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  1. Can always follow how the Caps are doing after Boudreau-era. What is it? 3-4 years since he was fired by them? And they've been on top pretty much ever since he brought them up there, except they still haven't won the Cup. Same with the Ducks really. Top team that doesn't seem to go all the way, despite of successes. Well, save for the start of the season Boudreu got fired from the Ducks, they had a rough time then but turned it around in the end of the season, just to fall flat in the playoffs. Seems to me that it's more of a player problem than coaching problem.
  2. Just two-three major glaring issues in my eyes. No proper backup goalie during season or playoffs. Overworking your nr1 goalie is never a good thing. Also affects the rest of the team mentally if they can't trust their backup goalie to deliver when needed. Inability to get deep into the slot Shooting from the perimeter without someone standing infront of their goalie never works. Need bodies in there. Low amount of takeaways in general Our best takeawayers are Staal, Zucker, Granny, Koivu, Suter and Parise, ranging from 0.48-0.62 takeaways per game. That's low, should be about 0.7-0.8 atleast for a couple of guys. Meaning they have to be more aggressive on the forecheck.
  3. Wild not having a proper star since, arguably, Gaborik or Burns is nothing new. And the GM handing out lucrative NTC-contracts to people who don't really deserve one did put the team back for a few years. When those contracts end and no new stupid ones have been given, then maybe Wild could get a star player who isn't on decline. Or Wild could do what the Hawks did. Tank a few times and get a couple 1st or 2nd draft picks.
  4. Hawks got sweeped.
  5. Watching the NSH - CHI game now. If Preds sweep the Hawks, I'm gonna root for them if Wild gets eliminated. Beating the Hawks cleanly is no small feat!
  6. Well Caps kinda deserve a chance at the cup after all these years, I just want Chicago and Penguins to fall.
  7. Don't even know what kind of system you have over there at the other side of the pond.
  8. Seriously, Hanzal is the Wild Sasquatch. Look at the size of that thing!