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  1. Your argument was based off of the size of the players we drafted. You equated their size to their toughness. It's two totally different things as you have made clear in your 2nd post. Toughness to me is mainly-- ability to stay healthy, and work against the boards. Size isn't needed if the player has the skills. At the end of the day you need goal scorers. We have ****ty to average goal scorers. I'm just sick of the size argument when it has little to no effect on todays game. Don't confuse toughness with size or even say they go hand in hand.
  2. Penguins are ranked 20th tallest team by average and 27th heaviest team by average and have won the cup last 2 years. Size means nothing in hockey anymore. You will eventually (hopefully) realize that. Oh and chicago is 28th and 29th
  3. I love how everyone always mentions ovechkin as an elite playoff threat, yet he does absolutely nothing in the playoffs and is a career loser. So is stamkos, so is Tarasanko so far. I do agree we need a superstar caliber player, but we need a patrick kane or sidney crosby, not a choker. We have enough of those. My #1 reason why we lost was no offensive threat on blueline. Dumba and scandella are only guys that ever show any offense. Suter and Brodin get most ice time, even on power play and are complete non threats. That goal from Suter last night on pp was pure luck. They never even have to cover him because of his non threat factor. They will be OK with allowing that 1 goal every 200 lob shots.