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  1. Brodin for Galcheynuk. No clue. Weird couple of days to be honest. For instance, I thought for sure that Vegas was going to take Raanta or Grubauer as their backup goalie.
  2. Dumba, only because he's a right-hand shot and is young. Vegas is going to pick a few players they're going to build on, rest are going to be fluff/expendable down the line. That's my bet anyway. Also, Ottawa has to expose Marc Methot so you'd get a good pair out of those two.
  3. G Mike Smith traded from Yotes to Calgary. Chad Johnson, a prospect plus a conditional pick went the other way. A trade that you could see coming miles away.
  4. I was actually going to comment on the D-part but forgot about it the first time, second time around the Wild site had some issues so couldn't comment. Out of the defenders I like the descriptions on both Tyler Inamoto and Luke Martin, both sound like they could add something to the Wild. Inamoto adding strength to keep the net clear, Martin adding two-way play. A third one is Max Gildon for his offensive play, if Dumba gets traded or doesn't improve the next 2-3 years. His defensive capabilities makes me nervous though, already squeezing my chair whenever I see Dumba playing in the D-zone. Out of the forwards, only Morgan Geekie and Zach Gallant piqued my interest. Both look like the could use a skating trainer though, maybe they could give Granny a call? his skating was terrible until 1 - 1½ season ago. It's nothing spectacular now but still vastly improved from what it was. But Geekie could be a serviceable 2nd line center in the future, depending on how he progresses his game and Gallant, as per your description, would be our Brodziak. Can't have enough workhorses.
  5. There's also the Boston option. Rumours say they're shopping for a left-hand top-4 D, and are willing to give their 1st round pick (#18 pick). And Brodin is heavily linked to the rumour.
  6. Wonder what Dallas is going to do with their 1st round pick. Their GM has mentioned that he could be willing to part with the 1st round pick for an established defender and the Wild along with the Ducks are the teams that have a 'surplus' of decent defenders. And are the teams that could lose a decent D for nothing to Vegas. Hope Fletch is trying to make a deal. Might repair some of the damage the Hanzal deal did if he does manage to whip something up.
  7. Grit is good to have. But these days you also need a few defenders who can create offensive opportunities. Ideally you'd have 4 puckmovers and 3-4 shutdown defenders. And if the puckmovers would have a significant amount of grit, it'd be great. But those kind of players are kind of rare. Especially those with starplayer quality.
  8. Sometimes bad games happen, not much you can about. Unfortunately it happened in the 1st final.
  9. If you're not counting Colorado, you can't count Carolina either, they were the Hartford Whalers before they reloacted to Carolina in 1997.
  10. Johansen trade was mostly a win-win for both sides, as Nashville needed a scorer and CBJ needed a quality D. So if we would've made the trade, we probably would've traded Spurgeon. But I agree, it's possible to get a quality scorer. Just have to be willing to give up a good player for it, unless the other GM is completely bonkers and gives a sweet deal.
  11. Wonder if Fletch is working out something with Dallas, considering they got lucky on the draft but they need more help on the D than anything. Instead of losing a young promising D to Vegas for nothing, work something out with Dallas. Well, that's what I'd do anyhow. I'd be extremely hestitant to let Nino and Granny go though, considering Nino has arguably been our best scorer for the past 3 years and Granny hopefully keeps on doing what he did last season. I like Zucker but I feel like we'll lose him to Vegas, unless they take one of our D's. Scandy has been slowly declining so I wouldn't feel too bad about losing him. Neither does losing Dumba, I get nervous every time he moves up with the puck because of his tendencies of making a mistake. On the fence with Coyle; When he brings his A-game, it's a pleasure to watch him go. But now and then when his game seems lethargic at best baffles me. He needs to fix that.
  12. Agreed, Go Sens! Everyone but one person on my shift cheers for the Sens at work. Must be feeling lonely.
  13. Can't it be both?
  14. I'm personally following this year playoffs more closely than I have in a long time, probably because we more or less have a chance to see completely new teams in the finals, which is awesome in itself. Tired of of seeing the same 3 teams tossing the cup between them since 2009 (with 2011 being an exception thanks to Boston winning it). Go Preds and Go Sens!
  15. From the article: "We’d love to find a way to improve our club, whether that’s a trade or even allowing some young players an opportunity to take on bigger roles. Fletcher, we have been saying that for 3+ years now. Oldies ain't getting it done. Anyhow, I'd keep both. These two are arguably the hardest working individuals on the ice in the Wild. Nino working hard in front of the net, Granny on the boards. I'd rather let Dumba go because he's making too many stupid mistakes every now and then. And as a D, that's very bad. Good shot though!