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  1. I'm just happy that Bruce finally put Granny, Zooks and Staal on the same line.
  2. Guess he got banned from hfboards.
  3. You know, I'm much more comfortable with Stalock in the net. Not alot of fear of a softie going in.
  4. 01/22/2018 Wild - 6 Sens - 3
  5. 1/14/18 Wild - 3 Nucks - 2
  6. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
  7. Koivu, put some speed into those legs, the puck is running away from you when you have it.
  8. Where's Parise? Don't think I've seen him yet. This period that is.
  9. Parise shaking his head when heading to the locker room. Guess he knows he's been playing badly tonight.