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  1. Reading some conflicting info about Leipolds rebuild comment. Few writes that he doesn't want to do a full rebuild, just some minor rebuilding, others write that he doesn't want any rebuilding at all, just some tweaking with what the organization has. Which is it?
  2. My first thought was honestly "Holy ****, this is for real?!" Time to see what else is going to happen. Big step, that's for sure.
  3. Koivus new contract kicks in next year too, doesn't it? Wild gets 1.25 mil out of that. Unless I'm reading capfriendly wrong.
  4. Seriously, what's wrong with Koivu? He gets pissed, actually skates sometimes. Who dis?!
  5. I know right. First thought I had was "Who are you and whatever hole you stuck Koivu in, keep him there!"
  6. I mean, the only goalie that might be slower laterally than Doobs is Luongo. And that is only because the guy is ancient.
  7. The difference between Doobs and any goalies lateral movement is substantial.
  8. Lol. Koivu went too fast, he almost tripped on his own skates. 😂
  9. Fractured hand is my guess. He didn't hold it to support it.
  10. Parise has been hustling so far.
  11. I'm just happy that Bruce finally put Granny, Zooks and Staal on the same line.
  12. You really want to put Ikea through that? 😁
  13. You know, I'm much more comfortable with Stalock in the net. Not alot of fear of a softie going in.
  14. 01/22/2018 Wild - 6 Sens - 3