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  1. There's also one other thing to consider. Sometimes you also hit gold with late-round drafts. Pavel Datsyuk, Doug Gilmour, Dominik Hasek, Pavel Bure, Jamie Benn, Brett Hull etc. Granted, it's a bloody long shot that Wild scouts would recognize a talent like that, even if hit them right in the head. And as CaptainH mentioned, picks 1-5 tend to be more complete than the later picks, so much that you pretty much only have to do some tweaking for them to get them to their ceiling. Later picks usually need more seasoning.
  2. Funny to read on various sites where people complain about Cullen being old has-been etc. Clearly they have zero clue what a player like Cullen brings to a team. In my mind, he's arguably the best 4th line center in the league.
  3. Everyone, rejoice! Now, give him the 'C' too while you're at it! Really hoped he'd come back when the rumours started and I'm glad as hell that he does!
  4. Good contract for both sides. If he doesn't play as well, he's easier to trade. If he does play well, like last season, he's up for a payraise when this contract ends. Although I think the contract length has more to do with the CBA, since it'll end at the same time. Remember that Nino has less salary during the season CBA expires. Rumor has it that it might get ugly again. Well, either that, or he's going to have easier time to get a better contract when the Wilds cap situation looks better in 3 years.
  5. Doesn't get past 2nd round? Plenty of times when he's done that. 2015 Western Conference Finals comes to mind, for example. I'll give you that the amount of game-7 losses are worrisome. But as said before, that ain't entirely all on the coachs' shoulders.
  6. I'm expecting them to get similar deals like Zibanejad, Palat, Tatar, Toffoli and Galcheynuk. Meaning around 5-5.2mil/4 years. If Grannys and Ninos agents believe they're getting 6+ mil for each, they're idiots. But then again, this is Fletcher we're talking about.
  7. I like it well enough. Reminds me of the Stadium Series jersey.
  8. Oof, Aquavit. Still get flashbacks from the last company christmas cruise. That's something you only drink when it's ice-cold, if it's room-temperature it tastes kinda vile imo.
  9. Election year in Russia during the Olympics, Putin needs Russia to win it. Last time didn't even end too well. Theory is he's using KHL and hockey as his PR gimmick this time around (he even played a hockey game not long ago)
  10. http://stats.hockeyanalysis.com/ratings.php?disp=1&db=201617&sit=5v5&pos=skaters&minutes=100&teamid=15&type=individual&sort=ifassists&sortdir=DESC While it doesn't list the number of goals Zucker scored where Granny has primary assist, you can still safely say it's a high percentage, considering they were linemates in 5v5 for the majority of last season. You might wanna give Koivu a punch in the nose for being such a secondary assist hogger though. And, 'lo and behold, our young players pretty much dominate the primary assist column. http://stats.hockeyanalysis.com/ratings.php?disp=1&db=201617&sit=all&pos=skaters&minutes=100&teamid=15&type=individual&sort=ifassists&sortdir=DESC Here's for all situations. Top 3: Granny, Coyle and Nino.
  11. It's simple. Other teams noticed that if you leave him alone, he could do some serious damage, along with Zucker. Both of them slowed down a bit, Mikko couldn't get any slower.
  12. Brodin for Galcheynuk. No clue. Weird couple of days to be honest. For instance, I thought for sure that Vegas was going to take Raanta or Grubauer as their backup goalie.
  13. Dumba, only because he's a right-hand shot and is young. Vegas is going to pick a few players they're going to build on, rest are going to be fluff/expendable down the line. That's my bet anyway. Also, Ottawa has to expose Marc Methot so you'd get a good pair out of those two.
  14. G Mike Smith traded from Yotes to Calgary. Chad Johnson, a prospect plus a conditional pick went the other way. A trade that you could see coming miles away.
  15. I was actually going to comment on the D-part but forgot about it the first time, second time around the Wild site had some issues so couldn't comment. Out of the defenders I like the descriptions on both Tyler Inamoto and Luke Martin, both sound like they could add something to the Wild. Inamoto adding strength to keep the net clear, Martin adding two-way play. A third one is Max Gildon for his offensive play, if Dumba gets traded or doesn't improve the next 2-3 years. His defensive capabilities makes me nervous though, already squeezing my chair whenever I see Dumba playing in the D-zone. Out of the forwards, only Morgan Geekie and Zach Gallant piqued my interest. Both look like the could use a skating trainer though, maybe they could give Granny a call? his skating was terrible until 1 - 1½ season ago. It's nothing spectacular now but still vastly improved from what it was. But Geekie could be a serviceable 2nd line center in the future, depending on how he progresses his game and Gallant, as per your description, would be our Brodziak. Can't have enough workhorses.