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    When you compare them side by side it's clear the Wild's TV dorks haven't a clue on their purpose. The first thing we learned when I was in school for P-B-P was - on radio: You "paint the picture" - Which Kurtz and Reid do to a "T" On TV you are supposed to dial back a LOT and let the images take centre stage. The Wild guys - just don't get it. A little silence can speak volumes (the viewers aren't stupid) - so shut the Eph up!
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    haha hey guys. Yeah I threw a big water fountain through the window and ran off into the forest, I was hungry for rabbit and trout. I got the idea off some guy in a toque who tried really hard to lift the fountain off its moorings, but he couldn't get 'er done. So it clicked in a couple days later that that's not a bad idea. Been in the loonie bin AKA r/wildhockey but the team's really makin' it hard for a guy to complain too much. I guess you always still can in hockey a little. Friggin' refs. It's been a pretty sick season overall eh boys! It doesn't get any better than this eh Check it out guys I learned how to copypaste images and make memes. No Sharks in These Waters eh.
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    ****ing Toronto numbnutz. 1) Why the **** do they call that a deflection off a defensemen about 100% of the time - 100% of the time, & then the geniuses in the office screw the Wild over. Someone buy one of these dipchits a protractor so that they could lay it down on the screen & see that it was no where near a directed foot-shot on net.... & regardless, STILL a defense deflection. 2) The INCONSISTENCY is mind-boggling; consider these fuktards in the office reviewing Roussel's kick-in during the playoffs last year and calling THAT abortion a legit goal, and THAT did not even bounce off a D-man & was directed AT the net (from behind) but still at the net, with our goalie being the ONLY active player to touch it so NOT A DEFLECTION, Roussel's excuse: I was trying to kick it to my stick Now they call this deflection a non-goal, even though I've seen the same play called good goal about a million times (the only difference being that those goals usually have more traffic).... Maybe the twats will have to make an: acceptable angle of how directed away from the net the deflection can be rule?? 3) Ben C. made a great comment post-game; if the league is even remotely serious about reducing smooshy-brain injuries they probably should grow a pair and start ejecting players taking shots at the back of defenseless players heads... Yeah smushing someone's head in to the ice & bloodying them up a little is one thing. that punching head stuff needs to go, that is some Landeskog-league bullchit 4) Big missed oppurtunity for the Wild though regardless of all that crap... Come on Hanzel! Seriously, if you are going to take a penalty it should have at least been worth your while; send a message & knock Savard's ****ing block off. Still pulling the same old soft last year crap, some penalties are worth taking to send a message... that would have been one. Also, unlike last year the Wild could actually afford to drop a game sending a message, if it was loud and clear enough.
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    We were at the Hasty, MN truck stop. The TV had news on when we got there and asked if they could put the Wild game on... They did and everybody had their eyes glued to the screen The click there was heavy
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    Lets hope the new goalie gives Darcy a run for his money to backup in playoffs: 3/30/17 Wild 17 Senators 0
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    I think we must to create some form of fans support for the Wild team. We need just focus on the Wild success and really do not care about other teams. Without ours fans support our team also can lose their confidence. Tell you a truth, I do not think we are really a mild team, especially for this season. Mild team never ever makes 5 seasons in a row a playoffs run. For the month of March, unfortunately, our team showed some kind of ignorance to play a real hockey, some kind of laziness to play hard for our fans and score enough for winning. We did see that more in a previous years, but not much for this season. I like during the last 2 games (against of Detroit and Washington) nice efforts to get those small points and building the confidence in play a good level of professional hockey during the tough times of the game, and limiting those teams below 20 shots per game. Yes, of course we always wish more and better results, which is normal for our human nature. Still this season was the most enjoyable year for me to watch our team, and we are still on the top of western conference (second place is not bad at all – hope we will stay on it till the regular season's end), and we also put the most goals (244) into opposing net among all teams of western conference, which is a very positive effort. All lines had nice improvements in production in comparison to previous years. The line of Grandlund – Koivu – Zucker still is my the most preferable powerful line to watch. Zucker's speed reminds me a speed of hockey player Pavel Bure – “Russian Rocket”. Hope our “Minnesota Rocket” will improve more in production. Grandlund is an example of smart play. Staal for me is an example of more consistent finisher so far for the team. My small just a wish at this moment – our team still has a chance to win last remaining 6 games of regular season and make a personal record to win 50 games in one regular season. I do not remember it happened before for the Wild's history as well as for the North Star history. And who knows when this chance will happen again. Regarding playoffs I have feelings that we will be playing against of St. Louis during the first round, because that team has a better schedule than Nashville and has more chances to win remaining games.
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    Was just talking about that with a buddy. Would be a fans and hopefully the teams worst nightmare to lose a series to the Blues but a series win in 4 or 5 would be gratifying
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    I believe It's a Parise and Suter problem, the annual slumps came after they came aboard. I think Zach is a profectionist and probably not well liked in the lockeroom. So when he does speak up, they (the youth) think he is a giant Dbag, while pommers and suter just repeat Zach, thus creating a divide in the team.
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    I think he's been given enough leash as it is. If you make a bonehead play, it's not a crazy risk, it's a bonehead play. Like the Wings' OT winner. I still can't believe how he read that situation so horribly wrong. Only explanation I can think of he forgot he was the sole D-man, thinking the other D-man would control the center.
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    I don't know how many people listen to the Wild on the radio, but I do sometimes. The last Sharks game I listened to the whole game driving back from the Lake of the Woods. Today I stopped for a late lunch at Granite City and the replay was on. Stuck in a pick-up, I listened to the whole game. Then I watched the game's replay at fast speed and the game I saw the next day was damn close to exactly the game Reid commented on and Kurtz did play by play.. What I.m saying is, the Wild's radio team is excellent.
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    They should remember it's still just a game and lighten up a bit. They look like they're working, somewhere they don't want to, not playing a game they got mesmerized by as kids.
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    My dad got most of his disks in his neck and back herniated and broke after a injury at work. it left him not able to work so from me being in 1st Grade and on we were really poor. So once and awhile I could play for a school if the money was saved for a long time. I loved it and nothing was better then almost becoming a family with your teammates. I miss playing and even wanted to play in the league with my hockey but man, I know the doctor told me I am a candidate for a early knee replacement but I never believed him. I bought a super nice pair of roller blades to get my fat ass in shape and I swear to god that my knee was going to do a 180. I have never been more scared in my life about a injury. It sucks as I got a little one I would love to teach to skate but it would require a knee replacement and at age 34 I would be looking at a average of a the knee replacement every 10 years. I am not ready for that type of commitment. I also hate hearing people complain of a "bad knee" and never experience things I experience like knee swelling up for no reason, not being able to squat, knee giving out for no reason, nights that you can't get your knee in a comfortable position to sleep and it hurts all night, etc. By the way, how sad is it to think how you could eat when you played on a team and when you try it now you gain about 20 pounds a meal, lmfao. Awww, floor hockey, the greatest time during gym. Lol my schools I went to the blue sticks were the champs and the chumps got red sticks. Team blue for life!!!!
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    Lived and grew up playing the game in Elk River. Started in 'the Pit' and played my way up through HS. There are plenty of smart posters around here, and we'll see through fakes but please tell us who you know because I'm sure we all can't wait to hear it. Hate to break it to you, but you arrived during the nadir of this place. Its always a great way to ingratiate yourself by telling everyone they suck. The green part is sarcasm for the newbs. So please go on...I could use a laugh.
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    6th Grade, indoor floor hockey champs. We had the red sticks, that is all that mattered. The blue sticks couldn't keep up with us.
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    Brodin deserves one of the three stars tonight, as it's his shots that generated the Zucker and Parise goals tonight.
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    Yeah, would it be appropriate for me to say? We suck chit as of late. BB needs to shake things up.
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    Lack of Focus Kills Wild in 4-1 Loss To Tampa Bay game recap I wish I would've just stuck to watching the State Tournament. The Wild clearly had their mind on something else other than hockey for that poor effort. Hanzal looks at least two steps too slow. Finally in the 3rd they really started to dig in but where was that earlier? I hope Boudreau rips them a new one on their way to the hotel this evening. Pathetic Yeo-like effort.
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    Antti is 100% correct, if you're really good, it will be known whether you play for a contender or a pretender. You might get tested a bit more playing for a higher profile program but if you're really that good the scouts will know and they will come to watch you. Case in point. Jaxon Nelson, went and played junior (USHL) this year after having starred for Luverne as a 8th grader onward. He'd be a junior now and while that sucks for Luverne in a way, people were very aware of Jaxon Nelson even though prior to that program rising up from nothing. I agree also with keep it Class A or AA and that's it. 3 classes would be pointless. Greenway may not be able to beat Hermantown but that's a pretty skewed example. The Hawks can beat most Class AA schools, which is why its dumb they continue to stay in Class A. I understand their misfortune in state title games, and I've heard as soon as Bruce Plante retires they're probably going to move up. Still, its not a gimme for Hermantown either. Delano has ridiculous offensive firepower, the Hawks had their hands full in their lone showdown this year. Don't count out the Tigers even though its their first trip to State. I am still pumped for the Spuds. I think they will surprise a lot of people.
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    Okay, here's your post-game if you're interested: https://thebloguin.wordpress.com/?p=635374
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    Butthurt maybe? Pussywhipped? It's a modern mystery. I still am shocked when the stats get posted, it seems like he hasn't scored since November, and he's still 5th in scoring...
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    Umm. Count me confused. Is Keumper going to Iowa for the proverbial "conditioning" stint? And was he asked? Or is there an injury we don't know about. Seems to be the roster is pretty much at its max already with 14 forwards, 7 D and two netminders. Maybe putting Parise on IR? Or can they exceed the 23-man count at this time of the year. Would also expect to see Carter and Weber up if Iowa bows out early.
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    Like I said Rotty I don't think you are wrong on what you are saying either. I just think right now with our goalie situation so bad that the coaching and even players don't really know what to do. On shots that should be easily stopped Dubs looks like a back up high school goalie that has only seen one or two games in his playing career. I can see where the players start playing way to tight and probably over think everything which in the end causes more issues. I think the goaltending is the biggest issue and if that got settled down the team would be different. I would like to see Bruce have Stalock come up and play a few games. I mean what is the worst that happens, we continue losing? Maybe this change would start a new fire under the players and if Stalock starts making the saves that gives the team confidence again we will see the team that we knew before this month. I don't know maybe I am wrong but when I watch these guys you can see so much hesitation in how they play now. You can see the fear in the players eyes when the other team takes a shot at Dubs. I wish the guys would realize the best defense is the offense keeping the puck in the other teams zone. I now see maybe one guy forechecking well the other four guys sit on the blue line. We basically work and spend a ton of energy to dump the puck into five guys well one of our guys tries to get it back. 5 on 1 doesn't favor the 1.
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    The Wild are my team and always will be. We all bit ch around here as loyal fans do but in the end we only want the team to succeed. This is the NHL and on any given night any team can beat the other (7-0 Panthers over Hawks). The Wild are certainly in a funk right now but the fat lady is not singing and until then I am not cheering for any other teams success ever. It is certainly ok to ***** and whine of the current losing streak but wishing them to continue the disaster for the next 4-7 years is just a bit idiotic and suggest you go to the Oilers message board pretty sure they will be happy to have you.
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    I'm all worked up now? ok... There aren't any "big games" or opportunity for one left on the schedule. The Blackhawks have the division pretty much locked up. Beating the Caps tomorrow would hopefully boost their confidence a bit, but the only statement the Wild could make at this point would be to win the remainder of the regular season games and go into the playoffs on a hot streak. Otherwise, they're limping in to the playoffs and their opponent will smell the blood.
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    The slump to me is all about the Wild not playing up to the level of competition. When a team is hot like they were other teams coming in are going to be gunning for them. The wild are getting the other teams best, but they just look like they are in cruise control. Koivu really needs to step up his leadership. Parise in not that guy and neither is Suter. Koivu really is Mr. Wild and you just don't see a fire in this teams belly and it needs to be one of the teammates to light it. BB can only do so much. It has to come from the players now.
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    I will say I rather see our AHL kids all come up and play instead of the team now. Right now players are just showing maybe a 50% effort. The Wings game was a little better but still it just appears these guys could care less and are just coasting and whatever happens, happens. This started before we were even locked into a playoff spot. So I rather see some young kids go out there and give 100% effort and lose then watch the guys now give a 50% effort and coast and lose. I can get behind guys giving a 100% and leaving it all on the ice then watch guys continue to give half a effort and pat themselves on the back for doing one thing right.
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    Same Mistakes Haunt Wild in 3-2 OT Loss To Detroit, ticket offer and more I feel like we've time warped to last season. Line shuffling galore, no one sure how to get their way out of it. The team rationalizing after beating a team that was made up of at least a 1/3 of the Grand Rapids Griffins. Oh look at the positive, we battled harder...it was sickening. Dumba's play in OT was classic, clueless play...taking himself out of the play by simply floating towards the boards giving an easy passing lane to Athanasiou for the game winner. Its also homers versus realists on Twitter and here. Tough to watch this crap. By the way, if anyone wants those tickets listed in the article, just private message me here or on Twitter and I'll connect you to the person selling them.
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    And the biggest part of my point was management getting all kinds of leadership type players who cast shadows over others who actually have talent.
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    I really do not recognize our team anymore, because my team completely lost their strong biting teeth at the end of the regular season. I was hoping that this season we will not have any extended slump as we( fans) always were the witnesses for at least last 10 years in a row. Personally for me, Wild's play now it is just a shame in front of team's fans especially at home. Recently (just a couple weeks ago), I also was hoping that our team will pass successfully through 3 rounds of playoffs this season (even beating Chicago team) and then we will be playing against of Penguins or Jackets in Stanley Cup finals. Now, after our slump in March, I am not sure, if we will pass even through the first playoffs round. It really reminds me our slump at the end of the last season and with that poor mentality we entered into the playoffs. Why do we need to repeat same thing again and again? We must to build a strong team's confidence instead of building disintegration of team's chemistry. A month ago I was putting mistakenly our team this season among the top teams of the league – Chicago, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Washington, which showing an impressively consistent play at the end of the season, but we are too far right now from that level. In my opinion, Wild's team core is capable to show a very high level of hockey and that core already build some nice chemistry during the last 5 years, which is a very positive sign. But , unfortunately, that chemistry is still none consistent. How long we are going to build a strong chemistry for the same core – 5 -10-15 years? We(fans) also understood that inserting Hanzal and White did not make a huge positive weather into our team yet, but the team's core is still the same and should play strong despite of any minor insertions. After watching a current core of the Wild's team for many years in a row it came some ideas: forget about our soft none consistent goaltending. As less we(fans) will think about them as less we(fans) will have spikes of a high arterial blood pressure during the game. Stealing games for our goaltenders , unfortunately, is not their profile (is not a real solution for us), because they are not an elite. We need to recognize that postulate all the way down to the bottom of our bone marrow. May be some day they will show more persistent strong play for all 60 min. of the game during all 82 games, but I doubt. build offensively defensive team, like Penguins are. focus on scoring should be our main mental solution for all 4 lines to build a real solid success. focus to put more than 4 goals per game, because less than 4 pucks does not work for our team in many cases, caused by our soft goaltending and some kind of persistently soft defensive play. like I mentioned before, in a future, for the better team's build up , we really need at least a couple high scorers, capable to help the team, especially, during a tough time of the game - similar to Kane for Chicago, Crosby for Pittsburgh, Tarasenko for St.Louis, Ovechkin for Washington, Marchand for Boston and etc. I think an excellent finisher suppose to have around 40 goals (+/- 5) per season. Well known, that strong assistants are good to have, but strong finishers are more important to have for the hockey team. We had only one real consistent sniper Gaborik in 17 years of team's existence, but the rest players did not show me that consistent scoring offensive mentality. Can't wait for a start in our team 2 young Russian snipers Sokolov and Kaprizov which ,I am sure, will play hard through all 3 periods of the each game. general note for the team – take a real good care of our coach, make him happy about your play every game. In my opinion, he is one of the best coaches so far for our team in 17 years, because he showed a real potential of our team for the most season of 2016-2017 year. It will be sad if he will lose yours(team's) support. Let's make him happy and pass well first 2 rounds of playoffs this season.
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    LOL.....I tweeted Dumb and Dumber about their mistaken pronunciation of Stait's name. They've fixed that.
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    You could make the craziest highlight video of Charlie missing every single AAA+++ scoring opportunity. Granlund with all his misses last year was a deadly scorer compared to the darkness Charlie is in now.
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    Catching? was it still alive or I also picture a bunch of ants carrying the steak away.
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    Negative plusminus and low scoring?
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    Cool! My pride and joy and the centrepiece of my collection is a Bobby Orr gamer
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    Scandella and Dumba should be in the AHL. They are nothing more then AHL grade players. I know people will say but....but.....but Dumba scored. Doesn't matter if he scored if he makes so many mistakes that leads to goals. For every goal he scores you can give about 5 to 6 examples of him making a stupid, boneheaded play that leads to the other team scoring. HE IS NOT GOOD! Scandella appears to be trying to up Dumba and then Dumba comes back to up him, etc. This month has me worried as we Bruce has to choose to either give his guys a day off or practice the day after a game to play the game after that day. This is horrible scheduling done by the NHL. So what should Bruce do? Have his guys practice and then play a game after with no rest or give his guys the day off and have no practice before each game? I wish I would have known the Caps stats before I made my predictions. After I heard their losing streak and Ovechkins drought I knew this was a trap game for the Wild. The Caps were going to do whatever it took to win and Ovechkin was going to score. God I wish the Wild for once would not be that team to break these streaks for other teams and players. We will be in the playoffs. I just don't want us going limping in and giving 50% effort. For once just win the Western Conference!
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    If you haven't seen it yet, the 2017 All Hockey-Hair Team video is up:
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    I would still like to see more out of Hanzal, but I like the line he is on to bring it out of him.
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    hockey 78 said i was negative so i chsnge my ways one game only
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    I agree, The people on are team with size have done just about jack sh it especially lately. Like ya said "Granny, Spurg, Zucker, and even Suter" where would we be without them? Most important thing to have is Heart and our small guys have it. Bigs guys need to start playing fu cking hockey, dam pussy's. Little fuc king love taps body on body is ridiculous. BB says they watch a lot of video as I find hard to believe because if I was a big guy and see Spurgeon outhitting me I would do something about that. Cant be watching video of themselves unless BB has specific instructions "if your big don't touch no one experiment" taking place
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    I find it funny people keep praising the importance of size, "Hanzal brings us size". Yet at the moment the best players in this team are small: Granny, Spurg, Zucker. Suter isn't small nor big.
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    IMO the state schoolboy tourney doesn't make or break anyone. If they are D-1-worthy...it's well known.
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    Oh does AnttiLaxismud have a fan club? Everyone knows the Blackhawks are a better more experienced team. Still wanna see Mn win don't get me wrong. As for most that post here are fans. Is there a herd animal instinct picking order on this site? Sheep bah bahhhhh lmao!
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