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  1. I really do think they should change the goal song back to crowd chant.

  2. 12 teams? Try one and they mix it differently. Talk about original? At least 2 other teams in the Twin Cities use Let's go Crazy to celebrate (Vikings and Twins). In using your logic, should we make Like a Rolling Stone the goal song when Bob Dylan passes away. If you want to pay homage to Prince, take a tour of Paisley Park, but keep it out of a hockey game.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, the actual Goldsworthy and Masterson retired number banners from Met Center are now property of the US Hockey Hall of Fame. I think the Wild have a nice display of recognizing North Stars history on the concourse level of Xcel Energy Center.
  4. You're spot on Jared. Crowd Chant has become synonymous with the Wild. I look around at games and see very few people interacting with Let's go Crazy. Most of the crowd would chant and cheer to Crowd Chant. I hope they right a wrong and switch back next season. Ignore the comments from Grandpa Hockey. He goes to Wild games to root against the Wild. The whole pretending to be from Canada thing has him cheering for all the Canadian teams and his age has him cheering for the Original 6 teams.
  5. It never fails to amuse me when fans refer to their favorite teams as "we" when talking about them.
  6. Maple Leafs reject Clap clap clap clap clap Maple Leafs reject Clap clap clap clap clap.
  7. You're trying to do the same crap to me that you're accusing Fargo of. Try silence, it might be most intelligent you'll ever sound
  8. Let's see, Fargokman has served our country in combat, Rottenvagina likes to whistle real loud. I know who I would want to have on my side in a war.
  9. And Fargokman wins the message boards tonight. Well done, young man. Take a bow.
  10. Funny thing coming from a fan of a team that won most of their championships back when there were only 6 teams in the league but dwells on it every chance they get.
  11. The worst tie in Wisconsin since the 2002 Major League All Star Game.
  12. Worked real well. What a joy it was to watch both teams not take a chance in the last 5 minutes of the game and send everyone home bored and unsatisfied with a tie. They still don't take chances late in the game but at least there is a resolution to the game, debate among yourselves whether it's right or wrong.
  13. Good win for the Gophers tonight. I thought we were going to let the Mavs get the equalizer, but Shibrowski held strong and we got our legs back and got a couple of insurance tallies. UMD next weekend. We got our work cut out for us.
  14. I just gave you one for being worried about such superficial things.
  15. "my brother and I always said that drowning in beer would be like heaven, eh. Well, he's not here and I got two soakers, this isn't heaven, this sucks."