 3rd or 4th line guy but no matter what lagging player they pair him with he scores goals! I can't even imagine what he could be like if he were paired with our best center and best right winger (as opposed to rough bottom dwellers on the roster.) Seeing Charlie with the "A" last night made me scratch my head. Why not Brodin? Of all these guys he's been the most seasoned.
  19. That is true.... The Zucker/Granlund/Koivu line did dry up at the end of last season. Hopefully it isn't that way this season. We need the goals from them.
  20. Truer words were never spoken
  21. Because of how the Z/K/G line dried up a bit at the end of last season, I would expect Boudreau to have a quicker trigger finger with them. I would play them together as long as they are producing, but pull them apart as soon as they go dry for a couple games...then reunite them a few days later, wash, rinse, repeat. I would try to time all of this so they are back together right before the playoffs so they go into the playoffs feeling good and ready to roll. Unless 2 or 3 players have insane chemistry together, I don't buy into needing to play together to build chemistry. They watch each other every day. They practice together every day. They know each other very well...whether they play on the same line or not. I'm also not a fan of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it with lines (or anything for that matter). If there is an opportunity to improve something...even if it ain't broke...I'm all for it. I also think changing lines constantly keeps players accountable. Yeo was too much of a pu$$y to change lines to do so.
  22. I don't think any coach here can win with the fans. Lemaire juggled too much, Yeo left lines together too long...
  23. I think BB will leave the Zooker-Mikko-MiG line alone until it hits a long dry spell. As for the other guys, I expect to see everyone play with everyone. BB is like Lemaire, he'll juggle lines in a heartbeat. I expect a lot of complaining about him shuffling lines too much this season.
  24. Last week
  25. Well, it worked like a charm for the Leafs...
  26. ...performing as he did in the 2008-2009 season when he scored 94 points.
  27. Curious... Do you think Boudreau will spot Nino ahead of Coyle? I'm not arguing your choice - I more or less agree Nino needs to be top-6 and Granlund with Koivu - Zucker is almost a must... But Coyle's been a top-6 now for a couple years. He's also gone flat for whatever reason and not as consistent offensively. Early in the season he seems to have it but later.. Whew, where does he go? Drifting or whatever. lol
  28. As I stated in the line up thread... The conspiracy theory guy in me thinks maybe the Wild are making up a back injury for Parise so he can rest (play fewer games this season) and put him on IR or LTIR to help with the cap problem...
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