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  1. Would prefer a 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8 system myself but old system would work too. Anything but this silly system we have now!
  2. Kinda hoping rotty would be here. Always fun to watch him make accurate statements about the refs.
  3. Not much Doobs could do there, first a redirect and then Atkinson comes in with speed.
  4. Second period a bit messier. But good to have the lead! Staal plays like a leader, Eek looks like he's figuring out some kinks. And with that. Have to do some minor work. (Yes! I'm watching hockey at work! Sue me! )
  5. Nothing new on that front.
  6. Beautiful dish by Spurgeon, perfect pass!
  7. She can keep him as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Maybe he'd serve one? Anyhow, decent period all things considered. Winnik came to play atleast. He stood out the most for me.
  9. 10/14/2017 Wild - 4 Columbus - 2
  10. 10/12/2017 Wild - 5 Hawks - 3
  11. On a sidenote, Dumba has looked more confident with the puck now. Hopefully he learned something and I don't have to get nervous every time he touches the puck.
  12. Think it's just a message from NHL to the players that they should clean up the slashing etc. Last two years we've seen some major injuries due to violent slashing to the hands. I'm all in favor for tough hockey, just keep the dickery to a minimum. Sure, mistakes can happen but when people are intentionally chopping fingers, it becomes a problem.
  13. There's also one other thing to consider. Sometimes you also hit gold with late-round drafts. Pavel Datsyuk, Doug Gilmour, Dominik Hasek, Pavel Bure, Jamie Benn, Brett Hull etc. Granted, it's a bloody long shot that Wild scouts would recognize a talent like that, even if hit them right in the head. And as CaptainH mentioned, picks 1-5 tend to be more complete than the later picks, so much that you pretty much only have to do some tweaking for them to get them to their ceiling. Later picks usually need more seasoning.
  14. Funny to read on various sites where people complain about Cullen being old has-been etc. Clearly they have zero clue what a player like Cullen brings to a team. In my mind, he's arguably the best 4th line center in the league.
  15. Everyone, rejoice! Now, give him the 'C' too while you're at it! Really hoped he'd come back when the rumours started and I'm glad as hell that he does!