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  1. I really do think they should change the goal song back to crowd chant.

  2. It never fails to amuse me when fans refer to their favorite teams as "we" when talking about them.
  3. The worst tie in Wisconsin since the 2002 Major League All Star Game.
  4. Worked real well. What a joy it was to watch both teams not take a chance in the last 5 minutes of the game and send everyone home bored and unsatisfied with a tie. They still don't take chances late in the game but at least there is a resolution to the game, debate among yourselves whether it's right or wrong.
  5. "my brother and I always said that drowning in beer would be like heaven, eh. Well, he's not here and I got two soakers, this isn't heaven, this sucks."

  6. Boy, these boards could use Jackbag right about now. Middle of the season and frankly not much going on here.

  7. Vegetable rights and peace.

  8. Proud member of the Team of 16,200

    1. OTH


      Did you guys sit in your seats for the 3rd, or did ya hang out in the club?

  9. What happened to the Deltas I used to know?

    1. OTH


      They're flying Southwest now.