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  1. 1st in the Division 1st in the Conference Stanley Cup Champions Named 'the team of the 21st Century' Named Top Franchise in ALL of Professional Sports NHL GM of the Year Award named, The Chuck Fletcher (or colloquially known as the Chuckie) Jack Adams Trophy Winner, Bruce Boudreau Conn Smythe Award Winner, Mikko Koivu Pope declares the Wild to be the 'sacred protectors of Christendom' Colorado Avalanche folds because they lost their will to support an NHL franchise that is in the same division that we are in Trump tweets that he had no contact with the Wild during the campaign Mike Yeo caught returning to the Wild locker room to collect his good luck water bottle. Garry Bettman finally announces his resignation as commissioner of the NHL.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't mind this trade. Every where else I've seen people are saying how dumb we are or how bad of a trade this is for us. While I was not a huge fan of scandella this last year losing him hurts but to get rid of missinville as well is a major plus. I am really excited about foligno, young guy who hits and hopefully can stay on a puck unlike Stewart who just so easily gets bumped off. Only thing is I wish we didn't give up the 4th and still got the third and or at least got some prospect in the deal but oh well. Can't wait to see see these guys on the ice hopefully ennis stays healthy.
  3. alright see you all later not sure If I will be here Saturday or not my brother is still in town and we were thinking of going to a Minnesota United soccer game so hopefully the game is not on at or around the same time.
  4. that sucks thought Satellite was better with the rain by now.
  5. I think he's trying to hide the fact that he has a small wiener.
  6. no probs Rotty hard enough to keep track of names when were complaining about the refs so much.
  7. I think your meaning to say Bortuzzo (Bertuzzi's alter ego if I am not mistaken)