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  1. Was tempted to fast-forward last night - but didn't... First off - our announcers... One guy can't find the bottle of hairspray to calm down his cowlicks - and now Greeny looks like he's growing his hair out to be a gangster - wtf... At least Audra didn't have the beach towel around her neck last night - good lord... I noticed Granny was sure hitting a lot of people last night - that stood out to me. Wasn't incredibly productive in other aspects - but I did notice him hitting people for some strange reason... Also noticed Mikko being thrown out of face-offs for trying to cheat... Most of all though - and I have said this before - I have zero clue how Subban is an "elite" player... He bobbles the puck most of the time and makes horrible passes - he's athletic no doubt - but he always seems somewhat out of position and unsure what to do - and on at least 3 times last night - when he was breaking out - he lost the puck and was forced to fix his screwup by swatting at the puck and hoping it went somewhere favorable. I dunno - but I think Subban might just be the most overrated player out there right now - and I said the same thing last year - even when they were playing for the cup... He reminds me of Dumba - where he's thinking what he plans to do - and f's up what he's currently doing with the puck... Anyways, good win - was quite surprised...
  2. Besides his horrible penalties for being too slow - did you happen to notice the number of face-offs that he got kicked out of last night? I would bet almost half... And several times that came in the offensive zone on a fricken power play - where the result was the puck dumped into our zone and chewing up a crap-ton of time... Is nobody else noticing how many times Mikko is being thrown out of the face-off circles...?
  3. 11/18/2017 Wild: 2 Capitals: 4
  4. Holy buckets - check out McLeod's penalty minutes...
  5. I remember last year Parise and Mikko were out at same time - and we went on serious winning streak... Any way we could sit Mikko out for 10 games - if we win 7 or more of those - have him fake an injury...?
  6. 11/15/2017 Minnesota - 1 Nashville - 3
  7. Does anyone know the numbers at the Excel...? I would assume the numbers would be way down - but, based on what Rotty says, maybe that isn't the case and people aren't shying away based on the quality of product on the ice - they just attend because it's "hockey"... This season I think I have only made it through one game where I wasn't fast forwarding through most of a boring game - if that says anything... I will try and watch tonight - but if the first 10 minutes becomes a sleeper - the forward button will get used... I don't watch any other games other than the Wild - and to be honest, not a huge football fan and haven't watched any of those games this year either... Maybe people are just tuning out sports more this year for some reason... (?) Was in NY with a MN buddy last weekend - asked him about the Wild - said he hadn't seen much of them this year but said, "I hear they suck"... And he lives blocks from the Excel...
  8. 11-14-17 Wild 2 Phi 3
  9. Something that stood out huge to me in that game was the number of times Mikko was removed from the face-offs... The other thing that stood out is that we're horrible at breaking out of our own end (70% of the time it is just flipped to neutral to hope we screw up their re-entry - or hope something happens where one of our guys get it at center ice) - actually, I think this has been an issue for years...
  10. I was hoping to come on here and see a GDT thread for the next two weeks worth of games...
  11. 11/4/2017 Wild - 3 Hawks - 4
  12. They play pretty decent when down and a few minutes to go - and then of course lose - but they do try a little harder... We need to grab a stat that shows the number of passes prior to a shot in the offensive zone when on a PP... I'd be very curious where we stand compared to everyone else...
  13. 11/2/2017: MTL - 3 Wild - 1
  14. Suit him up and have him do play-by-play as he helps the numbnuts out on the ice...!
  15. ^^ I think most fans can only take so much - especially when you see the exact same issues year after year... As a frustrated fan - ya get the impression that they don't really care to get better - and therefore you stop being emotionally invested - eventually tuning into another team that has a better product and grows from their mistakes...