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  1. Ok, now that was funny... Lifted from the article: "Pominville is a versatile two-way forward who can play in all situations." Yup, he sure can, and chew up a crap-ton of minutes doing little... Always find it interesting watching the trade articles - where each person is so positively reflected since one team probably has little idea why the other wants to ship them off... Although I am always frustrated by our guys checking out each and every year, especially during the so-called "easy games" - all I can hope is they put an exciting team on the ice - and make me feel as if they are trying to correct past issues... Pomms needed to go - anywhere will be better than here - he probably knew that... Now he has a few years to consume minutes on their team - and let them b!tch about it... Things aren't done yet - but is this a year where we don't have an overpriced slug irritating everyone (Mikko gets a pass since he did pretty good last year - and now probably needs to care about his value for trading)...?
  2. Maybe we've saved enough to get Vanek back...? Ennis 2 years left at 4.6M Foligno RFA, made 2.25M Scandella 3 yrs left at 4M Pominville 2 yrs left at 5.6
  3. What's weird is that Granny was on fire for a little over half the year - and then faded pretty hard... Those early games were awesome to watch - every game he was doing incredible passes, etc... Then boom - something happened - and he was almost invisible for a large chuck of those remaining games... Think what numbers he would have had if he even remotely resembled what he was doing the first half of the year... But, I am not holding my breath that he can repeat that - other than the "boom" part...
  4. ^ Here, let me help: Or, a better article:
  5. ^^ Too bad it didn't come out that they'd throw Pomm in for free... : ) Well, I guess we can always hope that he has an above average season coming up - unfortunately, we all know no matter how bad he is - he willing be sucking major minutes from someone else who could be much more productive...
  6. Still really wish we would have locked Cullen in for a mil... Instead he goes away and wins two cups - oppsie... Classy guy who does some great things for charity, has a ton of drive, and actually speaks english and can communicate with announcers...
  7. Just found it interesting that he's been playing how long - and has been on those meds the entire time - but not it's an issue... (?) I believe let year I heard them talking about him and retirement - just seemed a little too convenient I guess...
  8. Obviously a little slow on the Wild side of things - but found this interesting - and had never heard of it... How could this be after this many years of play...? According to several sources, there is a legitimate possibility Hossa has played his final NHL game. (He could not be reached for comment. Neither could his agent, Ritch Winter. The Blackhawks declined to comment.) Apparently, he suffers from a serious allergic reaction to the equipment he wears. The sources who confirmed the allergy stressed not to make fun of it, with one saying, “It’s only funny to anyone who’s never had it.” Details are sketchy, because no one would give full information, but the medication necessary to combat the allergy is potent enough that doctors wanted his blood tested every few weeks to make sure there were no major side effects. That’s very serious stuff, and word is doctors worried about Hossa taking the medicine for extended periods of time.
  9. ^ Yea, I remember two years ago when Mikko and Parise were both out - my first thought was "oh oh"... And then the Wild go on tear and do really well without them... With Haula gone - like I've said - he will be missed, but I think you could literally pull 4 or 5 of our top guys - and I bet our record would be no worse than if we kept them... I'd argue that it could be better than average...
  10. But not his inconsistency...
  11. IMO only - I think Fletcher has a critical flaw in his calculations - and something every one of us would have issues with as well... Fletcher I'm sure "assumes" that all of his other guys aren't going to sh!t the bed in unison every time they bring in another piece to the puzzle... He thinks he's adding a great piece - and then it always turns out that person is looked at to be our savior while the entire team seems to go on vacation... Heatley and Vanek are exceptions in my opinion - but when he brings certain pieces on - I'm sure he's not thinking "well, now I'm sure Nino will hit a two month dry spell", etc... There is just something about the overall team dynamic that has been off for a long long time... I'd love to be able to waive a wand and replace Mikko with Staal - or some of those other "veterans" - and start building around a more solid core that shows up for a higher % of the games...
  12. Salary cap going up to $75mm - but... Not really sure what to think about Dumba being selected - if he is... Actually, I'll go back to what I said a while ago - one, two, or three people leaving our team isn't going to make a hill of beans if you can't play the mental game of hockey... Sh!t, take ten... Available Brady Brassart (F) Patrick Cannone (F) Ryan Carter (F) Kurtis Gabriel (F) Martin Hanzal (F) Erik Haula (F) Zack Mitchell (F) Jordan Schroeder (F) Eric Staal (F) Chris Stewart (F) Ryan White (F) Victor Bartley (D) Matt Dumba (D) Christian Folin (D) Guillaume Gelinas (D) Alexander Gudbranson (D) Gustav Olofsson (D) Nate Prosser (D) Marco Scandella (D) Mike Weber (D) Johan Gustafsson (G) Darcy Kuemper (G) Alex Stalock (G) Protected Charlie Coyle (F) Mikael Granlund (F) Mikko Koivu (F) Nino Niederreiter (F) Zach Parise (F) Jason Pominville (F) Jason Zucker (F) Jonas Brodin (D) Jared Spurgeon (D) Ryan Suter (D) Devan Dubnyk (G)
  13. I think BB did the best he could... Thinking as I watch all the other playoff games up until now - I think the problem with why the Wild never get anywhere is "mental toughness" - they just don't have it... That "other gear" you hear about - I think it all has to do with mental toughness... I'll guaran-damn-tee you that our boys simply chalk up a bad regular season game as "shake it off - there are many games to go" - and then, like this year, when they stack together a bunch of wins, it is as if they're getting lucky and seem confused as to why they won... I dunno - but from Mikko all the way down to Brodin - I think they lack mental toughness - which then allows them to make excuses, be more passive with their plays, inconsistent, etc - and that goes for Duby as well... I think come playoff time is when all those weaknesses are on full display - and I think since they are so incredibly inconsistent - it forces the coach to start scrambling lines trying to see if anything will bring back their mojo - which then sucks everyone into the finger pointing contest... I don't think BB is the problem...
  14. Been watching all the other western conference games - and actually the Oilers a bit... Man, besides the Capital blowout - there has been a lot of hard hitting games... I don't know if I foresee the Wild playing at that level with veteran pillars any time soon... We're talking full-on beast mode - and not the type of charlie-coyle-two-shifts of beast mode either... These teams are laying it all on the line - something the Wild needs to figure out how to do...
  15. ^^ I'd say the tip off to having a lazy overpriced team is paying an ad agency millions to come up with a "we're committed" campaign - and then featuring said players acting committed...