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    Just in case any of actual Wild and NHL fans didn't see this, some great comments by Lemaire. https://www.twincities.com/2018/03/30/jacques-lemaire-in-minnesota-former-wild-coach-says-people-they-care/
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    For all the 'hater' accusers... Y'all need to take the plug out of your ass and get real. Hate is a really strong word, a very strong emotion. Of all the disputes and criticism thrown at any Wild player, to date I haven't seen one person on this board show 'hate' toward them. Discouraged, bothered, pissed off, frustrated, loathed, disliked, irritated, angry, let down, disappointed and maybe sometimes disgusted to a point but so far no hate. But then I read some of the verbal blasting attacks fargo has for so many... Day in or day out, week after week, month after month, year after year... Throwing it out there how they're stupid, or idiots, clueless, worthless fans... How so many users come here and make a simple statement and like a drunk punch bully in a bar room he lashes out at complete strangers new to the board (and us longtime users too) how they never watch games, have no hockey knowledge... All because he literally can't help himself by being a total jerk. Keep in mind, this is the same guy who got all pissy about Suter admitting the players gave up during a game. Which Suter has done now three times in the past two seasons - maybe more, and then like a punch drunk boxer rants on and on about how others have 'hate' toward whatever player (((he))) wants to covet or idolize. I take his two-faced accusations with a grain of salt; mostly because he loses credibility every time he attacks someone while tossing out his empty accusations that they're filled with hate. It's god-damned laughable.
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    I'm not a fan of buying out players. I'm also not a fan of saying, "with that said..." Fact is I hate it when people say, "With that said..." But, ((((huge BUT here)))) with that said, this team has had ZERO accountability with their absurd contracts to certain players who in the end, they decide to buy out. Why can't this team do their homework to identify players who have a specific character gene in which to succeed regardless of the money they receive? Why is it the more money some of these players get the more they drop off in production? What the hell formula is Chuck Fletcher using to sign players to $5, $6, $7, $8 or $9 million dollar a year contracts to players who suck the cupboards bare without the performance and production to justify earning that kind of money while putting a grip on everyone else by demanding they step up while resting back on their no trade clauses with huge drop offs in production? With that said, where the hell is Craig Leipold and why is he standing for all this sh!t? You know, the man who sold the Nashville Predators because he was throwing away too much money? The Nashville Predators... Who are (ever since Craig Leipold sold them) a team who shortly thereafter emerged as a decent playoff contender... While in the midst they let Ryan Suter walk, and Shea Weber too. Upon distancing himself from the Nashville Predators it seems the Predators have done well (better) without Craig Leipold. The Minnesota Wild players. What a sad lot most of them are. While I don't blame most of them for their will, their desire, their wants... I do realize they've been screwed with every which way possible in this organization with respect to being among other players on the roster who quite literally have no home. Not one player on this team short of the goal tenders, are being played to their potential. From game to game there's little to no cohesion, little consistency and zero accountability for players like Koivu, Coyle, Dubnyk, Parise, Suter, Heatley, Pominville, Vanek... Who drop off in production without ever seeing the press box to sit and stew in to reinvigorate themselves with more focus and intent. Some may include Zucker, or Nino, or several others in their drop off in production but those are the two players on this team who have steadily progressed while being phucked over time after time by proving they deserve time on either of the top two lines, only to find themselves during the middle of any said game on the lower two lines. During the playoffs Granlund played with more intensity. As did Winnik, Foligno and Ek. All the Jets had to do was intimidate a small handful of players, including Staal and to advance for them was a cakewalk. My roster for 2018-2019 starts with these players: Granlund Staal Winnik Foligno Ek Zucker Nino Spurgeon Dumba Seeler Soucy Prosser Stalock Greenway - if he isn't already too mind-phucked by the core leaders of this team. The rest need to find another home and another elephant to milk. I have Nino and Zucker on the list merely because by no fault of their own they at least deserve a chance for us to see how they can rise to the top, or not, while not being put in the back of the bus by Koivu & company.
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    Wild get 'Pegged' in 5-0 Season Ending Loss to the Jets Well this is the final game recap for the 2017-18 season courtesy of MNSOTA. (sigh) This one was pretty much done in the first 10 minutes. Dubnyk gave up 2 softies out of 4 goals and then the Wild couldn't even manage to create much of anything even when the Jets were just sort of playing half-hearted hockey. This was a half-hearted effort from the start. Zucker again wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the tough areas of the ice. Greenway is the one silver lining of this series; other than maybe Seeler. But Greenway needs to be greedy and take the shot more. But I am sure #9 and the other vets told him to dish it instead. Sad...no one really wanted to step up and lead the way. Everyone was waiting for someone else and the Wild bow out in pretty pathetic fashion. Wild Twitter was snarky and vitriol-laced; mostly for the crap effort and general apathy that is created by a franchise spinning its wheels. Good enough to make it...not good enough to do almost anything with it. This is one of those small moments where I feel bad for the ticket reps making those calls. But that empathy fades quick, as soon as I hear all the lame ass excuses about the injuries, etc...when we all know it wouldn't matter at all if 11 or 20 was in the lineup. This team wasn't going to win this series; it just wasn't going to happen. The Jets flirted with giving us a few breaks, but we lacked the initiative to take advantage of it. Zucker, Coyle and Nino must have some pretty sweet vacations they have planned to start next week. The 'want to' just didn't seem to be there...but that's nothing new.
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    You do realize that Fargo has had a temper tantrum with a few of my posts calling me a grade schooler, and then his 'fake Wild Fan' comment (since I do not bow to Suter). I am not sure why you are taking my replies as an affront to anyone not in 612. That was NOT the intent. In fact, it was merely to prove that Fargo''s accusations do not apply in my case, and I do have a right to my opinion (like anyone else on the board), and that is no less true when I pay for season tickets. My definition of Sheep - blindlessly following the team no matter the results and not questioning the play or decisions of management because they 'are all knowing' and tell us how we should think. Fargo is a sheep - I didn't call anyone else one. I also do not require a lesson as to cap restrictions, the importance of other fans outside 612, or the deal that St Paul provided for a billionaire owner. These points are all duly noted by anyone who has had any association with sports and their respective teams in/out of the Twin Cities. (These points are not reserved only for the enlightened veterans of the board). Lastly, my reference to the 'token and for show' marketing ploy Lake Placid waters was 'tongue in cheek.' However, like many, I do have some close associations with known former players (including one that was standing in the vicinity during this charade). My point therein, is that there are even some of these 'hallowed people' that dopes like Fargo would pant and fawn over/around that question how this Wild team conducts itself. This does not make me special (lots of hockey royalty throughout MN), it actually makes me pretty typical - but certainly not a 'grade schooler, fake fan', or Internet troll like 218. Lastly, i am not sure why you are jumping in to defend FargoCase (the keyboard 'tough guy', who thinks he is the 'hockey whisperer', and anyone with a dissenting opinion is the 'unwashed juvenile'). As it appears that you are a writer and seller of content, I would think you would be a bit more insightful and balanced than to attack a potential consumer of this information as opposed to defending an indefensible jock sniffer and all around Boob like FargoCase, but I guess that is your prerogative. It's a free country and board - I only came a few months ago to the board to talk hockey. I didn't know I would encounter so much drama, sensitivity, and inferiority complexes. I certainly have more important things to do with my time than to listen to Fargo whine, defend myself accordingly, and invite ad hominem attacks from others who cannot seem to comprehend intent (and seem to project a haughtiness or inferiority complex as is demonstrated in your unsolicited retort to me).
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    1st goal was fatal but the 3rd finally sealed the deal. 10 mins. into the game... brutal. Adios Devan! What a sad series. We need new players in every position. Suter's absence was evident but not decisive. Chuck Fletcher, thanks for your services. Time to move on, you too.
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    No feelings hurt here, no need for a 'daddy talk' and 'advice and guidance.' Don't act like it's such a 'badge of honor' to have been here 'since the beginning,' which then precludes him from reproach. If the guy is acting like an A-hole, then he gets responded to accordingly. Did you protect him on recess too? You don't protect an imbecile because he has tenure, and I don't care who he knows that played the sport (he sure doesn't act very informed). Its also redundant that you just re-stated as a point of argument with me what I said in a previous post that knowing anyone that played the sport at the highest level 'does not make me special, but typical'. I stated an opinion once about Suter and Max Caps, and now Fargo waits in the weeds to jump in with a temper tantrum whenever I post something he doesn't like - and you're defending him like 'the big brother of the community and veterans committee.' How commendable and cute. It impacts your credibility not mine. Save it for someone who is worth it, and has a learned opinion versus his tongue in a few players asses. Otherwise, why would anyone come to this board for a chat or consider your content for consumption? Who cares about 'lasting....?' Is this another badge of honor on this board, and I should be sensitive to rocking the boat? What a sad sack state of affairs (if true).
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    The Hockey Guy is a pretty good follow if you are ever looking for an unbiased opinion on NHL matters. I've been following him all season long. His channel has grown from a few hundred followers to around 35,000 followers today. Lucky for him he got to quit his day job last week and just does this full time now. Click for his Wild vs. Jets series video here. Enjoy, discuss and go Wild!!!
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    In case you wanted a little levity prior to this series check out this Wild vs. Jets musical parody by Kari Wahlen. Wild vs. Jets Musical Parody - Kari Wahlen
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    Dallas is out. No way they beat both LA and Anaheim. I'm hoping St. Louis beats Chicago tomorrow night and Colorado loses to San Jose tonight. That would make for a great meeting Saturday between St. Louis and Colorado. Winner makes the playoffs.
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    (sigh) Maybe I'll copy it and post it here. Its going to be damn long...be forewarned. By MNSOTA... There must be someone at the NHL that laughs when they look at the schedule this time of year. A compressed schedule that makes it a knife fight in a phone booth the last few spots in the playoffs. Fans spend lots of time scoreboard watching and every night is its own roller coaster of emotions as you look to see if your team gained ground or lost it. Boston isn't quite in the same situation. They're comfortably in the playoffs and their main 'what if' is can they wrest 1st place from the Tampa Bay Lightning whom the Bruins have two games in hand on. Minnesota has had its share of back to backs this month, but can they secure another 2 points with a victory over the red hot Bruins? 1st Period Thoughts: Our apologies, we missed the first six minutes or so of the game. Here in Wisconsin, we have spring elections, and we got waylaid by one of the candidates for county judge. By the time we got away from him, the game had already started. Fortunately for us, we missed no scoring. And based by the crowd noise, it doesn't sound like the Wild are having that great a period. I'm hoping this is simply a repeat of last night's first period, which was pretty uninspired. In what I've seen so far, I'm not sure how I'm feeling about Alex Stalock tonight. There have been a couple reactions to the puck where I have to wonder if he's seeing it and reacting like he normally would. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but it's just a feeling I'm having. Although I'm glad we're not seeing a back-to-back Devan Dubnyk outing. Minnesota would get the first power play after Boston's Torey Krug was called for high-sticking. Tonight's first power play is slightly less narcolepsy-inducing with Mikael Granlund on the ice with Mikko Koivu and Zach Parise. I know we frequently rag on Ryan Suter here, but there's one thing he can usually do pretty well and that's maintaining the zone, especially on the power play. The Jason Zucker and Eric Staal power play unit did create some pressure on Tuukka Rask but the score remains scoreless after the Bruins killed the penalty. Again, the third and fourth lines are creating scoring chances. Matt Cullen certainly had a slow start this season, but as this season has gone, he is a steady presence on the ice, and from time to time he notches a goal here and there. And that's what you want from the third and fourth lines. You want a steady presence and to take advantage when scoring chances come your way. With about four minutes remaining in the period, again we're seeing of the sloppy passing and, to a degree, skating issues we saw last night. It's hard to see on both ends of the ice. Minnesota would head back to the power play with Brandon Carlo getting called for holding. I have to admit, I'm liking that we're seeing more the Zucker-Staal-Nino Niederreiter line on the power play. And in fact on both power play lines, I have to say I liked what seemed like a greater sense of urgency. I wish both power play units were equal in that urgency, meaning that the one line you know I'm talking about would pick things up a bit. Stalock would get a rushed flurry in front of him in the waning seconds. While it was hard for him to see the bouncing puck, it looked like he remained calm, and was eventually able to freeze the puck. The end of the period saw several shots come Stalock's way, but in the end he was able to keep Boston off the scoresheet. I'll take a 0-0 at the first intermission, especially after playing last night. 2nd Period Thoughts: In the early moments of the period, it looked for the most part that the Wild skaters had a better sense of knowing where each other is on the ice. It looked like the Bruins were going to be the first ones on the score sheet, as it looked like Josh Holden had scored. However the goal was disallowed after Riley Nash took Stalock out of play. There's going to be a lot of talk about this, as did Stalock waste time in trying to sell the call or was he genuinely unable to get back into play. However, the Bruins would get their revenge quickly as Patrice Bergeron would make a great pass to David Pastrnak. What is frustrating about this one, is that Matt Dumba had more than enough time and space to clear the puck with conviction, but instead he goes for the weak poke at the puck. When you get the time to clear the puck, you have to clear it. But now once again, the Wild have to play catch up with one of the better teams in the league. However since the Bruins aren't at the same level of awesomeness as the Nashville Predators and it's the second night of the back-to-back, we're probably not going to see the same level of intensity. I wish I knew when we will see a Wild team that takes every opponent seriously. Sure, they may be a bit weary after last night's game, but let's not forget that they had four days off before the Nashville game. Remember when it looked like they might have a better idea where their teammates are on the ice? I'm going to take that back. You get Rask on his back behind the net and no one is able to corral the puck and no one is in front even if they were able to corral it. With a line change came pressure by Zucker. It look like he scored, the officials had blown the whistle, but the question was where was the puck when the whistle blew. The officials would take a look at it but it doesn't seem to have gone to Toronto. The call on the ice of no goal would stand. Now we need the Wild to use that frustration to their advantage. Instead, Nick Seeler would get called for roughing and give the Bruins their first power play of the night. One thing is obvious, the penalty killers are giving Pastrnak too much space and time on Stalock's stick side. And just as this penalty was killed, Jonas Brodin would get called for high-sticking. Normally, Brodin plays a steady, quiet game. He's not a flashy defenseman. In fact most nights, you don't even notice him until he makes a mistake, and taking a penalty would qualify as a mistake. Hopefully this time, the penalty killers have a better idea where Pastrnak is at all times. They would again kill the penalty kill, Parise even getting a decent short handed chance. One thing I'm gone to say is that the linesmen have been horrid tonight. Many missed offsides calls. Both coaches could ask for goal reviews due to skaters being offsides and probably win. Of course Bruce Boudreau would probably pick the wrong one to challenge. And the referees are sure quick to blow the whistle when shots go on Rask. Well, everyone should be relieved that this one is still 1-0 Bruins. 3rd Period Thoughts: Well something seems to have woken the Wild up during the intermission. There seems to be a little energy and little more focus. I'm sure I'll come to regret those thoughts later in the period, but in these early moments I'm appreciating what I'm seeing. However, they need to figure out a way to turn their chances and pushes into actual goals. Niederreiter got a great scoring chance after Staal won the draw in the offensive zone, but was rewarded by a loud clank off the pipes. While Niederreiter has been having some decent games, I have to say I miss the presence of Granlund on the line with Zucker and Staal. I have to wonder if that change has been made since Koivu gets booted from the face off dot so much, that Boudreau wants another forward on that line who is comfortable playing center as well. Staal has also been getting booted from time to time. While Niederreiter isn't a natural center, he seems comfortable enough taking the faceoff when called to do so. What the Wild skaters need to figure out is how to shoot lower on Rask. So many of the shots land in the middle of his chest. If they could get lower on Rask, he's going to have to give up a few rebounds. Of course, we need to have skaters then parked in front of the net fighting for the loose puck. It also means people have to be willing to go into the tough areas. Perhaps I telepathically sent a message to the Wild, as it was (surprisingly) Koivu who went to the net and finally got one past Rask. My partner in crime has been watching Twitter tonight and so many are saying "Rask is unbeatable." No he's not. You just have to be willing to take the puck to the net. Yes, you're going to get some bumps and bruises doing so, but it's what it's going to take. And come playoffs, you have to go into those tough spots on the ice if you want to advance. And they seem to be doing that, Cullen also getting a great scoring chance but it went off the pipe on Rask's blocker side. But then Cullen is one of the players who doesn't seem to be afraid to get in on net. Funny how the oldest player on the team is often the guy willing to leave everything on the ice. I wish we could get some of his never-say-die attitude in his teammates. I will say this. For the first time in a long time, with a game that appears that it will go to overtime, it's the Wild looking to end this one in regulation. They're skating harder for the puck than the Bruins, who look like they're looking for overtime. We'll take the point, but now is the time to be successful in overtime. With a tiebreaker being the regulation-and-overtime-win, you need the overtime win. Overtime Thoughts: Well, I barely had time to think. As the NBCSN people were saying "you have to watch for Brad Marchand at all times." Do you think they did that? No. Dumba was having moments where he was more concerned with himself than the other people on the ice. So 28 seconds in to the overtime session, Marchand scored his fifth overtime winner. I can't say it's a surprise. The Wild need to figure out the overtime, because that could be key to the playoffs. Wild Notes: ~ The Wild roster was as follows: Charlie Coyle, Matt Cullen, Mikko Koivu, Zach Parise, Eric Staal, Joel Ericksson Ek, Jason Zucker, Marcus Foligno, Nino Niederreiter, Daniel Winnik, Zack Mitchell, Mikael Granlund, Ryan Murphy, Ryan Suter, Matt Dumba, Jonas Brodin, Nick Seeler, and Nate Prosser. Alex Stalock got the start in net with Devan Dubnyk sitting as the backup. ~ The 3 Stars of the Game were: 1st Star Tuukka Rask, 2nd Star Alex Stalock, 3rd Star Mikko Koivu ~ Attendance was 19,183 at Xcel Energy Center. ~ Crease and Assist: A legally compliant Minnesota Hockey Blog would like to congratulate St. Norbert's University on winning the Division III Men's Hockey Championship with a 3-2 double overtime victory over Salve Regina on Saturday. It is the Green Knights' 5th Division III national championship in the last 12 years. Iowa Wild Report: Iowa 2, Grand Rapids 3 SO With a tight playoff race of its own in a super competitive AHL Central division, the pressure was on Iowa to rally back after losing the night before to the Griffins when the puck dropped Saturday night. Iowa thought a good start might be a omen of good things to come as Sam Anas pounced on a loose puck out in front of Tom McCollum to give the Wild a 1-0 lead. In the 2nd period the Griffins would strike twice as Axel Holmstrom and Matt Puempel rifled a shot by Steve Michalek to give Grand Rapids a 2-1 lead going into the 3rd. At this point, Iowa had to be both annoyed and feeling a little lucky as penalties put the Wild at a disadvantage throughout most of the 2nd. Iowa would rally in the 3rd and they'd get the equalizer as Kyle Rau blasted a shot McCollum off a nice pass from Gerry Fitzgerald. Regulation and overtime wouldn't be enough and the game would go to a shootout. Iowa couldn't find the back of the net when needed it the most as Anas and Rau came up empty in the shootout while Holmstrom and Filip Hronek got it done for the Griffins and the Wild would fall 3-2. Michalek had 39 saves in the loss. Wild Prospect Report: RW - Brand Duhaime (Providence, H-East) ~ the Florida-native's season came to an end on Saturday as he had no shots in the Friars' 2-1 loss to Notre Dame. Duhaime finishes the season with 7 goals, 26 points, 64 PIM's and is a +12 in 40 games.
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    Woohoo!!!! http://www.tsn.ca/wild-will-not-renew-contract-of-gm-fletcher-1.1065295
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    only assuming but bet it had something to do with Fletcher feeling threatened by him. Torch seemed like a guy who took the bull by the horns and wanted control of the team as a head coach should.
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    I wanted to say it was great everybody!!! Fun year talking with everybody and seeing what everybody posted! Predictions was so great and a nail biter! Hopefully we get a new gm and maybe new players so we can all come back and chat early! LiG and MNsot thank you for the write ups!!! Rotty thank you for the madhouse that is the predictions!!! Even though we went down like the Titanic in overdrive it was still fun!
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    It's been a fun year with so many of you Wild fans here on the board!
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    I'd like to see just the difference WITHOUT Koivu. That alone would make a major difference.
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    I can also vouch for the Hasty truck stop. When traveling on 94 - the Hasty Truck stop is my turn to go home (on #8) - so I usually stop - YUM!
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    Suspended, bit whoop. The NHL and its officials choose who to call penalties against. Really? You might ask? Yes they do. At the very least everyone in the building saw Josh Morrissey HOLD HIS STICK AT SHOULDER LEVEL AND CROSS CHECK ERIC STAAL. Stick at shoulder level? Yes. 100 times out of 100 times if a Wild player made any kind of move with his stick at shoulder level they get called for high sticking. If both their hands were clenching the stick and using it to ram another player they get called for cross checking. Like I said at the time Morrissey cross checked Staal, that cross check was the 11th one a Jets player did against a Wild player. Four, maybe five of them may or may not have been called for a penalty during the regular season, but the rest were far more aggressive and harder. Plain as day this crap goes on against our players (not just cross checking but many other infractions) and then you get someone like Coyle flap his stick on the hands of a Jet player and he gets called for slashing. Dumb asses here on the board often call this ticky-tack type penalties but a phucking rule is a rule is a rule. Playoffs or not this sh!t has gone on for years and there's no consistency. Likewise, how many times have our players been pushed into other teams goalies and get called for a penalty? If I were an official (stick with me now because I'm using common sense) if I were to see one player from a team push an opposing player into their goaltender... I wouldn't need to ask myself who caused the player to end up in an opposing teams net or how he landed on their goalie. Wild players have checked someone into our goalies and we get called for the penalty. Tell me this, consistent or inconsistent? I'm curious, who draws the line on calling penalties against players that are clearly breaking the rules and why are most of those teams who bully others not getting called for it? let me make it simple: Those teams are supposed to excel in their markets because those markets are bigger and if they were reeled in the NHL would lose revenue.
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    No doubt, the last game showed the Wild had no enough efforts and energy to win. No one stepped up in that game. Dubnyk gave us a chance, but we did not use it. No doubt, with those efforts and partially traumatized (with an old and fresh traumas) team we are practically not capable to win 3 games in a row( 2 of them on a road) against of such a dirty team and a blind referees. Would be nice to win a Friday #5 game, but the chance is minimal. No doubt, Morrissey had an intentional cross-check into the head and the neck of Eric Staal. The view from different positions is evidently full of that. I am sure Staal had a micro-concussion, and he also had a chance to break badly a cervical spine after that cross-check. For this type of play Morrissey must be suspended till the rest of the playoffs series. Referees should be punished too, because they ignored that penalty and be not allowed to judge in playoffs anymore. Explanation that our team already was in a power-play mode is just for kids, but not for an NHL level. I have no doubt, the hit of Zach Parise was well prepared too in a game #3, because he was the most productive playoff player for the team and they needed to neutralize him. One player was hitting him from the back and created like a wall, and the other player was hitting from the front into Parise’s sternum/chest at the same time, which created a typical sternum breakage/crack. Kind of a sad thoughts so far about of these playoffs series.
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    Nino's contract pretty much determines that he'll stay. I doubt very few want to pay him $21 mil. after this kind of season. Coyle on the other hand... nothing's happening. For a right price, say a quality goalie/d-man, I'd be willing to let him go.
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    I love hockey. By far my favorite sport. I am losing faith and respect for the NHL so fast. NHL talks about how they don't want the goon era to every come back. They want to clean the game up to stop unnecessary injuries. They will deal out fair punishments. Then none of it happens. For any person including Morrissey to say it wasn't a dirty or intentional hit is the biggest bunch of bullsh!t ever. He literally almost had to put the stick above his own head to hit Staal in the face!!! That is not a accident! The NHL needs to make it so Toronto can stop the game and give out the penalty if the refs are to phucking stupid to call it. The ref should also have to give up his paycheck for that game to the team for not calling such a horrendous penalty! To say they don't want to put a team down to 5 on 3 is bullsh!t!!! Call the g d penalties. If a team doesn't want to be down 5 on 3 than they will learn not to commit penalties. But the NHL rewards teams for thugging it up. Hell the Ducks in 2007 thugged it up and won the Cup. Pronger was busy elbowing everybody in the head and only getting a game suspension at best. He should have been kicked out of the playoffs. It's time to create penalties that will hurt teams for thug players doing dirty hits. The player gets suspended at least 5 games and the suspension doesn't even start tell the injured player comes back to play again. On top of it the team of the player that got cheap shot also gets to pick any other player on the team to also serve a 3 game suspension. This would cause NHL teams to drop their thug players so fast it wouldn't be funny. This would also hurt the team that the thug player plays on. As it is now if a thug player hurts a key player on the other team only the thug player could face suspension which most of those guys don't bring much to the team. Now the player would get suspended along with another player the other team can pick out. It would change everything.
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    Someone wanted some cliff notes on the call ups? Forwards... Sam Anas - small but was Iowa's leading goal scorer...great hands. Shifty but Tiny at 5'7" Zack Mitchell - good 2nd half, versatile and has had a few call ups already. Ivan Lodnia - skilled, played most of the season with a bad Erie (OHL) team. Good first half the season and a stagnant 2nd half Justin Kloos - reasonable speed, had a strong middle portion of the season but was pretty quiet scoring-wise the last few weeks Kyle Rau - small, moves well with good instincts, a shooter, was Iowa's best shooter down the stretch. Defense... Alex Grant - Bigger defenseman, ok foot speed, big shot, had a red hot finish to the season with 4 goals in the last 3 games Zach Palmquist - decent puck mover, been a natural power play QB since his high school days, pretty steady, average mobility Bennan Menell - smart puck mover, decent shot, poised, not physical Good enough?
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    I haven't seen all the games and goals but I doubt any team can go far if your #1 goalie lets in softies in every game like Dubnyk has. It's good fans like you stay positive and try to see the silver lining but this is heading exactly the route I feared when I started the "Trade Dubnyk" thread. I think what matters is that 1) Dubnyk has to improve and 2) while waiting for that to happen we have to keep getting shots on goal and actually score, a lot. I think low scoring games would be to our advantage but like firebird speculated that probably isn't a realistic approach. And on the other hand, we can't be wreckless in the D zone and just try to get rid of the puck like it was a live hand grenade. Minimal puck possession and we're screwed against a team like the Jets.
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    My two cents. First I think almost everybody here wants nothing but the Wild to win the cup. I know I would take one Cup win over 3 Super Bowl wins. I want nothing but my hometown team to win it all! Second, the area code thing is such a high school pissing contest. Who the f cares were you are from?!? Hell Zucker is from Vegas and I would say he has better hockey knowledge and experience than any of us. As long as you have heart, cheer for your team and can keep the homer blinders off who cares where you were from and what level hockey experience you have? Third, I, along with everybody else have got in heated arguments with others here. I apologize to those people. We all get opinions and defend them to no end. We have all did it. I know Fargo went nuts with my Parise ones. I don't hate the guy but hate his contract and what he actually brings to the table. It's a crap contract. I also got annoyed with him and Suter going out by themselves to try and improve a aspect of a game that was pretty bad. As somebody who played before I would be very annoyed and frustrated to see two guys who are suppose to be leaders go off and practice a part of the game that requires all 5 people on the ice at once by themselves and not get punished by it. If they wanted to improve the PP they should have gotten everybody involved. Sorry Fargo, but that does leave a sour taste in my mouth about Parise and Suter but you are not a moron and homer for loving them either. LIG and MNSota I love the previews and writes up after game. Continue the great job. Now as far as the game went I will say I am very happy to see Parise playing the way he is and stepping up and being a leader. Hats off to him. Fingers crossed he continues it! Greenway has been fantastic! Kid has to come in and play in some of the biggest games to start his NHL career and looks to have settle in really well! It was so awesome to see how excited Staal was for Greenway to score his first NHL goal!!! I love seeing that from teammates! Dumba has impressed me. I was so worried he was going to be one of the weakest points on this team but he has done a pretty good job. Still makes a mistake here and there but he has really stepped up. Overall I do see enough from players that makes me think this isn't like the typical year where they are ready to pack it up after game 1. Game 2 sucked. But game 3 is what I believe the Wild could do to the Jets the rest of the series. The Wild have to get over the intimidation of their size. They got to bring the puck in and not dump and chase. And if they do get chippy with us then we might need Winnick to make a run at Dustin Byfuglien. I would believe to see their big defense get dropped and maybe a slight injury would change their game. Honestly with Byfuglien cross checking players like Staal in the back of the neck I wouldn't mind seeing Dustin get hurt and missing the rest of the playoffs.
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    After this sort of game true Wild fans could lay off the b1tching and enjoy this win.
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    Thought that was Foligno’s best game since becoming a Wild. Need that style of play from him from here on out. And Seeler is becoming a man before our eyes. To bad that goal he thought he had would of been a goal.
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    Big 2nd Period Powers Wild to 6-2 Game 3 Win over the Jets Nice win, even if Charlie didn't score. Minnesota finally committed itself to crashing the net and working their way in close and they got rewarded. I have a full game recap and an Iowa Wild season recap and a Sokolov update. Check it out!
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    How about them Vegas Knights being up 2-0? I am surprised and impressed, way to go Haula and Tuch.
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    No whining from me. Just want a team that can compete on a level playing field. The Wild are constructed like an offensive football team with finesse blockers, receivers that cannot beat a chuck from a DB inside 5 yards, a speedster RB that goes down on first contact, and a QB that is a statue and falls down upon pocket collapse. Some things are fundamentally obvious to anyone outside the silo. The preferred center nucleus (and club strategy) has repeated ineptitude in playoff hockey time and again with different young and role players, and yet are retained as centerpieces year after year with a ‘fresh coat of paint/BS’ to sell (swindle) the uninformed fans. They are also sold as LEADERS; which they are NOT. There is no ‘I’ in team, and Suter, Koivu, and Parise are ‘I’ players (see line, PP combo, and minutes bitching). Bite the bullet and begin the rebuilding before you cannot climb out of a Twins-like abyss pre 2015.
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    Wild vs. Jets Playoff Series Preview Minnesota Wild 3.05 Goals For Per Game (11th in the NHL) 2.79 Goals Against Per Game (11th in the NHL) 20.4% Power Play (18th in the NHL) 81.3% Penalty Kill (13th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #12 Eric Staal ~ 42G 34A = 76pts 2. #64 Mikael Granlund ~ 21G 46A = 67pts 3. #16 Jason Zucker ~ 33G 31A = 64pts 4. #24 Matt Dumba ~ 14G 36A = 50pts 5. #9 Mikko Koivu ~ 14G 31A = 45pts Top 3 PIM’s: 1. #17 Marcus Foligno ~ 72 PIM’s 2. #9 Mikko Koivu ~ 46 PIM’s 3. #16 Jason Zucker ~ 44 PIM’s Top Goaltenders: 1. #40 Devan Dubnyk (35-16-7) 2.52GAA .918%SP 5SO 2. #32 Alex Stalock (10-10-4) 2.85GAA .910%SP 1SO Vs. Winnipeg Jets 3.33 Goals For Per Game (2nd in the NHL) 2.63 Goals Against Per Game (5th in the NHL) 23.4% Power Play (5th in the NHL) 81.8% Penalty Kill (9th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #26 Blake Wheeler ~ 23G 68A = 91pts 2. #29 Patrik Laine ~ 44G 26A = 70pts 3. #27 Nikolaj Ehlers ~ 29G 31A = 60pts 4. #55 Mark Scheifele ~ 23G 37A = 60pts 5. #81 Kyle Connor ~ 31G 26A = 57pts Top 3 PIM’s: 1. #33 Dustin Byfuglien ~ 112 PIM’s 2. #26 Blake Wheeler ~ 52 PIM’s 3. #57 Tyler Myers ~ 48 PIM’s Top Goaltenders: 1. #37 Connor Hellebuyck (44-11-9) 2.36GAA .924%SP 6SO 2. #35 Steve Mason (5-6-1) 3.24GAA .906%SP 1SO I wrote up the Series Preview; which also serves to be the Game 1 set up. Interesting the Wild games will be at an earlier time because the NHL wants the Canadian markets to start early. I am fine with that than having the 8PM-9PM starts like we've had in past years. The Jets are pretty deep and mostly healthy. Other than Suter, the Wild are for the most part a pretty healthy squad. Enjoy and discuss...
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    Staal's faceoff percentage is 51.21% on the year Koivu's faceoff percentage is 51.37% on the year
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    WHOOOO!! Cullen, Baby! And Coyle shredded some dude's jock strap.
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    Yes, he was bound to be tentative when he first returned--being cleared to play is only half the battle. I'll be honest and say I never thought he was going to have much of an impact when he returned, mainly because of the type of injury and his age. I'm glad I was wrong.
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    And I'm happy......they released our new schedules which go live on May 12th. I'll be back on the 7-4 shift with Friday-Saturday off. While I still had a day shift on this current shift, having Wednesday-Thursday off kind of stunk. Plus there's new job news for me.....I've been asked to take the Mac senior advisor training. I almost want to cry. I take so few Mac calls these days, I'm going to need a lot of remedial training, which my manager says is okay. It doesn't involve a pay raise. My hope is that if I keep accepting these additional skillings, they'll let me go into training and get off the flippin' phones.
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    I am not so worried about Brodin or Seeler as I am with a increased minutes Dumba. I still think Dumba should be a winger and not a defenseman. The amount of damage his errors have done is worse than the rest of the teams errors added up. The guy is way to high of a risk/reward player to be playing on the defensive end especially now with two key guys out.
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    You spelled moms basement wrong 😉
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    We're gonna need a bigger trout.
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    Dallas didn't have much of a push back after Granlund's shorthanded goal. The Wild are fortunate we were playing a team that has pretty much given up, so our slow start didn't doom us. I think the big dagger came at the end of the 2nd when Zucker scored on the power play that gave us the 2-goal cushion going into the 3rd. Well Olofsson is out for next game (not that I'm bothered by that) confirming he truly is made out of balsa wood.
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    Dumba is feast or famine. We gave up Haula and Tuch to keep him... I'm glad we're seeing him step up. He still would have his Dumba55 moments, but it's time for those to stop. Good night for him.
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    Granlund sure can shift momentum when he doesn’t let the “Nancy’s” affect his play. Really like it when he shoots,and thank the Lord he didn’t even look at the Clydesdale to his left.
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    Wild vs. Predators Game Preview Minnesota Wild (42-24-9) 93pts 3rd in the Central 3.05 Goals For Per Game (11th in the NHL) 2.81 Goals Against Per Game (11th in the NHL) 20% Power Play (18th in the NHL) 79.8% Penalty Kill (20th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #12 Eric Staal ~ 39G 33A = 72pts 2. #16 Jason Zucker ~ 30G 29A = 59pts 3. #64 Mikael Granlund ~ 19G 40A = 59pts 4. #20 Ryan Suter ~ 6G 43A = 49pts 5. #24 Matt Dumba ~ 11G 31A = 42pts Top 3 PIM’s: 1. #17 Marcus Foligno ~ 66 PIM’s 2. #9 Mikko Koivu ~ 42 PIM’s 3. #16 Jason Zucker ~ 42 PIM’s Top Goaltenders: 1. #40 Devan Dubnyk (32-14-6) 2.60GAA .916%SP 4SO 2. #32 Alex Stalock (10-10-3) 2.76GAA .913%SP 1SO Vs Nashville Predators (48-16-11) 107pts 1st in the Central 3.17 Goals For Per Game (7th in the NHL) 2.47 Goals Against Per Game (2nd in the NHL) 20.7% Power Play (15th in the NHL) 82.2% Penalty Kill (9th in the NHL) Top 5 Scorers: 1. #33 Viktor Arvidsson ~ 28G 30A = 58pts 2. #9 Filip Forsberg ~ 21G 34A = 55pts 3. #76 P.K. Subban ~ 15G 39A = 54pts 4. #92 Ryan Johansen ~ 13G 35A = 48pts 5. #59 Roman Josi ~ 11G 37A = 48pts Top 3 PIM’s: 1. #51 Austin Watson ~ 99 PIM’s 2. #76 P.K. Subban ~ 78 PIM’s 3. #92 Ryan Johansen ~ 72 PIM’s Top Goaltenders: 1. #35 Pekka Rinne (40-11-4) 2.27GAA .928%SP 8SO 2. #74 Juuse Saros (8-5-7) 2.44GAA .925%SP 3SO Lines: Nashville Predators Forsberg~Johansen~Arvidsson Fiala~Turris~Smith Hartnell~Bonino~Hartman Salomaki~Sissons~Fisher Josi~Ellis Ekholm~Subban Emelin~Irwin Rinne Saros Minnesota Wild Zucker~Staal~Granlund Parise~Koivu~Coyle Winnik~Cullen~Niederreiter Mitchell~Eriksson Ek~Foligno Suter~Dumba Brodin~Murphy Seeler~Prosser Dubnyk Stalock Before I say anything else, I want to give all of our readers a big thank you. Thanks for sticking with myself and my partner in crime Theresa Ferries over the years here at Crease And Assist: A Legally Compliant Hockey Blog. If you’ve followed us long enough, you’ve been here through all the different website changes over the years from the Most Valuable Network, Bloguin, NESN and now this affiliation with USAToday. We hope that you enjoy reading and that you continue to find it informative and insightful. If we’ve learned anything over the years is the Wild rarely seem to take the easy path. In this latest back-to-back the Wild played fairly well but with an opportunity to earn 4 points against two of the better teams in the league the team had a costly mistake and had to settle for 3 of 4. Its certainly not the worst possible outcome, but in a tight race even a small mistake has the potential to loom large. Let’s take a look at the Central Division standings right now. Nashville – 75GP (48-16-11) 107pts Winnipeg – 75GP (46-19-10) 102pts Minnesota – 75GP (42-24-9) 93pts Colorado – 76GP (41-27-8) 90pts St. Louis – 75GP (42-28-5) 89pts Dallas – 76GP (38-30-8) 84pts Colorado’s 4-1 loss to the Vegas Golden Knights last night puts Minnesota in a situation where it can create some more space between itself and the Avalanche as they now possess a 3-point lead with a game in hand. The Wild travel to Music City to play against Nashville for the 2nd time in four days. Minnesota thoroughly frustrated the Predators on Saturday in a 4-1 victory. No doubt the Predators are going to be in an ornery mood after losing to the Minnesota on Saturday and having lost in a shootout to the Jets on Sunday and will hope to vent their anger on the Wild. The Predators have plenty of dangerous forwards in Viktor Arvidsson, Filip Forsberg and Ryan Johansen but their scoring depth (13 players with at least 10 goals or more to their credit) is really what makes Nashville one of the most best teams in the league. Arvidsson isn’t very big but he fearlessly works his way into the high traffic areas and his low-center of gravity makes it tough for opposing defenders to work against. Defensively the Predators possess one of the best defensive corps in the league; led by Roman Josi, Ryan Ellis, P.K. Subban and Mattias Ekholm who all contribute well at both ends of the ice. The Wild lit up Yannick Weber in the last game so I’d expect to see Matt Irwin and Alexi Emelin make up the 3rd pairing. Between the pipes I have little doubt they will give Pekka Rinne the chance to redeem himself and Minnesota will most likely give Devan Dubnyk the start. The last two games the team has played with a level of urgency. They seem to realize the race is far from over and understand that every point is important. The Wild have been getting solid minutes from its 4th line of Joel Eriksson Ek, Marcus Foligno and Daniel Winnik. The line has at times been a real catalyst and while it won’t scare too many teams offensively, they consistently work hard and do a good job of being a pain to play against. Eriksson Ek has steadily become one of the team’s best defensive forwards and he uses his speed, surprising strength and good stick to take away time and space. Yet of course the big news; literally and figuratively is the Wild signing Jordan Greenway to a 3-year Entry level deal after his junior season at Boston University concluded with his team’s defeat at the hands of Michigan at the NCAA Northeast Regional this weekend. Greenway brings size (6’6″, 230lbs), strength and athleticism. Minnesota sent down Zack Mitchell back to Iowa to make room in the roster. I expect he might get a chance to spell either Tyler Ennisor Marcus Foligno on the regular roster. Twitter has be abuzz with fans who have eagerly awaited a big player who can move and play a dominant physical game like Greenway has shown at the college and even at this year’s Olympics. However, I think its best to be measured about what to expect from the 21-year old. I think he has the strength to compete, but the speed of the game will no doubt be an adjustment for Greenway. Yet if he gives the team quality minutes in a bottom 6 role then that’s probably a positive. So what must the Wild do to earn a victory over Nashville? Stay out of the box ~ The Predators feed off momentum and the power play is especially dangerous with their collection of weapons up front and on the blueline. The best way to neutralize it is to give the Predators few if any opportunities on the man advantage. Crash the crease ~ If the Wild watch any of their film from Saturday’s game they should notice that most of their goals came near the blue paint. Rinne is a great goaltender, but working their way in close is really about how bad Minnesota wants it. If they do, they’ll be rewarded. Kill the crowd ~ the Predators rowdy crowd feeds off its team and this is a game where you want to give them so little to cheer about they even stop boo’ing Ryan Suter out of sheer boredom. A big part of that is denying time and space, forcing the Predators to the perimeter and protecting the middle of the ice. What do you think will be important for the Wild to do in order for them to secure a victory over the Predators? Tell us on Twitter@CreaseAndAssist or in the comment section below! I wrote up the game preview today, MNSOTA will be on the post-gamer.
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    Eric Staal asked what's the key to his success with 39 goals. 1. Well, I'm not a pansy ass waiting for others to carry me. 2. I refuse to play like a frightened millionaire. 3. I don't drink the water.
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    Parise sucks in OT, because his skating is ok...and he is not a great puck handler nor does he have great moves 1-on-1. Suter has a penchant in 3-on-3 to carry pucks below the dots and if he turns it over or makes a bad pass you have an odd-man rush the other way while he slowly strides back. Dumba just isn't that smart with the puck. He makes lots of pointless turnovers and while he has a big shot...he makes way too many high risk, low reward plays to want him on the ice to start 3-on-3 OT for me. IMO, not having Spurgeon for 3-on-3 really hurts this team because he is by far the smartest defenseman we have.
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    Mitchell got sent back to Iowa. I think people should measure their expectations of Greenway. He's literally just out of his junior year of college hockey. This is a whole level he's never really experienced. I am not doubting on his potential, but right now....if he gives us quality minutes I'll be happy with that.
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    Something not mentioned about the proverbial 'big ticket' guys: Koivu, Suter & Parise combo... NONE of them are game changers. Among those three plunk in Heatley, then Vanek and Pominville. Four players on the roster who at any given time while here amazingly had such limited impact. If you look to the past with this club the only big ticket guy who was a game changer was Gaborik. Yet the Wild has bought, sucked and paid a buttload of cash for players in the $6 to $9 million dollar a year range who've had absolutely zero ability to lift the team at any moment. Why is that?
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    I'm confused. By "we" and "our," do you mean Minnesota ... or Winnipeg?