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    You're missing out on some great playoff hockey this year. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out I guess.
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    Playoff hockey is such a different beast. You read that some players don't watch the Playoffs after they're out. IMO the Wild should have mandatory team meetings to review and watch the games. Like the dirty ducks-Preds series... Make Mikko and the soft Wild club watch the games and point out THIS is the price you have to pay to win. The Wild's intensity against StL SUCKED this year IMO. They thought they could win by making pretty passes and cute plays instead of fighting in the trenches and gutting it out. Back to the thread title - just like every playoffs, I get discouraged after the Wild fails, but then start watching the games, and they are definitely worth watching! Nash and the dirty ducks are where they are because they earned it and paid the price! Mental and physical toughness combined with talent.
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    Agree on the mandatory watching for Wild players for educational purposes! Preds - Pens would be an interesting final pair, defense against offense. Preds - Sens would be a catastrophy, games being won 1-0 all the time, but a needed catastrophy because it could force the NHL to make it more difficult to defend by following the rules on interference and slashing more closely. That would make it easier to score goals. Maybe back to the smaller goalie equipment as well. At least one can hope that... Anyways, great series. I hate both the ducks and the Preds, but I have to admit they are doing the things the Mild wasn’t doing, and deserve to be where they are. Maybe one day I can say that about the Mild as well. This is feels almost sacriligious, but... Go Preds! Eeeww....
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    Agree 100% Andy took the Sens as far as he could. Canada's cup drought continues. Hoping for P.K. to get his name on the Cup and bring it to his children's hospital in Montreal.
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    Good for Nashville and their fans! Sounds like Nashville city is really rocking and excited about the Preds. IMO the difference in the series was clearly Rinne. I quit watching Game 6 when it was 2-1 Preds and arguably the dirty ducks were the better team but Rinne kept stopping everything and I had the feely the dirty ducks were screwed. I really like the way the Preds play as a team. Aggressive 2 man forecheck but disciplined 5 man D in their own zone. The Wild should have hired Laviolette when they had the chance.
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    Has anyone noticed the full amount of empty seats at Anaheim? Geez the whole arena was at least half empty during the 1st game. That team is a total disgrace towards the league and this sport in general. Typical soulless franchise made of bandwagoners.
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    Chuck Fletcher is not even close to the worst GM's of all time. Has he made some poor choices, yes but c'mon...all time? Exaggerate much? The team made its splash around its hometown star that most people here were falling over backwards to bring here. We paid him and his good friend a mint and now we're stuck with two albatross deals that are grandfathered under a previous CBA's rules that will hold this team back for YEARS (we're just beginning that sad path right now). But if we didn't toss out that kind of dough and term, no way that gets done. IMO its revisionist history to suggest the fanbase wasn't in favor of that. Not to pat myself on the back too much, I was skeptical about it leading up to the big splash and after it happened. The team has been in win now mode since they arrived and we've given away 2nd round picks like they're candy for deadline deals. History has shown most of those deals don't lead to a lot of success but not many GM's are going to stand pat or sell like the Blues did and feel their team is set up for a Stanley Cup run. That's just the reality, but the context is important. Its the motivation behind the moves as flawed as they may seem in retrospect. Its way too easy to say those moves were stupid or bad after its all over. The funny part of this to me, was just after the move was made people (experts not in our market) were giving Fletcher props for setting the market so high that more deals didn't get made. That's great for maybe the rest of the league to keep them from giving up way too much like we did. Sadly, we're the one team that gave way too much for a 3rd line center that wasn't as bad as people said he was. Points, faceoff percentage...believe it or not by deadline deal standards he was actually ok. He was much better than Matt Moulson was or even Jason Pominville when he first arrived. I think the most disappointing part of the Wild's sad playoff run was they didn't play to their potential and their lack of confidence was so evident in how they let the Blues dictate entirely how they played. They got caught up in the garbage and I think Mike Yeo knew that was the temperament of his former club. He knew from experience that if you get a few guys to clown with our guys and that we didn't have the determination to take the puck to tough areas of the ice. We were a paper tiger and Yeo knew it. However the question is...do you start dealing your 'nearing your prime' cast of younger, talented players and retool to make this more of a team built for the post-season grind or do you stand pat, make a few adjustments and hope it works out better next time? IMO, I can see excellent arguments for both. I don't buy everything is fine. There are missing elements, but how much do you overhaul just to add that element. Is there enough offense in this team's Top 6 to make the Bottom 6 grittier and sort of casting off the production they gave us this season? I'm not sure of that at all. Especially when I think this team was at its best when it fielded a smaller, faster lineup akin to the Pittsburgh Penguins who are again proving that speed kills. In a stock market scenario, the axiom is buy low, sell high. Right now the values on some of those younger, in their prime guys like Granlund, Nino, Zucker...their stock is pretty high right now. You'd probably get a lot if you dealt one or all of them. We have young talent on the way and they're best suited for Top 6 roles that all of these guys now occupy and whether its right or wrong. Those young guys like Eriksson Ek, Kaprizov, Kunin, Tuch, Greenway...will be a lot cheaper at least at the start. Then we get picks or prospects from those deals as well and we can re-stock the cupboard. It might seem self-destructive but it might be the smartest long-term move the Wild can make.
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    I agree. Even with the country music slant, it seems like a great place to see a game. Kudos to their fans for embracing their team and the league overall. And the fans have original chants for all sorts of occurrences on the ice! Wild fans need to get something A LOT better than "let's go wild" Xcel can get pretty depressing at times
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    ^ And that's the "It's in the water" around here. There's so many dynamics people have covered here over the years. Player character, player responsibility, buying into whichever coaches system(s), utilizing each player to their potential... And specifically not always stopping where they think their potential is. Take Zach Parise for example. He used to say with every 11 shots (on average) he nets one. While there may be some truth and facts to that it can also be a mental road block. It's the same attitude as moving a big log. "It's too big I can't move it." I sure wish I could move it but I can't. Defeated before even trying. It's not to say these guys aren't trying but like puck_hawg pointed out (as well as many others have) you can't shoot from the slot if you hang around the boards and not create space to get in front of the net. I can't in my wildest dreams visualize why a player like Koivu doesn't have the courage or fortitude to even attempt to skate the puck in deep among 'those 3 Blues defenders' if for no other reason but to draw them toward him and dish it off to someone sneaking in from either side. Sadly that holds true for just about everyone on the roster except Granlund, Spurgeon, Dumba and occasionally Coyle. And who gets b!tched out or burned if Spurgeon or Dumba try it when no forward covers the blueline for them? Suter's a f_cking coward too. He flicks his 15-20 mph wrist shots in from the blueline and 99% of them get caught in the goalies mitt. DUH! So yeah, we have Dumba aching to play like Bobby Orr and while he gets burned time and again no one recognizes the type mentality he has and use it to their advantage.
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    Edmonton and Toronto are about to change that shortly.
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    That was a fun one. The cup finals will be a better series than last year. San Jose didn't bring it. Nashville isn't going to play so nice and they have the hottest goalie in the world.
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    Game #7 overtime ... it gets no better
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    I think the product would be better with a shorter regular season - in games, not days. Say 72 or 74 games instead of 82. But the NHL is a turnstile, fan ticket driven sport so the NHL won't ever give up the revenue from those extra games. Back to the first post, there's no way players can maintain Playoff intensity all season long; half the league would be injured and the other half playing hurt.
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    I'm personally following this year playoffs more closely than I have in a long time, probably because we more or less have a chance to see completely new teams in the finals, which is awesome in itself. Tired of of seeing the same 3 teams tossing the cup between them since 2009 (with 2011 being an exception thanks to Boston winning it). Go Preds and Go Sens!
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    Haha! I was just telling the guys at work if I were the GM the season wouldn't be over until someone won the cup. I'd have these guys still practicing everyday, watching film, hitting the weights, doing community work. Eventually the message would get through that you are here until mid June anyway so you might as well win the cup.
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    http://m.startribune.com/wild-gm-on-expansion-and-trade-decisions-niederreiter-granlund-talks/422762184/ If it should go to Niederreiter or Granlund, I think I'd keep Niederreiter. I think he has a better chance of retaining his efficiency in a playoffs environment.
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    Another very nasty physical game tonight between the Preds and Ducks. No way the Wild could survive this type of series or the Pens/Sens series. Way way to soft. With that said I have missed maybe a handful of games since Minny was eliminated. Now if it's the Ducks/Pens in the finals I will have a tough time watching. I despise both teams equally
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    My sister was in Nashville for the first game and she said the whole town was rocking and excited for the Preds. Lots of jerseys all over town and partying all over.
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    It is laughable. My ex married a metro-sexual. Doesn't wear a seat belt because it would crush his sweater. My daughters can't stand him. My guess is IronRanger knows a lot more about metro-sexual's than he's letting on.
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    Correct...thanks for pointing that out...and if boring wins championships...bring on the yawns
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    "Stand with us" is a ten times better slogan than the "I am committed". The Wild should change their advertising agency just for that god awful line. While you're at it, might as well pick up some guys from the Preds marketing/managing departments.They seem to have a pretty good idea on how to build an attractive product.
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    Ovechkin fails again. Both goals were on him. First one was a lazy backcheck and second one was a lazy clearing attempt. He will never see a Cup.
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    Been watching all the other western conference games - and actually the Oilers a bit... Man, besides the Capital blowout - there has been a lot of hard hitting games... I don't know if I foresee the Wild playing at that level with veteran pillars any time soon... We're talking full-on beast mode - and not the type of charlie-coyle-two-shifts of beast mode either... These teams are laying it all on the line - something the Wild needs to figure out how to do...
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    Don't forget about the LA Kings... pretty sure they have more Drag Queens then hockey fans
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    After writing a few long paragraphs about this a few times over and over and decidedly erased it all. I am genuinely disgusted with this team. My gut instinct says to gut this team out. Get an elite player and build up our young talent around him. That's my angry conclusion. Just a handful of players worth keeping. Sigh..... I most likely will recant this rant and cautiously warm up to the new season later in the Fall.
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    I really don't think the Wild made StL 'look good." IMO the Wild were clearly the better team EXCEPT for the most important thing, no one could finish! The Wild kept choking on good scoring chances, over and over... StL really reminds me of a Lemaire team, an old school Wild team. You hate watching them when you play them and feel really, really cheated when their collapsing 5 man penalty kill works and you lose 2-1 all the time.
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    I'm going to call Fletcher's bluff and say that there will be larger changes to the team this summer than he let off during his end of season press conference. Obvious players that will be gone - Hanzal and Schroeder Maybes - Prosser & Folin (I actually like one of them as a 7th D man to carry along as injury insurance), White (maybe he comes back for super cheap). Kuemper - believe it or not I think if you sign Kuemper to a two-way deal and send him to Iowa to get solid playing time maybe he can resurrect his career, athlough my guess is he goes elsewhere to do that). Players that should be gone - Pominville (needs to be traded without a doubt). Probable casualties - It's no secret BB wants to revamp his top 4. I think two of Spurgeon, Brodin, Scandella, and Dumba won't be on the team next year. One will probably go to Vegas and another will probably be traded for a young forward. Potential Trade Fodder - Folin, Haula, Dumba/Scandella/Brodin, Reilly, Olofsson, Zucker, Nino, Granlund, and Coyle. I think we see a few of these guys dealt for either a forward or d-man this summer, potentially both. If Fletcher rolls over and just lets Vegas take their pick and that's all he does then hes failed this summer.
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    If we buyout Pominville we'll have over 6 Mil in salary eaten up by Pominville and Vanek. Having 2.5 mil from Vanek next year is already going to really sap our crack, lets not add another 4.5 because Pominville sucks. Keep in mind we have terrible RW depth and he's better than anyone we have in the minors at the moment (excluding maybe an improved Tuch). Buying Pominville out is not an option. His NMC changes from 20 teams to 10 teams for this summer. Two years left on a deal for a guy that scored almost 50 points? If Fletcher can't find someone to take Pominville then he shouldn't be a GM. There are plenty of young teams that want an expiring contract and "leadership." Throw in a 3rd round pick and there ya go.
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    Defenseman...I guess you probably couldn't read that word. Does D-man work better?
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    Allen against the Preds, save percentage .875. And we we're being told what an impossible hot hand he is...
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    Why is Bill Belichick such a good coach? He changes his game plan every single week so that teams can't key on what he's going to do. He enforces his game plan and executes it, spreading the ball to different players every week. It works differently in football, but if our D could get the puck to the net we could have changed from a cycle team to a crash the net team. Cycling doesn't work against big Dmen like the Blues.
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    the better team won but the sens fought to the end. Great series!
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    No it doesn't and the Sens are 6-1 in overtime during the playoffs.
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    Laser beam for a winner - we have a game #7 - Go Sens!
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    Without a doubt. I think I have maybe missed only 5-6 games. Doesn't matter whose playing I'm watching.
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    One thing I really dislike about the Preds - they are a bunch of floppers. They play like a soccer team. And their Forsberg is just like his namesake, a big time wimpy diver. Touch him and he flops if there isn't a scoring chance..
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    Obviously the goal/end game is to win the Cup. Playoff games are so tight that a single stupid play can cost a team the game. Dumba brings that offensive excitement when he rushes the puck, but I could do without the bonehead mistakes. They are still coming way too often and in the Playoffs, if you want to win, you simply can't afford or tolerate them. Dumba needs to figure it out next year, or he needs to be gone.
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    Great hockey hard fought love it
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    Lots of media attention focusing on Johansen's whining! Like, alert the media, Kesler is a big time douche bag prick! NO CHIT SHERLOCK!!!
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    On the other hand, Nashville arena is the total opposite, something a playoff game should look like.
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    Agree with ya wildstars 110% Damn my new team is kicking the **** outta ducks 6-1. Mild are awful they might get 10th in the west next year then it's gonna get really bad for years and years.
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    I hate people who think they are "entitled" to something, for whatever reason. Shut up and earn it, quit being a whiney crybaby. Totally stupid thought that somehow MN "deserves" to win the Cup more than some other NHL city. Carolina, Tampa Bay, LA - THOSE TEAMS 100% EARNED AND DESERVED TO WIN THE CUP! Anaheim on the hand, those dirty phucks... ... , I'm joking Francis...
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    Hell, most of them won't even fight! They're just big. The crazy thing is a guy like Stoner, who did have decent size and would fight got a huge contract! Fighting is rapidly becoming a total anachronism. The T. Rex fighters like Boogie are dead and gone, extinct. ( I am NOT trying to be cute or funny about his personal tragedy!) But the McLeods and Matt Martins of the world are still out here. You don't want to carry a 5 min TOI guy but a team does need someone to hold dirty aholes like that accountable. Changing topics, IMO that's exactly the crucial element Stewart brings to the table but he still needs back-up and that's where a guy like Stoner, as a 3rd pair, #6 Dman does add value to the roster. You know for damn sure Mikko, Nino, or one of the many midgets isn't going to help. For example, last series against StL, I would have loved to see a Wild forward crosscheck Edmundson in the face and drop the gloves if he wanted to get froggy about it. Take the penalty but make the point. Edmundson had his way all series IMO and no Wild forward had the balls to take him on.
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    Fair enough. If that's his only weakness, I'm fine with that. I think it's pretty funny how people point out his size any chance they get. On the other hand, there are dozens of NHL defensemen that are slow, carry a stick like it's a 2x4, and barely can connect on an outlet pass. They're praised for being "big and tough" and "willing to drop the gloves." Hardly any mention of their glaring weaknesses that can hurt a team a lot more than simply being on the smaller side.
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    # 5 - 2012 finals watching parise aginst L.A he was invisable = 1 goal + penalty in 6 games (ya and throw him 93 million ) W.T.F. is wrong with this world # 7 - doob's turned into the edmonton goalie after the big pay raise and would make a better than average back up
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    theres nothing on this roster worth keeping.just a bunch of overpaid scrubs.suter and parise inc. a bunch of pass first buddy ,buddy play tilll early april so i have more off season to enjoy my multi millions on a golf course or exotic beach somwhere.
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    Preseason Luke Schenn was available and cheap. From THN, a short synopsis of his assets for those who haven't seen him play . Assets: Has excellent shutdown ability and leadership qualities. Is steady, bull-like strong and takes the man with aplomb. Loves to hit and block shots. Strong positionally, he has the mobility to recover when beat. Makes a solid first pass.
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    I honestly don't know if I'd much care if none of our players were restricted from being chosen for vegas... It is what it is - and until we figure out what makes us crap the bed every year come playoff time - I don't think it'd matter who we move... All our "great" players become invisible - so I say "who cares" - we have a mentality issue that seems to corrupt every single player every single year...
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    Way to soft only guy I saw crash the net was granny the smallest guy out there. Doobs was a sieve letting in some soft unscreened shots. He's a overrated goalie!
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    The Mild have 12 mil in cap space for 2017-2018 I believe. Granny, Nino, and Haula are RFA's. Granny needs a raise, Nino prob wants out of minnesota, Haula probally wants outta minnesota. Zucker is off to Vegas along with a defenseman. Between Praise, Suter, doobs they are eating 23 mil for the 2017 season. That's hard to swallow. Then add pommenville and mikko's payroll to that. Good job Fletcher!