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  1. Your argument was based off of the size of the players we drafted. You equated their size to their toughness. It's two totally different things as you have made clear in your 2nd post. Toughness to me is mainly-- ability to stay healthy, and work against the boards. Size isn't needed if the player has the skills. At the end of the day you need goal scorers. We have ****ty to average goal scorers. I'm just sick of the size argument when it has little to no effect on todays game. Don't confuse toughness with size or even say they go hand in hand.
  2. Penguins are ranked 20th tallest team by average and 27th heaviest team by average and have won the cup last 2 years. Size means nothing in hockey anymore. You will eventually (hopefully) realize that. Oh and chicago is 28th and 29th
  3. I love how everyone always mentions ovechkin as an elite playoff threat, yet he does absolutely nothing in the playoffs and is a career loser. So is stamkos, so is Tarasanko so far. I do agree we need a superstar caliber player, but we need a patrick kane or sidney crosby, not a choker. We have enough of those. My #1 reason why we lost was no offensive threat on blueline. Dumba and scandella are only guys that ever show any offense. Suter and Brodin get most ice time, even on power play and are complete non threats. That goal from Suter last night on pp was pure luck. They never even have to cover him because of his non threat factor. They will be OK with allowing that 1 goal every 200 lob shots.
  4. Completely one sided game. Wild very notorious for this though. I don't see the blues winning another game honestly unless dubnyk has a horrible outing.
  5. Who the hell is jewel and bummer?
  6. That would be 1 minute 59 seconds, so they couldn't leave the box until a whistle at 7:59 or later.
  7. Anyone know what they did to the boards? you can't paste anything with formatting on it now. The formatting doesn't paste over....
  8. Alright chart is updated finally after Caps game. Dumba has officially surpassed his all time best season! OK so apparently it doesn't show all edit marks anymore like colors, bold etc. I did nothing different while posting it but it doesn't show my charts edits anymore......I attached it
  9. Thanks. Ill fix that when i get home. Not sure what i did there
  10. Based on what? We dominated them today. Crawford has always been our kryptonite. Not kane, toews or hossa. Always crawford.
  11. It's Wild not Wilds. You can always spot a casual fan by their improper use of pluralization of the Wild. Updated chart after today's game.
  12. If dubnyk goes down yes we are in trouble. As for my "chicago excuse" I dont even know what you are talking about. I was merely just replying to your nonsensical example of the wild gave up 4 goals to a bottom feeder team so they suck, but the hawks lose to an actual bottom feeder team and yet they are laughing? Most if this stuff you are trying to pick fights with me on are puzzling to me. I'm not sure at all where I ever stated wild will easily win the cup this year like you seem to think my chart implies. It is only a regular season accomplishment which for some reason offends you.
  13. Well, our backup goalie was in net which explains 3 of the 4 goals allowed. Plus it was 2nd game of back to back on the road. Also, Chicago lost to a bottom 5 team in the entire league tonight. So I doubt they're laughing.
  14. Boudreau has brought a lot of "first ever" accomplishments to the wild organization this year, or franchise records. Presidents trophy, division title, vezina, and jack adams would be great additions. Showing our current players accomplishments during the regular season and specifically the pace at which they are doing so is quite impressive in my opinion. Getting home ice in the playoffs is a huge advantage, something we have never had. Winning a cup is the ultimate goal, but these other milestones are long over due as well.
  15. Ok updated the chart tonight. Big night for stats. Both Dumba and Brodin are now tied with their career best season. Parise has made it over the 30 pt hump finally and is sitting at 31. Granlund got his 60th and 61st point of the season. He may just double his career best. Hanzal also hit the 30 mark, albeit mostly with another team.