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  2. .....and I am now looking for a job....anyone hiring in the Q or W?
  3. And one last thing: Hi, I am Chuck Fletcher....I am so enamored with the past(s) of Sutes and Parise that I cannot get a big enough whiff of their privates, and....and...I am not sure where my 'man crush' for the slowest, least aggressive player in the league (9) comes from, but I just know that he is my 'C' and can be my Toews if I keep throwing more chit at the wall alongside him, and moving down (or out) anyone he doesn't like.
  4. Hi, my name is Mikko Koivu. I do good on faceoffs and kill the PP better than everyone. Hi, I'm Zach Parise and each of the last two years I've played half to 2/3rds of the season. My numbers are down but me and Sute's hired Adam Oates to help our PP under Yeo. Hi, I'm Ryan Suter and three times in the last 2 years I said to the press our team gave up. Plus what Zach said. Hi, I'm Chahlie (Coyle) and while I don't pose a nose for the net anymore I'm strong as an ox and waste a lot of crucial time along the boards. Hi, I'm Mikael Granlund. I've improved more than anyone else on the team. Hi, I'm Nino. In the past 6 years I've racked up more goals than anyone else on the team and often you see me on the top or 2nd line, or the 3rd or 4th line if Mikko cried enough to Fletch. Hi, I'm Jared Spurgeon. I might be a runt but for the money I'm the best player this team has. Hi, Doobs here. I can promise to do better than allow 2 softies per game for about half the season. Hi, Brodin here... If I get pounded on D I promise to never retaliate. Hi, Seeler here... Bring it. Hi, Soucy here... Bring it. Hi Jason Zucker here... I promise to stay for a million less than what I'd make elsewhere if you rip the C off the Clydesdale and shuffle him to the 3rd line... Where I'll never play again anytime soon while being expected to carry Koivu or anyone else. Hi, Winnik and Foligno here... We're like twins. You move one of us you might as well kiss the other goodbye and hire half a dozen puck bunnies to protect these pansies. Hi, Dumba here... I try. Sorry for almost crying upon hearing the news Fletcher is gone. I'm so happy. Hi, Nate Prosser... I'm the guy who helped solidify the d-core after Chuckie slit my throat. That guy's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  5. Rotten - We are in 100% agreement on each and every point, and player decision you have detailed above. It would sure be sweet to see this materialize, as the 'jig is up' for a lot of these 'passengers on the team bus', and primary 'fat cats' for payroll consideration. We cannot continue to provide the impression that this team is a great place to milk an organization for your last 'comfortable' paycheck.
  6. One doesn't fire his only GM after 9 years expecting just a tweak or two. That might have been what he said but due to being professional and all there's likely more to it. This go-round with another head coach in Boudreau... I believe was the final straw. Boudreau has a ton more head coaching experience than Fletcher has ever had to deal with and most likely after seeing large contracts going to slugs or injured players with huge buyouts, probably isn't the direction Leipold wants to keep steering toward if it means 6 more years of losing again in the first round or two with what's obviously a soft team. The team has size in many ways but can they be taught how to use it? No. Which means some of the current roster is going to take a ride on others coat-tails until their contracts end. Unless there are significant changes all the younger players currently on the payroll will be about 5 years older once that occurs and guess where that puts the team for the next 3-5 years? Koivu may see the 3rd line finally (and even retain his C) with Ek in-between Parise and Nino with Granlund finding a long career on RW1 along with Staal if they can keep him and Zucker. Hopefully changing the GM means Koivu won't be the first center granted an opportunity to jump off the bench every time there's a PK or PP. Crud like that is minor tweaks but in reality a breath of fresh air. IF... Something like that is within Leipold's perception.
  7. Perhaps Leopold stated this publicly just so the season ticket holders don't bail before renewal (thinking it is a tear-down)? There is always spin with these people - "how do I keep my revenues coming in while we do what we need to do to move steps further..." My guess is there is a bit of both in his public statement. My fear is that the Cap Max Clown Show also have a line into Leopold, and it was not always to Fletcher - that would suck, as it will not have changed anything, unless the new GM demands that 'players play,' and 'executives and coaches manage and coach the team.'
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  9. They played the presser on Kfan. Leipold said no rebuild. He is happy with the roster. Just a tweak or two. That was from the horses mouth.
  10. Reading some conflicting info about Leipolds rebuild comment. Few writes that he doesn't want to do a full rebuild, just some minor rebuilding, others write that he doesn't want any rebuilding at all, just some tweaking with what the organization has. Which is it?
  11. Dubnyk missed the cut off time to turn it due to his slow reactions! Granlund loves to help out so he did his, Coyles and Ninos. Zucker wrote so fast you have no idea what was written so you give him a pass.
  12. Hahaha! Ennis keeps getting knocked off his chair... Coyle won't write cause he is unselfish.... Dumba's letter is unreadable because of all the mistakes
  13. Quick update, Parise just hurt himself writing the report. Suter gave his to Spurgeon to deal with well he goes off to vacation. Koivu just kept putting cheat in faceoff, thrown out, take lazy penalty, rest for 2 minutes in the Penalty Box and than skate over to the bench looking like you just gave 1000% and been on the ice for 10 minutes straight.
  14. Hahaha! I was riding high on enthusiasm when I heard Fletch was gone... A premature post... I should know better with this team...
  15. Wonder if this firing will make Doobie save more pucks - or any player step up come playoff time and try to earn their enormous paychecks...? Come on people - this issue is so much deeper than whacking an executive... Every one of those players should be evaluated - year after year - and made to write a one-page paper on why they should remain on this team and what assets they bring to the table... My bet is most couldn't write a single paragraph...
  16. It’s a first step but if 11-20-9 run the team still nothing will change
  17. I had the same reaction. I bet Suter, Parise, and Koivu are pissed.
  18. I am glad he was fired....he didn't do much for the team that was good.....The Wild need a better GM.
  19. I don't know, hawg. Or should I say the negatives in this team cast a shadow over the positives since the core of this team is more or less negative. Koivu, Parise's contract, Suter, Dubnyk, size of the D... Not many but not easy to fix. Plus I wouldn't go as far as saying we need a total rebuild. Leibald's "tweak"...? Remains to be seen how much leverage he's willing to give for the new GM.
  20. This is a very unexpected aftermath. You want to trade our best scorers in order to potentially get good players? I don't think this is addition by subtraction if you're seeking that.
  21. Funny thing even Brandon Mileski was like wtf! When he even starts to go wtf you know there is a huge issue. He knows the roster won't win it all and unless change comes we are going to be in the same spot. Hilariously Leipold even talked about how we don't get 1-11 pick ever and sort of stuck. Well duuuuuhhhhh! This roster is the worst kind. Not good enough to make it past the first round but too good to get any decent draft picks. That should highlight the need to do a rebuild!!!
  22. See why I'm not all that inspired by Leipold and why I find it hard to respect him?
  23. I know. I went from wanting to run down the street streaking and yelling "F*ck Yea!" to now going well.....chit........
  24. WTF is he smoking?! Hey, Leobald, come on - how can you be happy with the roster if you're not happy with the guy who put it together?! This guy is not the sharpest pencil...
  25. Well sh!t... That didn't last long. Now we know the problem, and its the worst problem to have.
  26. I was excited until I just heard that presser from Leipold. He just straight up said that anybody who he interviews who says we need to rebuild, change up a bunch of the roster, etc will not be hired. Repeat, not be hired. He said a tweak is ok. So basically he fired Fletcher to go out and hire Fletcher. He wants no major roster changes but he wants to "win a cup". So what do you want Leipold, to win a cup or make the roster you have now happy? You can't have both!!!
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