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  2. Nino was 3rd on the team in goals (25g) and had a nice shooting percentage this year (14-15%), but among forwards he had the 7th highest TOI per game (15 minutes/game?). If they can find a way to utilize him more he could be the breakout star the team needs.
  3. But filling in on higher lines with more offensive line-mates he did quite well (and was used very sparingly.) Like I said when Haula first came here... The Wild expected him to be the heir-apparent to replace Brodziak and like I also said, he's too small. Another wasted player fitting a square plug into a round hole. He was fine on penalty kills 2-3 years later but he was still too small to put a shoulder on anyone and that just wasn't a part of his game. Who didn't see that coming? Aside from team scouts and coaches. lol - Once again we have the same old aging players capable of missing their mark of mediocrity with major hopes more youngsters step up to fill roles they're never going to be given a chance to fill; because of the old players running the team.
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  5. We have Old Parise, and it isn't good. What the team needs is a few more players who act like Parise in his prime. Get in the dirty areas and push and shove and jam for those garbage goals. Too many players on this team don't want to get their noses dirty, and are content to try for that perimeter shot or maybe a deflection. Which is fine as long as there is someone in front willing to get beat up to get that goal. But no one is. Too many nancies on this team.
  6. We need the old Parise badly. And we need the "2nd" line to be the machine they were last year.
  7. Word...
  8. No it's getting real bad. Praise is spent phsyical wise, weber always made sutter look like a 8 mil a player and he's getting old, mikko has always been a great defensive center but he has lost his touch and always is a half stride off his targets, doobs likes firing up farm equipment for his old man and has a mental mind frame of a 14 year old bantam, coyle wants out of minnesota hence the a bright inconsistent play. Coyle would be a new man on a differnt team trade him before he flops, granny is improving but no need to build around a squirt without a shot, Nino would thrive with on a differnt team, Zucker is a bright spot but he seems like he don't wanna be here. This team needs to sell and rid the praise suter contracts before any deep runs happen. That's 10 years out at best! This team is a failure and you'll see the ship sink fast in 2017-18
  9. I think this is going to be one of those season where the Wild have to see if the kids can take the reins of the team. Koivu was never fast, and he's getting older and slower. Parise has yet to play a full season for the Wild and his point totals have dropped the last three years. Eric Staal had a great year with no pressure on him, but he's 32. Can he do it again? Ennis hasn't played a full season for two years, and when he did, it was around 43 and 46 points. Not exactly awe inspiring. The Wild need Coyle, Granlund, and Niederreiter to become the new leaders on the team. They also need Ericksson-Ek to be the real deal. This team reminds me of one of those cribbage hands you get that when you first look at it you're just drooling over it thinking "Oh, yeah, 20-24 points!" but then when you start really looking at it and no matter how you arrange the cards, you are looking at a 6-8 point hand. Not bad, but nothing that is going to pull you way ahead of your competition...
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  11. Well, you add Hanzal because Graovac failed to launch. He failed to be that bigger 4th line center so the sought the opportunity to upgrade. Oh and on the larger question in the post. The Wild have not improved. While getting rid of Pominville was good for the cap its pretty tough to say we got more offense by getting back Ennis a tiny guy who is concussion prone. I am not saying our team needed some old T-Rex enforcer as Fargo used to call it, but one would think our playoff experience would indicate the team needed to get a bit more determination near the crease. I am not sure Ennis is that either given his struggles to stay healthy. Foligno works well enough and I think he could do well. Quincey for Scandella will be a wash at best...or a slight downgrade. IMO you have to weigh what we gained by what the rest of the division gained and I think most our rivals made significant upgrades.
  12. Completely agree with Dave, we do not need to build a team exclusively around only of a high scorer player, but we really need them for the offensive boost of the team. As more we will have as more benefits we will gain. Professional hockey is always a business involving a huge money rotation. High scorers for the team are always bringing multiple benefits as for the hockey club's prestige and results as well as for the hockey club business. Unfortunately, high scorers in each team is not a panacea(solution) to reach a Stanley Cup Finals, but just a REAL improvement to reach that goal. Few positive examples of that are Crosby for Pittsburgh, Kane for Chicago and negative examples are Ovechkin for Washington, Stamkos for Tampa. Like we discussed many times on our fan zone , the real panacea(solution) to reach a Stanley Cup Finals and win a Cup is to build a mentally and physically enormously tough team. Still I am not sure if a luck is a real helper for that goal (Stanley Cup), but only an extensive (substantial) hard grind work of the whole team and an exclusively each player's talent. Personally for me, just the last two traits are extremely important. An example is our playoffs this season - our not bad at all Wild team of the 2016-2017 season had multiple chances to score, but no ability to put in. Luck may be plays the role once or twice but not multiple times during the game. The weakness of the last two traits played the mage role in our poor success this playoffs season.
  13. It would be interesting to see what would have happened if Haula had improved. His points were down from last season and his +/- was worse with more TOI. The only thing that was positive was his FO%. That stayed at 50+%. Like Fargo said, 4th line center can be an important position. Had Haula improved, maybe that trade doesn't get made and the annual drain circling doesn't happen...
  14. The kid was Tim Harrer, who scored 50+ goals for the Gophers that year. What a fabulous story, Herb was a great coach.
  15. Marion Gaborik is NOT a player you build a team around...not if winning The Cup is your goal. Marion Gaborik is a player you add to a contending team in need of an offensive boost...period, end of story! If your goal is to build an exciting team and put butts in seats - regardless of success, Gaborik (in his prime) is one of the first players I would bring aboard. It's the classic hockey vs. business decision... I like hockey decisions!
  16. Yup...thats why I said "ice cold"
  17. Oof, Aquavit. Still get flashbacks from the last company christmas cruise. That's something you only drink when it's ice-cold, if it's room-temperature it tastes kinda vile imo.
  18. I agree with Fargo. I also do not think that Kaprizov is going to be a second Gaborik for the Wild team, but may be a second Panarin as a possible option ? I looked for the best Marian Gaborik's results when he played for our team. It happened in 2007-2008 season (in 72 games he had 83 points - 41 goals, 42 assists, +/- 17). No one in our team's history reached 100 points , or even 90 points during playing for our team. I am hoping a lot that Sokolov will have his chance to be a second Gaborik for the team and even will beat Gaborik's records ( may be will exceed 90 points). Another candidate is may be Shaw too (probably on total points, but not on goals). So far I just only see 2 candidates capable in a future to reach 90 points for the team - Sokolov and Shaw. Hoping, that some one from our current roster will be able dramatically to improve their records (above 80 points) in a nearest future too.
  19. THIS is a classic post KA - Bravo! Really well-written and on point! NB - It's a Pedersen (We are Danish) family tradition to have a toast with ice-cold Aquavit at Christmas - that's good sh*t
  20. Yeah...Granlund was a boy playing among men in the SM-Liiga and holding his own and was scoring left and right and had the rapture-inducing lacrosse goal and could turn water into Aquavit and everything. Same thing with Brodin. Brodin was supposed to be the next Nik Lidstrom. He's closer to Nick Schultz than Nik Lidstrom...
  21. Well, both of them filed for arbitration, so they can't holdout. So there is that positive. I'm more comfortable with giving Nino a better contract. He's scored 20+ goals for the last four seasons playing the position he was drafted to play. Granlund has scored 20+ goals once and only after they moved him from the center position to the wing.
  22. Gaborik by far has been the biggest talent to wear a Wild jersey and a player that won games (tilted the ice) all by his lonesome. Wish we had another like him right now as he played on some ****ty teams that still out preformed the current Wild team.
  23. Anyone else having flashbacks to Finn baby jesus? Now we have Russian baby jesus. To be blunt, IMO anyone who compares the little Russian kid to Gaborik is a phucking moron; totally stupid and clueless when it comes to the NHL.
  24. Obvious to me anything over $6 mil per year is a GROSS overpayment for MiG. If I was Fletch I think I'd go hardcore on $5.5 for 5 years. Take it or phuck off. For Nino, be generous, go $5 mil for 5. Take it or leave it. RFA's have zero leverage other than withholding service. And if one of these two guys went that route they're too stupid to be on the team. Let the arbitrator SWAG it and then trade them... Personally, I think let MiG go, he ain't worth it. That much money could be better spent elsewhere. Nino is a great support guy, be a shame to let him go, but...
  25. Back to Granlund's contract. I added Nashville's Forsberg to the Comparable list. Anyone have any other guys they think should be on this list? Maybe Chucky from Mont... Contract Contract Career Goals last Name Psn Birthday Cap Hit Years Start GP Goals Assists Points Pts/Game Goals/Gm 4 seasons Nino F Sep-92 325 83 90 173 0.53 0.26 25, 20, 24, 14 Hoffman LW Nov-89 5.188 4 2017 260 85 89 174 0.67 0.33 26, 29, 27 Palmieri RW Feb-91 4.65 5 2017 360 99 100 199 0.55 0.28 26, 30, 14, 14 Palat LW Mar-91 5.3 5 2018 307 74 144 218 0.71 0.24 26, 16, 16, 17 T. Johnson C Jul-90 5 7 2018 308 89 122 211 0.69 0.29 19, 14, 29, 24 MiG F Feb-92 321 57 144 201 0.63 0.18 26, 13, 8, 8 Forsberg F Aug-94 6 6 2017 264 91 100 191 0.72 0.34 31, 33, 26 Gaudreau LW Aug-93 6.75 6 2017 232 73 131 204 0.88 0.31 18, 30, 24 Monahan C Oct-94 6.375 7 2017 319 107 110 217 0.68 0.34 27, 27, 31, 22 Scheiflie C Mar-93 6.125 8 2017 306 90 137 217 0.71 0.29 32, 29, 15, 13 Drouin F Mar-95 5.5 6 2018 164 29 66 95 0.58 0.18 21
  26. No problem. I would've written something myself but the stream didn't work at all for me.
  27. Thank you.
  28. I guess it depends on the definition of "working". If the goal is to make the Playoffs, then what he is doing is working. If the goal is to win the division, he hasn't done that. If the goal is to win the conference, he hasn't done that. If the goal is to be a Cup contender, that's up for debate in my opinion.
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