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    Better Effort But a Similar Result in 4-2 Loss to Toronto Not sure I'd call it a moral victory when you lose to a Matthews'-less Leafs team. The needed to crash the net more consistently. Even though I'd be shocked if they give Svedberg a stop, honestly...what else do they have to lose at this point? Dubnyk is giving up at least one if not more than one soft / strange goal per game now. Zucker seems to be heating up which is good and I still think Staal has been our most consistent player from game to game so far this season. I have full recap plus some prospect updates. Enjoy.
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    It's about time!!!! From StarTribune... Wild coach Bruce Boudreau was so frustrated with his team’s power play — and overall lack of emotion Thursday night — that he decided to send a message. Trailing Nashville by three goals, Boudreau benched his top two power-play units, inserting Marcus Foligno, Joel Eriksson Ek and Chris Stewart. “Sometimes you throw somebody else out, and it gets them really mad at you, and then they go out and play,” Boudreau said. The momentum shifted quickly late in the second period, after the Boudreau power-play shuffle, when the Wild got goals from Matt Dumba and Nino Niederreiter to trim Nashville’s lead to 3-2. Before the Niederreiter goal, the team’s power play was in a 2-for-35 slump. So the team felt good going to the locker room, but Nashville scored 57 into the third period, capitalizing on a Niederreiter turnover. Staal said the mood on the bench was “not ideal.”
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    Mikko is a very good, very valuable NHL Center. He's as good defensively as any Center in the league. Easily as good as mediaboys Bergeron and Toews defensively. He just isn't a legit NHL #1 scoring Center. Posted it before, numerous times - Mikko is Jacque Lemaire's wet dream Center high guy. And that's a scheme that wins games. It is NOT Mikko's fault he's been overpaid for years. What was he supposed to do? Refuse the contract because it was for too much and too long? It bears saying again - he's not an NHL #1 scoring line Center BUT it wasn't him making the claim, it was the Wild organization trying to blow smoke up the "#1 Fans'" azzes. People who knew hockey knew it was BS but lots of sheeple believe(d) it, paid their $, and plopped their butts into the seats. All good! Fact is Mikko is a very, very key guy for the Wild right now.
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    Muahahahahahaha. Yes, I realize it's Boston......but that's pretty much the reaction in Montreal as well.
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    Dubnyk Shaky in 5-3 Loss to Boston I Tweeted it in the first 30 seconds of the game, that Dubnyk isn't tracking the puck well and sure enough he gives up a few yogurt soft goals. I am not sure why the team kept him in there after that 2nd goal. Still, the team didn't compete as Boudreau said in the 2nd period especially. The Wild continues to play like a team that feels it can show up for one period and win games. Amazing thing is, they came close to escaping with a point in this game. Stalock starts against the Leafs. I have a full game recap and an extended Iowa Wild report, enjoy.
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    I remember the old St. Paul Saints scoreboard. Could keep track of SIX penalties for each side at the same time. Old time hockey...
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    Blah. Here's your post-game if you want to re-live things....I suggest you walk away though, for the sake of your health. https://thebloguin.wordpress.com/?p=756518
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    Seriously, most of Burns' pictures lately, if you didn't know he was a hockey player, you'd think he was either homeless or some anti-government hermit living in a cabin off the grid and writing manifestos.
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    OK, he's not a puzzy, he's just kinda delicate. He's a finesse player, not a banger. A rapier, not a broadsword. A ballerina, not a break dancer. Slightly shy, not bold and brazen. More cautious than fearless. Likes to take a circuitous path rather than a direct line. An Artiste, not a plumber...
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    Was tempted to fast-forward last night - but didn't... First off - our announcers... One guy can't find the bottle of hairspray to calm down his cowlicks - and now Greeny looks like he's growing his hair out to be a gangster - wtf... At least Audra didn't have the beach towel around her neck last night - good lord... I noticed Granny was sure hitting a lot of people last night - that stood out to me. Wasn't incredibly productive in other aspects - but I did notice him hitting people for some strange reason... Also noticed Mikko being thrown out of face-offs for trying to cheat... Most of all though - and I have said this before - I have zero clue how Subban is an "elite" player... He bobbles the puck most of the time and makes horrible passes - he's athletic no doubt - but he always seems somewhat out of position and unsure what to do - and on at least 3 times last night - when he was breaking out - he lost the puck and was forced to fix his screwup by swatting at the puck and hoping it went somewhere favorable. I dunno - but I think Subban might just be the most overrated player out there right now - and I said the same thing last year - even when they were playing for the cup... He reminds me of Dumba - where he's thinking what he plans to do - and f's up what he's currently doing with the puck... Anyways, good win - was quite surprised...
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    Thanks! Minnesota North Stars/ Wild fan since I was born. Recently stationed on the Great Lakes, close enough to see the Wild in person again.
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    Wasn't excited about the Haula and Tuch deal nor the Scandella Pominville deal. Also pretty disgusted by the Koivu resigning, because it's going to make resigning Zucker that much harder... Zucker's currently the only reason I (and most people) watch the team right now. Real tired of how the team is run and the veteran core.
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    Haven't predicted for the last two games, both end up with shutout wins. If you guys don't mind, I'll pass on predicting scores for the rest of the season!
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    I'd downgrade Leipold a bit... He's held on to Fletcher too long without results. Seems he's only interested in keeping the fans in the stands, not the results on the ice, and that is quickly going to come back to burn him. And his comment in an nhl.com article: "Every night, after every game you have, the next morning you're going to read the newspaper and it's going to tell you exactly how you're doing. That's another thing, you're not used to being criticized every single day [in other businesses]. Just don't read it. Don't read the blogs. Sure, you've got to read the newspapers, but stay away from all the message boards. There is nothing good that you're going to learn about your team or how it should be managed." Source
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    I'm sure Mikko is pouting. He hates losing, you know? Early game snapshot - When they were fixing the glass - Mikko, Foligno, Dumba, and Brodin were all standing there and it was Foligno doing all the talking. Clearly he was mentoring. Mikko was just standing there picking at his stick, saying nothing. Silent leader my azz. NON-leader is what he is, always has been, and will be the rest of his overpaid career. Mikko's a good player but he absolutely sucks as a Leader IMO. And save the lame azz, "You're not in the room drivel." I've watched this guy since he was a rookie. Hating losing and pouting after losses doesn't help the team. Mikko is the antithesis of Messier...
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    It's not a matter of not taking quality shots. It's a matter of "thinking too much" instead of reacting to situations by creating their own opportunities. A friend of mine who more or less mentored me in bowling summed up something no coach ever told me before in whatever sport I was in. "Mike, stop thinking... You're thinking too much." That's exactly what Koivu & company (most the older vets) do. They skate up ice thinking out what they're wanting to do instead of just doing what they know they can do. Can I say lack of confidence? YES! The moment an athlete pauses or takes half a nano-second to consider something he (or she) is defeating their confidence. With things going fast up and down the ice you can't take even a half a second to 'think' because doing so wipes out opportunities and replaces it with doubt or uncertainty. That is exactly how Mikko Koivu reacts every time he skates up ice with someone following him. The sumbiotch stops his own progress and ends up crapping himself turning the puck over. Go - to - the - net! If the defender hauls you down so be it. The dude needs to quit being a coward and folding his tent. He - is why there's no superstars on the horizon for the Wild.
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    Walz was many times better than Greenlay although that isn't saying much. If Walz needs to improve anything, he needs to be a bit more succinct. Keep it short and to the point...he tended to analyze at a length during the game you normally have only in the pre-game or post-game shows. But beyond that, I appreciated the freshness and the honest criticism he gave the team instead of the bad dad jokes and excuse promotion of Greenlay.
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    My thoughts too. For a non-player like myself Walz helps a lot in understanding the nuances of the game.
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    Agree. It was a huge win and a superb efforts from everyone in our team against of extremely tough team. It was like a smart rolling playoff game. Wish to see that every game from our team till the rest of the season as well as Stanley Cup Finals. Good note - we won 2 games in a row!
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    Wild Shut Down Pittsburgh in 2-1 Victory It wasn't angry Koivu, but he had a giant game tonight. The Koivu line really took over in the 3rd. Minnesota played smarter and outworked Pittsburgh. That's a big win on home ice against a damn good team. I have a full game recap, an Iowa Wild report and a ton of prospect updates too. Check it out!
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    And if it does, the batteries are very low... To be honest, it's not just the goaltending at the moment. Why are we allowing so many goals?
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    His NMC clause kicked in this season. Has a modified NMC, similar to Pominville. 20 teams he can’t be traded to in 2017-2018. 10 teams he can’t be traded to in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. And I would not trade him. He is a proven quantity. None of the others are.
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    Sure is a ton more fun to watch! I still can't believe Zook's laser backhander... you rarely see that much power on a bh!
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    You like to see us pay $10 mil. a season just to see Parise denying your opponent scoring chances? No way... Parise is not a perimeter player. If he can't park himself anymore in front of the net, he's not going to score a lot. It's good you know a good chiropractor and I use that service too for my locked facet joints, terrific feeling every time I walk out of there! But it doesn't stop me from injuring myself real bad, definitely doesn't help me to take a lot of crosschecks from behind... and when you play and think this stuff while you're at it you start to play differently. And in the past two seasons we're already seen how Parise doesn't crash in how he used to and therefore doesn't score as he used to. I hope I'm wrong, we'll see.
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    Third game in row with no predictions from me - third shutout. Me likey!
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    He's not on a third line or playing alongside a 3rd line center (Mikko) playing a 2nd line role.
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    I hope the rest of the boys notice how Zuck is scoring the majority of the goals. He's in front of the net!!!
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    Mikko Koivu - because he's the only player the media-types give any credit to. Mikko, Baby Jesus and Mr. Suter are about the only ones ever put under the limelight since Parise's injury. Beyond that the roster / cupboards are bare. Just ask Fletcher, LaPanta and Greenlay. Well, Mikko's ma, Granund's grandma and Suter's lawn mowers (of which he's noted to spend 12 hours a week mowing all his grass.)
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    Dubnyk with 41 saves... what the hell is this where did that come from?
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    Well, Minnesota was better than the Leafs, but again they still manage to lose. Typical of a team that has no confidence. And of course, bad goals allowed are not helping.
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    My prediction is that the slump will hit sometime in Oct and continue until about mid April. If we can ride out that rough patch, I think we'll be OK. The only saving factor for this team is Dubnyk. If we can play him about 85% of the time this season, I think we'll have a shot at a decent first round pick next year.
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    It's pathetic this team only plays well if the head coach trashes them after each dismal outing. Where the hell is this teams leadership?
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    Minnesota Wild at Boston Bruins – 7:00 EDT REFEREES TJ Luxmore (#21) Francois St. Laurent (#38) Games 16-17 70 68 Career Games 173 602 First NHL Game 11/19/13 11/10/05 Birthplace Timmins, ON Greenfield Park, QC Goals/Gm 5.6 (8) 5.1 (35) PP/Gm 3.1 (14) 2.8 (34) Penl/Gm 4.0 (17) 3.4 (37) PIM/Gm 9.4 (17) 7.8 (37) % of Penl on Home 47.0% (20) 52.0% (1) More Penl on Rd % 13.0% (9) -8.0% (39) Home Win % 63.0% (12) 53.0% (33) Home Rec. 44-26 36-32 OT/SO Games 27.0% (12) 22.0% (21) Calls by Period 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 2016-17 33% 38% 28% 36% 37% 27% Team Records 16-17 15-16 14-15 16-17 15-16 14-15 MIN 5-1 2-1 0-0 2-1 0-2 1-3 BOS 4-2 0-4 0-0 2-3 2-2 2-4 LINESMEN Pierre Racicot (#65) David Brisebois (#96) Games 16-17 70 70 Career Games 1613 1036 First NHL Game 10/12/93 10/11/99 Birthplace Verdun, QC Sudbury, ON
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    I believe one of the issues facing the Wild is a lack of goal scoring production from the center position. It would be my hope that Kunin (if he's mentally ready) would be moved to the middle. Most centers don't have to be goal scorers to be effective. But when you're paired with Granlund, in my view you have to A. aggressively and creatively move without the puck to the slot area and dead spaces to create quality scoring opportunities, and B. be able to pull the trigger. On a secondary issue, it's my opinion that the Wild second D pairing (25/24) is comprised of more of a 4/5 than a 3/4. It appears to me that the Wild are lacking a more well rounded physical #3 type D.
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    yeah but when you've had Bryz as as a goalie I think anyone else might seem normal
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    Oh good. The real Game Day thread. Some douche canoe keeps making these fake game day threads and it's getting me all confused...
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    Walz has 9 more games as analyst this season...so he'll have the opportunity to get better.
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    The hawks commentator had a good point. Everyone in the VGK team has something to show, since even the coach got kicked out. With a true will to show, a group of "leftovers" can walk over any team during the season...
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    Seriously, who cares where you were born or where you played Jr hockey. If the guys a good player, I really don’t care where he is from.
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    The Wild are fine with their picks over the next 3 years: 2018: 1-1st, 3-3rd, 2-5th, 1-6th, 1-7th 2019: 1-1st, 1-2nd, 1-3rd, 1-5th, 1-6th, 1-7th 2020: 1-1st, 1-2nd, 1-3rd, 1-4th, 1-5th, 1-6th, 1-7th The problem isn't the Wild's draft picks, it is where they are usually picking, which is in the 15-20 range in the first round. You are NOT going to get a Kane, McDavid, Matthews, Stamkos, etc. picking in that range. You'll get a good player, a guy that more than likely will have a decent NHL career. A game changer? Not on your life. You need that #1 overall pick or dang close to it. Of the players on that list to get rid of, Koivu and Parise are going nowhere. Both have NMC's and Parise is signed until the Second Coming, so... Zucker is scoring goals on a team that notoriously has problems scoring. So yes, let's get rid of one of the fastest players in the NHL (who is also scoring) for a draft pick that may or may not turn out. And it won't be a #1 overall pick either. Maybe late first round or second round. So you'd end up with possibly another player just like Zucker, only you'd have to wait another three years for him to develop if he develops at all. Coyle was traded for by giving up stud defenseman Brent Burns. Coyle is a good player who can score, but not a stud like Burns. So again, you'd be giving up a proven NHLer for a draft pick who may or may not turn out. Is Coyle on the same level as Burns? No. But I'd rather have a Charlie Coyle on the team rather than an unknown quantity. Like first round pick Zach Phillips... Spurgeon has a limited NMC, so he'd be tough to trade. And again, he's a proven NHL defenseman. His contract is reasonable, and you know what he brings to the table. And again, Spurgeon is not going to fetch that #1 overall pick the Wild need to get that game changer. The Wild are in love with Brodin, so he's not going anywhere. They are projecting him as a future #1 defenseman and he was a #10 overall pick, so the Wild are going to hang onto him. He's not exciting, but he is steady. And again, he's is not going to fetch that pick the Wild need. He might fetch a second rounder, maybe a late first rounder if the GM is desperate. But I doubt Brodin is the type of player that you would want to build your defensive core around and give up that high level first round pick. Of all the players on that list, Dumba is the one I wouldn't lose any sleep over trading away. He's a trainwreck. But again, he's not going to get that high draft pick the Wild need to get a game changer. I'd be surprised if any GM would give more than a third round pick for him right now. He's a mess. So we give up a bunch of proven NHLers for draft picks that may or may not turn out, in the hopes that the team tanks enough so that they get the #1 overall pick? No thanks.
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    Yup, hard to be excited about this season right now. Lot's of grinding is about all we can do and Dumba hurt us tonight.
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    Fletcher's problem is he keeps acquiring players like Rupp... And Cooke too of course. Guys that are tough but in Rupp's case he rode the press box a whole year in favor of having a ballerina out there who could put in 8 minutes. Likewise with Stewart's first go-round here. Yeo never played him regularly. IMO there's nothing wrong with sending out a player like Stewart on the 3rd or 4th line and if a top-6 player starts getting run at, send him out there on the top-6 for a shift or two throughout the game. Then there's Zenon Konopka WTF Chuck?