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  1. * cough *
  2. Lets hope the new goalie gives Darcy a run for his money to backup in playoffs: 3/30/17 Wild 17 Senators 0
  3. 3/28/17 Wild 1 Was 4
  4. Lets see if the Wild can back into the playoffs: 3/25: Wild 1 / Nucks 3
  5. A win tonight and a loss by Chicago to Dallas - that'd be a good night for me... And don't tell me none of us were giddy the other night when the Avs were beating the Hawks... Lets hope cheap-ass Jamie Benn frustrates them enough to get a W tonight...
  6. 3/23/17 Wild 1 PHI 3
  7. poll

    Tunes will be different if the Wild break this losing streak and go one to win 8 of the remaining games - going into the playoffs with confidence... And the opposite could happen with the Hawks and some other teams - although the Hawks looked horrible on their final stretch last year - yet managed to shift a gear in the playoffs... At the end of the day it is simply something that gives me a reason to drink - so there's that...
  8. I'd like to think our guys have just been through a little drought post mandatory week long break (thanks unions - notice it is backfiring based on everyone's record coming out of those weeks). Anyways, the guys are really hard to watch right now - flashes of greatness and speed - followed by them acting checked out... BB has never lost 5 in row in his pro career - let hope, based on how pissed he was in that after game interview, that he inspired this team to play the way we all know they can - and lets go into these remaining 11 or 12 games and win most of them... Every year though this seems to be the time that they back into the playoffs - so it is something we've been known for...
  9. (edited after hearing BB and how pissed he was - and that he has never lost 5 straight pro games - my bet is he's doing all he can to not make it 6 tonight) 3/21/17 Wild - 4 Sharks - 2
  10. Hol hanna.... Yes... We could be on a shorty and dish!t is in the middle of some asinine story that I'm like "shut up - describe what's happening on the ice" - na... I so like the national channels when they play on them...
  11. He should read what his people think... He doesn't have to necessarily act - but he should be reading his buyers' input nonstop... Else those buyers go elsewhere... Fvcken dish!t if he isn't listening to his base.... Obama anyone...?
  12. Then you go back to what made us an insane team this year - and it wasn't our new rentals... Sit them - don't throw good money after bad money - if the team starts winning - nobody with give a sh!t... If we lose - well - we're on course...!
  13. If Laxxi thought LV was going to dilute the league - jeeeezus H - they just need to watch that game tonight and realize nobody would watch one of the top teams a couple weeks from playoffs - inconsistent - horrible... A for sure game - well - ummm - err... Again, we back into the playoffs - fortunately higher than last place where we play the first place team - hopefully... Ditch White and Hanzel - and lets fvcken get back to rolling the boys that have actually helped us - I don't care if they are paid to sit or not... Grao tonight - jeeeezus - the guy is a beast - just keep him in and bring back some of the guys to replace our new rentals... Things worked then... Fvcking embarrassing - and the hawks won...
  14. Just because: 3-18-17 Wild 1 Rangers 3 3-19-17 Wild 0 Jets 2
  15. Team looks absolutely horrible... I'd be concerned if we played the Avs for f's sake...