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    One reason I'm glad they signed Cullen is there is absolutely no excuse for the Wild to give Kunin a spot on the team. Leave him in Iowa until he shows he can dominate. Then bring him up. And now there is no reason to move Coyle or Granlund back to center, either.
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    MiG-Mikko-Zooker. It ain't broke, leave it the phuck alone! Parise-E. Staal-Coyle. Two vets and the young dumb horse, who is acutally pretty fast, very strong, can rag the puck and sometimes turn into the Beast on the Boards. Nino-EEk-Ennis. EEk is the future of this franchise IMO. The club desperately needs him to succeed. Nino is a puck hawg and a net crasher with surprisingly quick hands. Let EEk or Ennis get the puck to him at the right time. Ennis flashed some majic a few years ago. There was a reason he got the huge contract. If you understand the game, you understand that injuries can change reality in a second - sugar to chit. This could actually turn into a big time scoring line if Ennis can recapture prior form and EEk lives up to the hype. Foligno-Cullen-Stewert. Here's where the old cliché about being hard to play against comes in. This line could go out on the ice against any line, to include the other team's #1 stud line and make it miserable for them. Points wouldn't tell the tale, but this line could put up key points against other team's 2-4th lines. Plus any of these guys can slide up to any line and not be an anchor. Run into a dirty team? Move Stewie up and move Foligno up on the line chart and you have two guys who back down to no one in the league. Put Ennis and Zooker with Cullen and you have a Speed Kills line that burns the "heavy" teams big time. Last season, during the season, I avoided this forum because it was full of whiney, bitching, back-biting little dog posters who seem to actually hate the team and want it to lose. I'm hoping for that again this year!
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    The difference is that the Wild tied up a boat load of cash in two aging players, one of which has steadily declined ever since he signed the contract. Tying up money like that in Towes/Kane or Crosby/Malkin, I think anyone here would do in a heartbeat. They are proven leaders and the types of players that can and will take over a game. Neither Parise nor Suter are that type of player. Parise might have been back in his prime, but not anymore. Suter has never been that type of player. I have a harder time with McGregor/Draisaitl. McGregor, yes. He's a Sidney Crosby once-in-a-life-time type talent. Draisaitl pulled a Granlund. Had one good year and cashed in. Maybe he will continue to put up the numbers, maybe he'll flame out under the pressure of that shiny new contract, only time will tell. I don't know about you, but I'd prefer Pittsburgh's or Chicago's roster to the Wild's any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The Wild have a nice team, but they lack that killer instinct to put other teams away. They also lack any sort of intestinal fortitude. The minute there's a slight hiccup, this team goes on a 10 game losing streak. It's happened season after season after season. Its happened under Richards, Yeo and now Boudreau. Changing the coach hasn't stopped the yearly tailspin, so the only thing left is the players that cause it.
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    Mikko = Fletcher automatically gives the man gauranteed money and he keeps the NTC. Why not $4.6 million with $900,000 in incentives? Piss him off he plays better that way.
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    Actually, I'm one of the evil people who say, "Live by the Cheap Shot, Die by the Cheap Shot." If a guy like Ott or Matt Martin gets hurt by a dirty check, totally fine by me. Years ago, in the very early years we had a huge guy named Andy Sutton. Dumpster Doug let him go and he went on to have a pretty decent career with Atlanta, or the Preds, some team like that. One game Andy got hold of Matt Cooke and smashed his head into the boards. Got suspended but IMO well worth it. I loved that play. After what Cooke did to Marc Savard, I am totally cool with a guy like Sutton feeding Cooke some of his own medicine. Avery, Ott, in the old days Dirty Ulfie Samuelson, Marchment, Jerko Ruuttu - no tears from me if they get hurt. Karma's a bitdch.
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    I'm OK with it. Definitely not thrilled, but not a WTF!!! I would have freaked if it had been more than 2 years and the $$$ were a little high but that's the NHL nowadays. Looking at Hanzal's contract, IMO Mikko is and will be a much better player so I do think he easily could have gotten that on the open market next season if he had gone the UFA route. Mikko is still a very effective NHL player. He's very solid defensively, a true Selke quality guy IMO, and does get points. With E. Staal the Wild has two solid Centers. I don't see how the Wild can keep Staal after this season, so Mikko will be an important filler piece in the middle two years from now.
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    Wild Fans Speak: Part 1 of 3 Here is the 1st part. You can see what I mean about KissArmyMan's contributions. Obviously got people talking a bit. Check it out, I'll post the next one in a few days. Check it out!
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    At least you're very consistent. More typical negative ranting with a few legit points but mostly minimal basis in reality. I'll start with the total BS nonsense parts of your rant. Stoner - tough 3rd pair Dman with minimal skill. Often made huge costly blunders. He left the team as an UFA with a historically bad contract and Anaheim spent the next three years regretting it and trying to get rid of him. 4 years at $3.25 mil was insane. Obviously you are clueless when it comes to these players - NONE of these guys were on the roster for their "toughness". Finally you get a name right - Staubitz. And he was such an inconsequential, no-talent that he's totally irrelevant. Nick Schultz tough? Are you phucking kidding me? That deserves Ignorant statement of the decade! I usually pass by your posts because they're just negative garbage, but this was over the top stupid and ignorant. Add Peggy Flemming, PMB, and Charlie Brown to your list of tough guys. they would be just as accurate. What did you do, go look at a list of former Wild players and randomly pull names?
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    Davey, What is impressed so far - Sokolov seems a very smart, well reading ahead the game player. He reminds me smartness of Pavel Datsyuk of reading the game. I do no see lots of stupid runs from him like others do. Commentator during the game said that Sokolov looks like a very matured for professional hockey player despite of his young age. Today we are going to play soon a game against of Dallas Stars. We'll see how our team will play that third game. For such a short tournaments (4 games in 5 days), as well as for world championships and Olympic games the main key in success is an outstanding goaltending. Carolina (last year winner of Traverse City tournament) so far this year lost only 2 pucks but put already 10 (against of Detroit Red Wings score was 6:2, and against of New York Rangers 4:0). Columbus Blue Jackets are looking not bad too in goaltending and their results so far. Probably, these two will meet together for the first place tomorrow. http://www.centreice.org/page/show/483955-nhl-prospect-tournament
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    Second day of the tournament, unfortunately, was not the best - our team lost to Columbus with a score of 1:3 and also lost Mason Shaw during a second period (probably, lower body injury). We put more shots on goal 30 towards their net, and Columbus - 24 towards our net. We dominated and practically played mostly in their zone during the game as well as we had some nice opportunities from Lodnia, Ek, Kunin, Sokolov and others, but without a real success. Only Salituro was able to put one single puck during a second period. Sokolov periodically played for 2 lines after the Shaw injury. Among defensemen - Soucy and Minulin were noticeable during the game. Our goaltender (Baribeau) was not bad, but, it seems, their goaltender played much more solid and helped a lot with a Columbus win. Lynxrattle. I watched these games very easy through our Wild webpage - look for Traverse city tournament (live watch) during a live game time correlated with your time zone. Or try through the NHL.com weblink. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers worked well for me, but not a Google Chrome. From Dan Myers article ".... the game live streamed on FOX Sports GO and Wild.com. Fans outside of the Fox Sports North viewing area can also view the game on NHL.com. "
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    C'ept me. I'm not polite. I'm an ornery mo-fo aching for wins and excellence
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    I would imagine the applicants are many. I'd love it if an east coast guy would come in and take shots when and to whom it is warranted. Cripes, talk about an easy place to be a pro athlete.
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    Too bad. I thought he did a good job covering the team. Usually stuck to the news and offered insight, without trying to create stories.
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    I think it was admirable of Woog to carry on John Mariucci's commitment to Minnesota players, but IMO after St. Cloud State joined the WCHA, it should have been curtailed, and especially after Mankato State joined the WCHA. Marriucci started the "Minnesota Only" thing to give Minnesotans a chance against the Canadian born players. But as more and more avenues opened for Minnesotans to play, Woog should have realized this and started broadening his recruiting. Instead he used it as a marketing ploy and won nothing...
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    No , Cullen is not ready to be retired. Still has LOTS of health, energy and LOTS of extremely valuable recent playoffs experience to share with our teammates. One season to play with us definitely is not enough for him as well as for our team (especially for youngsters) to play together with him too and learn something good from his play. Media everywhere is predicting three-peat for Pittsburgh Penguins next year, but I would like to see a THREE-PEAT for MATT CULLEN in 2018. I think it is never happened before for any Minnesota player (does not matter if a player was born or was not born in Minnesota). The Wild team should fight badly for that opportunity and it has a nice chance to achieve that goal - to win the Cup. It should never ever be a goal in mind for our players - to go deeper in playoffs. That goal is not for a real winning instinct. No , the goal is always just one - win a Stanley Cup. The rest is not matter in our players short (not a super long) sport career.
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    You know who you are. I'm tired of arguing with pigs. Everyone gets covered in mud. Except the pigs like it. Last year was an outstanding year! This board was a huge downer. So instead of letting it drag me down, I just avoided it. I've complained plenty over the years, but I've always wanted the team to win and last year was an outstanding year. It ended poorly, but life ain't fair, chit happens. Bitdsching about everything all the time? Don't need it. Hopefully more intelligent posts this year. Or like I've told many Pollyanna whiners over the years who don't like negativity of any kind in any form, just don't read the posts. So that's what I did.
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    I'd trade the full Wild roster for McDavid. The kid is the real deal, an all time great, beyond generational. There's an article comparing him to Gretzky, Mario, Sid in NHL.com, I think. IMO easily going to be a better, more dominant player than Sid. There were years where Sid wasn't even the best player in the league, Ovie was. For his age, the way McDavid dominates is crazy. In addition to the out of this world speed, skill and excellent size, I think he has exactly the right mindset to be an all time great player. I love the Wild's depth. I don't like the fact that I don't see a League best type of player anywhere on the roster. As in, no Superstars on the roster. I like Doobie a lot and he has great numbers, but I know he wouldn't be in my Top 5 goalies in the league.
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    Just about every game I isolate on several players watching carefully how they interact with others and on their own. Truth be told I'ld rather have 3 Surgeon's on my team (one on each d-line) than 1 Spurgeon and 1 Brodin. Pound for pound Spurgeon is 'thee' most effective player on the roster. Brodin is good but he has 1 element to his game. He's as emotionless as a the neighhorhood bicycle who never gets a tip (why should she? She never does anything special.) Same with Brodin. He never does anything special.
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    Koivu signs 2-year, $11.5 million extension and why I hate it Some thoughts on Koivu's 2-year extension. I noticed no one posted any thing about the deal here so I might as well see if this will stir up some discussion.
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    I don't like it... I'm not a huge fan of Mikko and its far too much for what he currently does on this team.. his leadership is questionable as well. I'd feel a lot better around $3m per .. maybe $3.5m if we're being overly generous because he's been here forever and is sooooooo great If Fletch ropes us into a corner and we lose the ability to re-sign/keep quality players because of this contract I hope he's shown the door.
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    The Wild marketing team has spent countless hours and countless years building a respectable following (blind as most of them are) for Koivu. While Koivu himself doesn't garner a whole lot of exciting game footage, the reputation they've instilled is what generates interest among casual fans. It's ticket sales they didn't want to rock the boat with so they quietly signed him honoring that illusion. I can't wait for another two years of LaPanta and Greenlay talking nonstop about how great Mikko is, a legend in the making (sarcasm.) Mikko before he broke his leg was a remarkable player destined for greatness, but afterwards he changed and ever since plays very conservative. The front office isn't the only ones who have yet to figure that out.
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    Hate to say it, this is the new normal for Zach Parise I said this last fall, and I think this is part and parcel of that same situation that kept him from playing 'his game' for most of the season last year. Its just not the same and now he's more fragile. Sad to see, but 'his game' put him in situations where his body was in a constant state of physical punishment.
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    I 100% agree with you, everyone keeps invoking we wish to see Angry Mikko more so why give him everything he wants?!?!
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    I couldn't agree more! I've been arguing for years that it's not Koivu's fault Fletcher overpaid him on his first contract. Had the Wild not overpaid and over-marketed Koivu as a bonafide #1 center or had they had a bonafide #1 center all these years, there wouldn't be much to b!tch about. He would be looked upon much, much differently. As for his extension - because of the term, I can accept it...even though I think it mirrors the first one in that it is for about $1million too much per season. The curious part about the money, for me is...the Wild weren't desperate to sign him this time and still gave him a lot of money. I don't know if this means that Koivu's agent had his way with Fletcher again, or if it is proof how the Wild feel about all that Koivu provides for the team. I'm hoping it's the latter.
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    That's why the sarcasm is so sweet. You two, like most know the history of this team sitting players with piss and vinegar. This isn't the first, second or third time the Wild have had players like Stewart and Foligno on their roster - and as fans 'be sold' their being here is such a sweet thing. I'm not unhappy about it, nor indifferent. I just know history has dictated wimpy rich kids see the most ice time while ones with passion get shown the press box or bench more often than not. Gullible much? Over the next 5 weeks you guys' will be in a whirl of happy chirping about all the great things this team has in store for them and once we're three weeks into the season all that sparkly glitter your gleaming over will wear off. Happens every year. I know because I too have been right there going through it with everyone else. Only I don't keep getting suckered as easy.
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    Foligno was already making $2.25M. Paying him $1.5M would have been a significant pay cut, and I would bet that would have led to a holdout, because I don't believe he filed for arbitration. He got a 26% raise and security for the next four years, but did not get a NMC. I'm neither here nor there on Foligno's pay. He's the type of player this team has been lacking for years. and maybe paying the extra will allow the Wild to stop trading draft picks for this type of rent-a-player for the next several seasons. What I think is more interesting is the fact that there have been zero rumblings about re-signing Der Kapitan to an extension...
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    So why did Fletcher sign M. Foligno to that contract? Because he's a very rare type of player. A big, aggressive guy in the prime of his career who plays an extremely "tough" game that has decent hands, talent, and situational awareness. Foligno isn't a no talent goon like Gabriel, he can actually play the game. The Wild has been a wimpy team that needed toughness for many years, this guy addresses that weakness. Start with size - he's big 6' 3", 228 but unlike lots of players that size, he plays a very physical game. Not only does he hit people - a lot, #5 in the NHL with 279 Hits - he's willing to drop the gloves against anyone. And unlike past so-called "tough" Wild players like Prosser, Brodziak, Carter, Gabriel, he isn't just a punching bag, he frequently Wins his fights. For last season, Hockeyfights.com has his record at 6 Wins, 1 Loss, 2 Draws. And he isn't some old journeyman who's bounced around the league, he's still relatively young, 26 years old. Foligno will be 30 when this contract ends. And he's not a kid, either, trying to break into the league, he's already played 347 NHL games, he's been around. IMO bogus to keep calling him a 4th Liner, he can play up and down the line-up. Other than Stewart or Cullen, what other 4th Liners in the NHL scored 13 goals? Fact is, like Cullen and Stewart, he plays up and down the line-up. BB likes big, tough guys and frequently plays them with top end skill guys. Look at Buffalo's Plus/Minus numbers. On a terrible team, playing lots of minutes Foligno was a -1, tied with Ryan O'Reilly for team best for regular forwards. Stupid to call him a defensive liability. I was watching his fights on Hockeyfights.com. One of them was against one of the last old school T. Rex goons still in the NHL - Cody Mcleod, a fight he Won. Who skated over and gave some his gloves? A kid named Jack Eichel. Be really, really nice for him to be on the ice next time Doobie or MiG gets run, which both happen far too often. And when Stewart is in the box or not in the line-up? Yeah, lot of money and fairly long term, but this guy brings a lot to the table. Dismissing him as just another 4th Liner is stupid and simplistic IMO.
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    Nino - Staal - Coyle Zucker - Mikko - Granny Foligno - Ek - Stewart Ennis - Cullen - Kunin
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    I would sit him for the next two to three weeks and let this heal otherwise it will linger all season. Trainers need to step in here and shut him down. Kunin - welcome to the starting line-up.
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    Drives me nuts. I have no faith in the guy come playoff time.
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    Despite we finished 4th on that tournament (not bad after results of last year), but I did not expect that we will lose with a such a disappointed way 0:5 yesterday. Columbus lost to Chicago in OT after leading 2:0 and that score I completely understand. It was a real battle for the 1-st place. Our loss to Carolina I do not understand at all. Why we did not replace a goalie after the first 2 quick goals into our net during the 3-rd period? May be that will change a momentum? Baribeau was not good after that. We were kind of competitive against of very tough experienced and big Carolina team during the first 2 periods and were keeping score 0:0. 3-rd period started with 2 very fast goals into our net during the first 3-4 minutes of the period and then our team completely lost their face of mostly doing nothing and losing with a score to 0:5. Wild team practically played against of the wall of good Carolina players mainly in our zone through that period. They outshot us in everything- offense, defense, goaltending, shots(16 shots vs 8) and, of course, score. And I did not see that we were competitive at all during that period. No one really stepped up , including Ek, Kunin, Sokolov, Lodnia and any one else who could lead us to a better team's face having a winning culture. Yes, Kunin and Sokolov had a couple nice chances, but Carolina goaltender played very well and finished with a shutout. And also, I would like to mention, during the last game of tournament, I did not see a strong winning culture at all from our team. If we are building a winning culture for our youngsters, then we need to build it till the end of any tournaments, including a Traverse City too. Here is a gamesheet for the last game: http://stats.pointstreak.com/gamesheet_full.html?gameid=3201609 And again – for a short tournaments we need to look for a better goalies capable to be mentally tough through the whole game. One single team who had 2 shutouts during the tournament was a Carolina team (4:0 against of New York Rangers and 5:0 against of us). We were good except the last period of the last game of the tournament, which smashed badly our team's face into the ice.
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    LOL. I know I've been told to lighten up a time or two.
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    My guess is Foligno and the Wild are haggling over term more than money. Foligno probably wants a 2 year deal so he becomes a UFA when the deal is up and the Wild probably want to sign him to a 3 or 4 year deal to buy a couple of UFA years. The money seems pretty obvious to me: 2.25 - 2.5 per.
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    You should be able to download the app from your Roku to access NHL TV. I wish I could say the same for Amazon Fire. Looks like I'll be watching games on my phone again this year.
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    LOL - Glad I pointed that out - she held it - I took the pic
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    ok good, was going to say... it's time to clip your nails, Antti
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    I had zero issues with Russo - seemed to be one of the few with logic... Good for him... Have any of you seen Rupp on commentary as an analyst...? Each time I watch him I think of Boooooogie - but, he's pretty good and is willing to talk about topics that are not popular with a player - unlike panties and his side kick... Come on MN - get some awesome announcers and analysts that can be critical... Wes has come into his own - originally horrible - but now not so bad in front of the cameras and willing to say it as it is, with a tinge of bias...
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    I never thought of that but that is a great idea. A guy from Jersey or New York to fire up these Mn pro athletes, Mn coaches, and Mn ownerships. A true east coaster is brutally honest and I can respect that.
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    Most fans who go to Wild games are so in awe with what's in that cup of beer they don't notice much on the ice. Like others said, being a bit above the glass is best. Congregating toward mid-ice is always nice but seat availability may be tough unless you get tickets well in advance. Comfort... I'm a t-shirt only kind of guy, dislike long sleeves with a passion but going to games I put on a t-shirt and wear a Wild sweater over it. I don't care for that big round logo playing hell with my neeples... But otherwise the temperature and all is fine.
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    There's a rumor Sid is going to cover the team
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    If you are sitting in the lower bowl, make sure your seats are above the glass. That glass is really annoying when you are trying to follow the action and when the play goes into the corners on your side of the rink, it's like looking at a fun house mirror. Also avoid the ends in the lower bowl. Not only do you get glass to deal with, you get that safety netting as well. Some people find it distracting... Upper deck depends on what you want to pay I guess. When I was a STH, I usually got seats on the sides and not the ends. Easier to watch the play develop from higher up too. It can be cool in there. I usually wear a hoodie under my jersey. But then I get cold on 70 degree days, so I'm probably not the best person to chime in on this. But yeah, it's usually pretty cool in there at the start of the game...
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    nice comparison with Cheli. he was a freak workout warrior all year round and could probably still be standout in the AHL at 55 - well, maybe that's a stretch but bottom line is Cheli was a beast. as far as 2018 cup odds goes, i can' see Pittsburgh doing it again. they still have their high level talent but we know it takes a lot of work from the 3/4 line role/character guys too, of which they lost half of during the off season. Edmonton is hot - McDavid is a stud and he has a good young supporting cast around him. i like the Wild's odds at 12-1 (same as the Hawks) but the Central is brutally competitive and it'll be a tough grind against their divisional opponents during the course of the season that they'll need to figure out how to efficiently play successfully if they want a shot at playoff success.
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    Wow chipper! I agree 100% on the over-expansion making stars out of marginal players (Still is full force btw) and YES times a billion to the ridiculous Woog regime and "Only Minnesota" players. Wow we were proud of that eh? Couldn't win the big one...but gosh-darnit we were ALL good Minny boys
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    I remember reading Granlund having a broken hand towards the end of the season so it wouldn't surprise me if injuries were starting to pile up.
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    I'm tempted to tell my Matt Cullen Training Camp war story from the last time he was with the Wild - for about the 20th time!
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    spot on rotty the team leaders might be more of the problem you could see the playoff crash coming a mile away I think I said the wild would lose in 5 games. fargo who were these posters if you feel that strongly call them out
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    Well, that's on the players and the other teams if they want to pony up 5-6m+ for 30-35 year olds. Saving money is saving money. I'd actually like not having $20m tied to two player teams cough EdmontonPittsburghChicagocough. Are they better players and teams? Maybe, but that is a lot of shuffling dog**** around each year just to compensate. We finally got out of the Vanek/Pominville messes. Were's lucky Parise and Suter are "only" 15m of that...
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    I agree completely. He won't gain much of anything logging 4th line minutes. He had a good start last season in Iowa but let him prove he's ready before he gets that chance and if he does give him the call up. Otherwise let him benefit from top-line ice time and opportunity with Iowa.
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    Matt Cullen signs a 1-year, $1 million deal Good to see that its incentive laden and his production was actually slightly better than Haula's was last season. It certainly helps their center depth quite a bit and I don't care that he's from Moorhead at all.