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  2. 11-18-17 Caps 4 Mild 3
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  4. 11/18/2017 Wild 2 Capitals 4
  5. 11-18-17 Wild 3 Wash 1
  6. 6 years in a row where he's an asset to opposing team's PK. Either he's a slow learner or doesn't understand wtf a PP is. No one in the NHL has as much PP time than he has with as few results.
  7. Not ideal... ? As opposed to feeling groovy, going through the motions with zero results (2 goals in 35 PP attempts)? WAY TOO complacent for too many players expecting a ribbon regardless of their lack of accomplishments. Looks like what Bruce Boudreau did worked great. That's how you change "What's in the water!"
  8. Say it ain't so!!! Not a former Swarm in the bunch??!!
  9. LOL
  10. 18, Nov., 2017 Ok, I'll bite Wilds - 4 Caps - 1
  11. 10 4, thanks Rotty
  12. Yesterday
  13. I admit it, that's exactly what I did! I almost always start recording the game, then watch something else for awhile. Last night it was Carbonarro Effect . Then I start watching the game, fast forwarding through stoppages and commercial breaks. Best thing about that is I cut out a lot of stupid and stupiders horrible commentary. And then I can stop and replay any plays I want to see over and over... Usually I catch up mid-way thru the 3rd. After Nashville's 3rd goal, the POS shortie, I turned off the TV for 10-15 seconds I was so pizzed. Then turned it on and fast forwarded it to the Wild's first goal. From there on out I watched the rest of the play. Crazy how chitty the Wild was early, then suddenly it was like the teams had switched jerseys. My perception is this team has zero consistency in their play EXCEPT that usually they suck early, then have these insane runs towards the end of the game, usually starting in the 3rd period. I wonder is that because the team follow's BB's system, specifically the D stays really passive, until they're behind and desperate, then the team turns on the gas, the Defense activates and joins the offense and suddenly the Wild goes from passive to aggressive? As in, does the Wild need the motivation of being behind to really hit the gas? Are they trying to play like BB wants which actually stifles the team's innate skill? Does it take being behind late for the team to really show it's offensive talent?
  14. Hey fellow fans! We are giving away 2 tickets to the Jan 20th game against the Tampa Bay Lightning! Lower level, section 112, row 15!! Click here to register! GO WILD!!
  15. Well, I admit that on the radio the play-by-play call basically described a Finnish passing drill featuring Koivu and his pocket-boy Granlund, albeit without the "finish," pun totally intended......say what you want about Parise, he at least can find the trigger on his twig.....
  16. Ask my wife. I was hollering at the TV about both of those things! Mikko constantly getting kicked out of the Face-off circle and him being an excellent PK guy for Nash. As in, killing the Wild's early PP's!
  17. C'mon, soften up. Mikko has been doing some dirty work and hitting the goal. He's adapting to the game.
  18. Back to Parise. And back to the future. Strib gamer for Nashville tilt listed No. 11, and No. 1 in our hearts, as scratched while healing from "back surgery." Canada's TSN site notes that Toronto and Chicago are getting cap relief, respectively, for Joffrey Lupal and Marion Hossa. What about us, GMs are asking.
  19. Yep, about f ucking time. Keep them pissed off at you BB. It's the oldest and best trick in the book but seldom used. Mikko even had more pep in his step. Competition is good and that's what sports are all about. Players slacking = 3rd or 4th liners get to step in and chance to step up. Pro players let alone high school players have pride/egos deflate that a bit and you get what you got last night. Absolutely nothing ever wrong with playing mind games and it's about fuc king time
  20. 11/18/17 Wild 4 Caps 3 surprising myself with predicting a win here especially against the caps but gotta believe the streak will continue. Let's hope we stay out of the penalty box and if not they don't leave Ovie on the edge with his 1 timer, Go Wild
  21. 11/18/17 Wild 4 Wash 1
  22. 11/18/17 WILD 4 Wash 2
  23. Agree on everything but you left out LaPanta's whatever you want to call that thing on his face. Creepy comes to mind. I also have to DVR most of the games but for some reason even down 3-0 to a much stronger 'team' I thought we still could make a game of it. I mentioned to my wife when only down 1-0 that with all those close shutouts I could mentally use a big 5-4 game. This game had about everything good and bad and is why I watch Hockey.
  24. Thanks for this. I didn't notice this one, and found the text really interesting. So BB is every bit as frustrated as us...
  25. 11/18/2017 Minnesota - 2 Washington - 3
  26. 11/18/2017 Minnesota - 2 Washington - 3
  27. I watched the Habs vs Coyotes: a quite good ECHL game. Truly said by the RDS broadcasters: if the Bolts were the opponent, The Canadiens would have allowed way more than 5 goals. And speaking about a taboo thing, many empty seats yesterday night in Centre Bell...
  28. 11/18/17 Wild 5 WSH 2
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