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  1. Usually 1 or 2 people stand out to me - but this time - I think the entire team stood out (well, besides Doobs). I thought Rau was awesome - and, cough - Suter seemed to finally have some pep in his step... Mikko did a great job too... I think that was the best game I've seen them play this year... Unfortunately, like the Vikings, you just never know what team is going to show up for the next game...
  2. 1/22/18 Wild 4 Senators 1
  3. 1/20/18 Wild 2 Bolts 1
  4. ^^ I think they pretty much have to be involved - this obviously isn't something they probably want in multiple outlets... Would also be frustrating being their parents - requesting to see him - and him declining... I don't see this story ending well...
  5. I like that - ride Stalock without concern of offending Dubs... I just hate it when we can be riding high - and the second we don't show up to a team below us - it blows all the tires off the car... I'd love to say that's not typical, but...
  6. 9, Jan., 2018 Wilds - 3 CGY - 1
  7. 1/5/2018 Wild 4 Avs 3
  8. Parise looked better than I thought in his first game back...
  9. 1/4/18 Wild 3 Sabres 2
  10. With Luongo out - I am hoping they have goaltending issues against us...
  11. Although I know things typically remain the same after break - I have a feeling the Wild will go on a few decent runs between now and playoffs... They're a weird team like that - they win when they shouldn't - and lose when it seems like a sure thing... I think Zach back in the lineup will hopefully motivate some people tonight - looking forward to seeing how he does out there...
  12. 1/2/18 Wild 3 Panthers 1
  13. Considered changing my prediction from a W to a L upon knowing Dubs is in net...
  14. Tip of the hat to the Wild in this game (just watched it last night). The Stars are a big team - yet we managed to make them scramble most of the game... The double-handed slash from Bishop to Zook - right in front of the ref - well, someone should be inquiring how something like that can happen - especially in the age of hyper scrutiny regarding goaltender interference... Good game...
  15. 12/29/17 wild 2 Nashville 1