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  1. What a glorious day it is for Wild fans.
  2. Good luck and safe travels for you as well.
  3. Later all also will be gone on Friday heading down to Iowa again to start bringing back some of my sister's stuff from school before summer break starts next month.
  4. No effort tonight from the Team
  5. Wow, I actually never knew that thanks for sharing. Wonder how I missed that.
  6. just like Setoguchi was starting to play so well in SJ then comes here and boom.
  7. and it sucks as he has so much potential but doesn't seem to be able to find it or at least not here.
  8. That should cue Ek Foligno or Greenway or a combo of them.
  9. the guys seem to not have any oomph to there game right now
  10. got the grin of a guy who lurks behind corners