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  1. Wonder if this firing will make Doobie save more pucks - or any player step up come playoff time and try to earn their enormous paychecks...? Come on people - this issue is so much deeper than whacking an executive... Every one of those players should be evaluated - year after year - and made to write a one-page paper on why they should remain on this team and what assets they bring to the table... My bet is most couldn't write a single paragraph...
  2. Maybe they just need to give Mikko another extension - the last one sure lit him on fire...
  3. Thanks Rot...! My issue - besides making horrible picks - is that so many times I'd forget to even post my guesses... Anyways, congrats wildfans and jimtown...
  4. Can I start drinking yet?
  5. 4/7/2018 MIN 1 SJS 13
  6. Mikko stood out to me early on in the game by making horrible passes. Then he lifts a puck out, while short handed - puts us with two guys in the box and LA scores... I think Mikko had a lot to do with that loss last night - after that LA came alive... Our D seemed all sorts of out of place all night - running into each other - horrible outlet passes, etc... If our guys think that's gonna fly in the playoffs - well...
  7. 4/4/18 MIN 3 ANA 2 4/5/18 LAK 3 MIN 2
  8. F it - I say they beat the Jets and go 7... (there's a little time left yet for Buff to get a mild injury - where they save him for the 2nd round - yet that never comes)
  9. ^^ Agree - who knows - maybe this is just what we needed... For Suter's sake though - if we make it past a couple rounds - that doesn't exactly speak volumes to his $100mm salary and massive minutes each game...
  10. Pros should be able to step up and fill that role - yea, might be challenging - it is what it is - make it happen... Remember the other year that we couldn't survive without Zach and Mikko? We did an awesome run without them - maybe we'll go on another... This whole team needs to step up - whether someone is hurt or not - if it wants to be successful in the playoffs...
  11. 4/22-18 Oilers = 3 Mild = 2
  12. 3/31/2018 Wild 5 Dallas 4
  13. I love it that we never show up to play - yet every other team does - or at least that what's always written... I think our guys do well playing against heavy hitting teams - and I think they'll win - narrowly...
  14. Zucker saw OT ice time with the 4 or 5th line change... How could that possibly be when you want speed and scoring? Worse - Nino, Parise, and Mikko were the first in the shootout... What am I missing here - wouldn't you just go right down the list of highest scorer to least...? Glad we got a point - but we sure do make some really stupid decisions - and not once in a while - game after game...
  15. 3/29/18 MIN 3 DAL 2