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  2. Spurgeon for Johansen? maybe Suter but that's 100 million cap hit
  3. we need to alter our portfolio to fit the playoffs market. Stocks that do well in the playoffs, even if they underperform during the regular season.
  4. Johansen trade was mostly a win-win for both sides, as Nashville needed a scorer and CBJ needed a quality D. So if we would've made the trade, we probably would've traded Spurgeon. But I agree, it's possible to get a quality scorer. Just have to be willing to give up a good player for it, unless the other GM is completely bonkers and gives a sweet deal.
  5. Wonder if Fletch is working out something with Dallas, considering they got lucky on the draft but they need more help on the D than anything. Instead of losing a young promising D to Vegas for nothing, work something out with Dallas. Well, that's what I'd do anyhow. I'd be extremely hestitant to let Nino and Granny go though, considering Nino has arguably been our best scorer for the past 3 years and Granny hopefully keeps on doing what he did last season. I like Zucker but I feel like we'll lose him to Vegas, unless they take one of our D's. Scandy has been slowly declining so I wouldn't feel too bad about losing him. Neither does losing Dumba, I get nervous every time he moves up with the puck because of his tendencies of making a mistake. On the fence with Coyle; When he brings his A-game, it's a pleasure to watch him go. But now and then when his game seems lethargic at best baffles me. He needs to fix that.
  6. So your thesis is a shorter regular season would attract more fans to the sport. I highly doubt it. Non-NHL fans don't give a chit whether the season is 66 or 72 or 78 or 82 games. You'd probably have to cut the season in half to get quality of play in the regular season similar to the Playoffs IMO. Which is obviously a non-starter. The NHL is a business and a huge amount of their revenue comes from ticket sales. So you think halving the games and doubling ticket prices will help the sport? Yeah, right... BTW, who says the sport is being killed? For every complainer like you, new fans are appearing. The NHL might not be booming but it's a BS exaggeration to claim it's dying.
  7. This roster is different than past rosters, there's actually plenty of young payers with value on it. In years past we'd get all these trade propsoals that were ridiculous Wild trash for good young player deals that would never happen. But this season, Fletch has plenty of player options, young guys with value that other teams would like.
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  9. "You're missing out on some great playoff hockey this year. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out I guess." Yeah I expected to hear such comments but that is not the point. My point is contrary to your knee-jerk reaction. The playoffs is where the real season begins. It's been outstanding so far. It's the long duration of the regular season that is killing the sport. Maybe not for you but let's be honest here, most people express getting tired and start complaining about the long season right around Feb/March. Shorten it. Have the Stanley Cup in April. Rinse and repeat.
  10. Finally they would drop off the red definitely. I'll take that for now. Better later than never.
  11. The Best Move Might Be Trade Baby Trade! Some more thoughts about this upcoming off season and perhaps the best thing is a major shakeup instead of the status quo comments by the GM made in the weeks after getting bounced. Enjoy and discuss!
  12. Whether the season should be shorter of the quality of playoff hockey are two very different things. As far as the Wild's role in it, I never expect them to be here at this point so I've learned to move on. I think most Wild fans learn to latch onto another team and hope they can provide the thrill Minnesota can't. The playoffs have been terrific, even Charles Barkley agrees with that.
  13. Champions, jersey changes and a poll! The Wild may not have taken home any hardware this season, but some of our players managed to be a part of some championship squads. Also, the Wild have to make a decision about a goalie prospect in a hurry and a jersey update. Check it out.
  14. Edmonton and Toronto are about to change that shortly.
  15. Agree 100% Andy took the Sens as far as he could. Canada's cup drought continues. Hoping for P.K. to get his name on the Cup and bring it to his children's hospital in Montreal.
  16. It ended up perfect. I woke up, was asleep on the couch, just in time to see Kunitz score!
  17. Johansen - Niederreiter would have been a sweet pair. i bet nino would get 30 goals playing with a real 1st line center.
  18. the better team won but the sens fought to the end. Great series!
  19. That was a fun one. The cup finals will be a better series than last year. San Jose didn't bring it. Nashville isn't going to play so nice and they have the hottest goalie in the world.
  20. Nice! League's best forwards meet the league's best goalie in the finals.
  21. No it doesn't and the Sens are 6-1 in overtime during the playoffs.
  22. Game #7 overtime ... it gets no better
  23. And Pageau has a breakaway and is not only hooked once but twice by 2 Pens players. Should of been a penalty shot but at least a 2 minute variety. Missed calls on both sides.
  24. Sens play an old school clutch and grab game, where the Interference penalty is not enforced. When did they suspend the interference penalty? Back to the sucky old bad days, clutch and grab...
  25. Pittsburgh wins tonight. That's an easy prediction.
  26. I watched the GM give away more pics for a free agent that was not worth it. I still don't see where it could have went any worse? Sweep I suppose?
  27. Anderson must play out of his mind tonight to get it done. He did in game 6 so why not again. Go Sens!!!!!!
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