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    Mikko Koivu The real deal when it comes to being the Charlie Brown of the team. This poor bastard keeps getting to hold the golden nugget for the team and deserves nothing more than a lump of coal. Why Santa why? Why the hell do the elves keep giving him so many neat toys to play with while every reindeer on Santa’s sleigh keep dying a fiery death pulling his lame ass all over the place? Zach Parise He’s injured but in recent years his play has been lacking. Yet he still gets preferential treatment regardless of how many “My Little Pony Bandages” he’s been wearing. Ryan Suter You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Suter, like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer leads the defense into the ditch regularly while bulking up on ice time with far too little results. He and Zach Parise hired Adam Oates to teach them how to be better on Power Plays and all it got them was their head coach fired. Praise, praise Jesus Chuck Fletcher your three wise men for the team totally suck ass compared to the Three Musketeers or the Three Amigo’s. Eric Staal A valiant knight in his regard. The man never gets any recognition but keeps plugging away anyway. Jarod Spurgeon Another valiant knight. Single-handedly he’s probably the most valuable player on the team and the only player to play his position correctly and exceeds every expectation expected of him. Jonas Brodin Meet Linus of the Peanuts gang. He’s steady and pretty reliable but without his precious blanket he’s a big baby. Devan Dubnyk Joe Cool… A major fan favorite. Hey Snoopy, how many times does the Red Baron keep shooting you out of the sky before you learn you need to get a new parachute or some decent landing gear? Mikael Granlund This dude has the face of Lurch of the Adam’s family and the locks (hair) and mobility of Cousin It. Is he gold or just fools gold? Charlie Coyle The Muskie of the team. A natural predator, the beast? The most dangerous threat to all other fish species in any fresh water lake in Minnesota. However either fame got to his head or the pink panties he keeps wearing have caused his nuts to be too fond of silk. Jason Zucker Santa needs to tell me why Zucker keeps being treated like Rosanna Parks. This man knows the back of the bus like no other. What affliction does Chuck Fletcher have on this guy? Is he too fast for good old Chuck? Is his wife too hot? No one has a hard on for Zucker more than Mikko Koivu and Chuck Fletcher. Dare I say P enis envy or what? Nino Niederreiter Either Nino has an angry step-mother and some god-awful looking step-sisters or too many missing slippers. Ask any woman what they think of male volleyball players with good hands. Unfortunately with Chuck Fletcher at the helm, to him Nino is just another Cinderella story. Santa needs to somehow tell us why? Why does he get no respect and keeps being treated like a bottom feeding carp? Matt Dumba Everyone loves the little red headed girl but as Charlie Brown knows, she doesn’t put out. You either love him for scoring game winning goals or you hate him because no one has his back when he enters the red zone, thus giving other teams prime chances to take the b!tch home and score. Matt’s kind of a cross between the town bicycle and The Little Red Headed Girl. Marcus Faligno Peanut butter. He started out tough, showed some grit but one night he shared some sleeping space with Koivu and ever since then he’s gone teets-up and turned onto ordinary, overly soft (and greasy) peanut butter. Daniel Winnik Never had a chance and never will. Fletcher keeps teasing Winnik with prime time on the upper two lines but he’ll never be anyone’s prom date. Alex Stalock I’m not going to pick on Stalock. He’s held this team in games and like clockwork they find ways to fail him. Matt Cullen The Peanuts Gang had Pig Pen, the Wild have Matt Cullen. This poor guy has seen more untalented line mates on the fourth line than a garden full of daisies. Yes he’s aging, maybe even lost a step but he keeps trying and to that I give him credit for not folding his tent. He has every reason to spit on the team for getting rid of him the first time and not treating him fairly back then. But, he keeps on trucking on regardless of whatever kind of baggage they keep throwing at him. Chris Stewart This guy has a face only a grandmother would love. Just kidding of course, but that’s how it is. Not an ugly guy at all but Jesus why aren’t they using him right? Joel Eriksson Ek Richie Rich? Santa knows at any moment he could win the lottery and strike it rich but when the hell is that going to happen? Tyler Ennis You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, but who the hell is this guy? When the hell is he going to pull his own weight? Mike Reilly The second year in a row he’s been given a chance and so far he reminds me of that homely banjo playing kid in the movie “Deliverance.” He’s got some talent but he only knows one song. Nate Prosser Not overly talented of course but what’s not to like about him? Among all the Wild d-core he’s steady, reliable and very well liked. He’s the only Wild defender who respects his team mates and it shows. Zach Mitchell How can you not feel bad for Matt Cullen? He’s trying but not that much. Gustav Olofsson Like a Goldfish being fed to piranhas, Olofsson doesn’t even taste good.
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    Like I've said about Fletcher though. He makes Leipold money so he'll never can his ass. Both are dumb asses.
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    As much as this is on Fletcher it's on Craig Leipold. Boudreau has Stewart and Foligno to draw on for meathead insurance, however they're (like the 20 before them) not on the ice when needed. The difference between them and the 20 before them is they do have some hockey ability. One would think to blame Boudreau for not having them BOTH in the lineup for last nights game but we learned earlier this season Boudreau doesn't call the shots with who's in the lineup, Chuck Fletcher does. Allowing this crap to happen now for 8 seasons AND with 3 different head coaches it's on Craig Leipold! Craig Leipold can look no further than November 29, 2017 when the Wild's micro-managing moronic wizard Chuck Fletcher "called the Wild's season, 'incredibly disappointing' so far" in this article: https://www.twincities.com/2017/11/29/wild-gm-chuck-fletcher-calls-season-incredibly-disappointing-so-far/ Anyone thinking the team wasn't intimidated last night is either high or completely stupid. There is not one single hockey fan on the continent that doesn't know to intimidate the Wild all you have to do is knock them around like rag dolls and you'll get a win. Doing so they took Granlund completely off his game with two crushing checks that left him sprawling. Zucker they crushed into the net minder from a crosscheck across his back. He ended up in the penalty box. Dubnyk gets piled on and no one is out there to retaliate so he takes matters into his own hands. Why? How long is this crap going to continue? Parise is living proof that with no one out there to knock heads around for paybacks, it doesn't work. Walz, PMB, Ballard, you can almost say the same thing. Every other team out there with big players, whether they're a $500k player or the $10 million dollar studs, they don't take any shyt from anyone. This team has plenty of millionaires and for the most part they all act like they're too precious to mix it up and hold others accountable.
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    If we fall behind we may direct you back to the basement jim!
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    It is not odd, it is just unacceptable. If it is really the case, then there is 2 options: 1) Bruce Boudreau must resign right now. (any coach who tolerates this is as guilty as the GM who is trying to impose his views) 2) Leipold must fire Fletcher right now (any owner who tolerates this is as guilty as the GM who is trying to impose his views) If you don't respect the pyramid owner > GM >Coach without any interference between these 3 levels, the respective confidence is broken without any possibility to build it back.
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    IMO its not a matter of conditioning with Parise. He's lost a step and can't play his normal game because he knows one crosscheck from going back to square 1. I agree Zucker and Granlund are the hot hands right now up front; and to a lesser extent Staal who made some great plays. Charlie Coyle is a complete non-factor. Isn't assertive enough and seems pretty content with just being a passenger on this team. Dubnyk IMO shouldn'tve gotten the start. We have Stalock, very focused since his baby drama is over. Not saying we'd win because of that, because it was obvious the team had its vacation on its mind more than the game itself. MNSOTA is 100% right, we threw a point away there. I don't think you call it a must win, but rather a you better come away with 2 points in this one. The team seemed to be mostly satisfied coming away with 1 point which is sad and pathetic.
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    The best player on the team just scored! Yeah Spurgeon!!
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    Ah, here we go: https://twitter.com/MNSOTA24/status/947873679093923841
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    Sorry folks, no stats or preview. We just got back from LIG's parents' house, and the FIRST thing we had to accomplish was putting together an Ikea shelf. LIG and I are still speaking to each other, no one was killed, and no blood was shed. Sounds like a success to me.
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    Give credit when it’s due and minus the penalties this is the most complete game the wild have played in a long dam time. 11 minutes to go but Go Wild
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    So I'm at the gas station buying some pop and coffee... The guy at the til, a new young kid... Says, "Do you have gas?" I said, "No, do you have gas?" He turned three sheets of red and the gal on break broke out laughing her ass off.
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    Well Spurgeon is 5'9'' 164 and Ennis is 5'9" 170 so he'll fit right in.
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    Yup, that's me. Expensive, yes...but unfortunately not rare. They are remakes of the classic sweaters, brought back for our centennial season. Cool autographed card dude...and kuddos to Prosser for the children's hospital visits!
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    Wild Give Away A Point in the Standings in 3-2 Overtime Loss to Vancouver This was what I was agreeing with MNSOTA on earlier. I didn't realize she didn't post her post-gamer here. Here it is, and the sad thing is this will probably be ignored by most people because of the outcome of the Vikings game. The Wild were working for the pretty tic-tac-toe finish all game long after they scored that way on the power play; and we passed up oodles of chances to shoot the puck. Markstrom did make some good saves, but we also let him off by not pulling the trigger. Beyond MNSOTA's game recap, is an Iowa Wild report and prospect news too. Enjoy!
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    Ya can't spell "Jaromir" without the letters also being used to spell "Mario JR"
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    I'd forgotten how much I hated Bobby Clark...
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    To me that's a one and same thing. Granny is on his line, fellow countryman, younger and smaller and at times taking some vicious checks. That's where Slow9 should step up by default, he's the captain. Captain for any team shouldn't be a fighter but willing to do something out of his comfort zone. If you're a captain and a pu$$y, you'd have to be a superstar as a player to compensate for your lack of guts, like Gretzky. Messier wasn't too keen on to fight or even good at it but he had enough spine to drop'em say against McSorley. Nowadays the league is full of ice skaters, Koivu doesn't have to face enforcers anymore. What a goddam bleeder...
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    Tafaasi, some videos were more in a slower motion than the players really played then. And I agree with Antti, that players during that time were not as big as our current NHL players are, but were fast enough or even faster. Thanks Antii for posting that video. Life is really running quick for us. You were lucky to see these games here, and I had a chance to watch them only on TV more than 40 years ago in USSR. The Soviet Union team was angry on referees , which ignored real penalties, real elbowing hits from Philadelphia team into the heads of Russian hockey players. Thanks ClusterChuck for noticing that. The game began practically as a real hunt for Valery Kharlamov (under #17) to neutralize him(and not only in that game) or to make him injured . And finally that happened – it was a real hard elbow hit into his head, which sent him down to the ice( I am sure he had a slight concussion then) and referee did not give a penalty to the Philadelphia Flyers player. Of course, the Soviet Union team reacted right away and did not want to continue this game in that rude manner. We still see those cases in a modern hockey when referees ignore evident penalties making against of our players, especially for Zucker and of course, he is reacting too. Actually Zucker's fast play is reminding me Valery Kharlamov's play as well as other Russian Rocket – Pavel Bure. Valery Kharlamov was a legend of the world hockey who always played under #17. He never played in NHL, but he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2005 for his influence into the world hockey. Unfortunately, he died very young,at the age of 33, in a car accident in 1981. Mainly he played in a line together with Mikhailov and Petrov. The most famous hockey trio in USSR time. Last year,unfortunately, Petrov died too. Here are few links to watch Kharlamov's play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQtfu7QP9CQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyMc2JFZKn0 and about him to read in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valeri_Kharlamov
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    Yup - and this was tame compared to the WHA. I am so glad I was around then and dad had season tix to both incarnations of the Fighting Saints - the best time to be a fan was when both leagues were up and running (NB: side note: Our seats were row 1 to the right of the keeper....so when errant slapshots came at my knees - from the vantage point of the clear boards we had at the Civic Center - ya jumped every time!)
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    42 years ago tonight - I remember it well! "They're Going Home!" The Soviet Red Army Team wasn't too happy with the "abuse" taken by their precious Kharlamov and left the ice in the 1st period! (They did come back) Final: Broadstreet Bullies - 4 - Commies - 1
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    After that horrid first period I would of bet anyone 100 bucks that this thing was over. Unreal
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    I would like a general manager who lets the flippin' coach actually COACH and not cater to the inflated egos of certain players.
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    I think there should also be an overhead angle for offsides.
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    I'm terrible in that prediction thread this year too. This team is so hard to follow this season. It's going to be a long recovery for this downer team I'm afraid. I'm not sold on any prospects besides the two Russian kids. Kaprizov will probably never leave the KHL. There I said it. Now we'll have a five game win streak while I predict 3-2 losses and post how we need to tank like the 218 kid.
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    Look at Haula for crying out loud. For years I said if given the proper line mates and opportunity he'd do well. Can you imagine Nino or Zucker on another team like Chicago? They'd easily rack up 50 goals / when used properly.
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    Agreed! Though I really like Nino and Granny, but Nino can't stay healthy and Granny gets overwhelmed by big guys
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    I've been watching the Wild since Year One and this is the most disappointing season ever for me. IMO it isn't Smith making great saves, it's the Wild missing shots. Dipchit one and dipchit two raving about glove saves. Watch his glove, it doesn't even move, the Wild players are shooting it right into his glove.
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    Call the cops Smith robbed Cullen blind
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    You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Yeo couldn't get these guys to respond. Boudreau, no different. With Fletcher constantly phucking with the lineups this team for 8 years is beat before they even step foot on the ice - some nights. You can't fix stupid! I too see that this team as being way too predictable. THEY don't bring the game to other teams as much as try adapting to what other teams are doing. Sadly, more times than not they screw the pooch by not being able to recover because they're sticking to a failed game plan way too long and not responding sooner. I firmly believe these head coaches see and know how to respond by altering their game plans but the players don't listen. Some do but the key ones, most all the core leaders, don't... Think they know better.
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    Her eldest is playing on a team that's not immediately in her city, so I think she has a lot more traveling to do. And I believe she took about a month off from being online.
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    LOL.....this came across my Faceyspace feed:
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    I'm just happy to see 4th line production again, it's really been missing this year
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    Just in zucker-stall-ennis nino-Mikko-granny Ek-coyle-parise foligno-Cullen-winnik
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    Oilers are still drawing crowd and their forum is serene. If the Wild had such losses (few 0-5's at home), there would be no mercy, everyone would get beaten and fired.
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    Cullen, Staal Carry Wild to 5-1 Victory Over Florida Better effort, but still not perfect. I hated how they sat back in the 3rd period. I wasn't expecting them to put up 7-8 goals but don't just defend in your own end. Not a good habit to get into; especially in the 3rd. Yet, kudos to them for staying out of the penalty box and keeping it simple offensively by funneling shots on goal and crashing the net. Eriksson Ek and Ennis both played pretty well IMO even if they didn't end with goals tonight. I have a full game recap, an extended Iowa Wild report and prospect news too. Enjoy!
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    poor Rotten, I bet he's getting an eppy needle right now! Btw I am shocked too.
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    Cullen #2! 4th line comes through again! Oh my damn its nice to start getting something from the 4th line again!
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    Still a huge GOOD RIDDANCE. Big gain by losing the dud. Over half his points on the PP. Tied for 3-4 in worst +/- with a -10 even though he doesn't even get that much even strength time. The Wild signing him was stupid, many of us posted that. Being benched during the Playoffs by Montreal was a huge red flag. But getting rid of him was essential. A lazy, I-don't-play-no-stinking-D, crap player scoring PP points on a crap team is still a crap deal.
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    He sure has, best player on the ice. Dumba looked really great too.... which I rarely get to say.
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    sounds like the start of a question on Match Game
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    Wow Ennis sure is being aggressive! I love it!
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    The only hometown discount in franchise history and he's a Canadian from Thunder Bay. Obviously I love it I can't talk about Staal too much, I'm way too biased about all Northern Ontario players but especially the ones I played with and against. He's awesome, he looked like the true captain of the team last year. I used to be his teammate back in Bantam so I've always followed his career with interest: if he keeps going he'll catch Alex Delvecchio and become the greatest Thunder Bay hockey player of all time. Move him to the wing like Jagr for the tail end if he ever loses a step (unlikely, he knows when to bite and when not to, his hockey sense is unreal) he could seriously be talked about for the Hockey Hall of Fame. He'll have the numbers. It was obviously pretty cool for me to see him score the same ways he scored on me (third, fourth, fifth, sixth rebounds from behind the net with his long stick/big reach defensively) at the NHL level for Carolina and to not just win the Cup but be a huge part of that team. I still kinda like Carolina because of Jordan (Canadian Koivu) Staal, I like all the local NWO players. Followed him when he was a Hurricane, when he captained Team Canada at the IIHF, hated Edler for taking out his knee, I've been watching him play since he was a kid. Played against him every second year growing up, he played for the rival Norwest (they were good) and Neebing and then I played one year with him for friggin Hodder when I was 15 or 16 on South End. I didn't know at the time that any of us would make the NHL, I knew Bobby Orr almost came and watched us play and we'd joke "He's looking at you, aw no no he's looking at me" like Mr. Jones by the Counting Crows lyric. "Better light it up, Bobby Orr's watching". I didn't know at the time how he'd go and light it up for the Kings (TBay AAA) and then Peterborough. I woulda kept his broken sticks. I lit it up for my hometown with my friends and then all of a sudden a familiar name is turning into a big name, (same thing happened with a D-man from Fort named Duncan), getting screwed on World Junior selection (along with another D-man on that South End team who for sure shoulda made it, we'd have beaten USA that year with those two players) almost going nearly first overall in the NHL draft. I once went first overall in a TBay Bantam Draft, ahead of future Hall of Famer Eric Staal. Shows how much the scouts know, eh? Just as a hockey fan it kinda gave me goosebumps, I loved the year where Carolina won the Cup. I know that as a Canadian, I was supposed to be cheering for Edmonton, I did love Roloson but I wanted the Cup to come to Thunder Bay and it did. Sometimes when I'm drinking I pretend the things I said on this messageboard years ago about how he doesn't party (he'll have a beer but he doesn't go overboard, he's a standup guy) and how he was a good guy who never came out troublemakin' with me and the other guys on the team....I pretend those posts from before we signed him were influential towards signing him. It might not be true but it's fun to think that maybe you were able to help in some small way: probably not but who knows, I remember just barking loudly about how Eric Staal was the guy to get and how his down years in Carolina with garbage wingers didn't mean anything. I wish he woulda came to the Wild earlier, he'd have made a big difference in the Minnesota-Dallas series, but I think he wanted to play on a line with Rick Nash in NYR. They lit it up together for Canada but Vigneault is an idiot. We're lucky that Vigneault is an idiot who didn't play him with Nash or else he'd probably still be a Ranger. A 1C for $3.5M, what team doesn't want that. It was a long time ago and I don't remember everything about that season where I was his goalie obviously, but I remember he called me Jimmy, they all did because "Are you Jimmy Ray?" was a huge song at the time. He didn't even have a favourite NHL team. Finding that weird. I was in a Bruins jersey after practice, the out of towner with a bunch of city guys in Kings or Oiler hats, going "well who's your team." Grilling him about it, like he must have one favourite team. He said, "I just love hockey". Fans of players, fans of the game. We knew Minnesota was getting a team, it had been announced in 1997 and it was 1999 or so. "Minnesota's getting a team, maybe cheer for them". I'm a Wild fan for going on 15 years or so now so obviously I was stoked when we signed him. I always remembered that because who doesn't have a favourite team? Everyone who loves hockey has a favourite team, right? Less than five guys I've ever met in my life have been hockey fans, but no team allegiance. It's weird to not have a favourite team, right? I guess unless you're Staal and you know you're a pro already when you're like 15. Now he's the only guy over 30 who's leading his team? It's ridiculous, he outscored Ryan Johansen last year. He's a beauty, I'm a fan now, he's one of my favourite players for sure.
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    It's not a bandaid when the team was utter balls from like 07-12. The bandaids came after the contracts came, and actual playoff berths ****ed with Fletcher's head. Also, let Edmonton be proof that nobody can be sure of any success doing anything. That said, the Wild are better off dying and starting fresh. Nothing else worked. Any more bad trades or deadline deals, and it'll feel like the Twins: an All-Star team exists with players that LEFT Minnesota.
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    NB: Quebec Wild Fan is sporting the red Wilds sweater #10 ... down where Minny shoots twice
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    Tanking is a fairy tale for kids who believe in the tooth fairy. Ever heard of the DRAFT LOTTERY? It's actually very hard to finish last. And even getting year after year of high picks still often leads to chit. .
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    6 years in a row where he's an asset to opposing team's PK. Either he's a slow learner or doesn't understand wtf a PP is. No one in the NHL has as much PP time than he has with as few results.