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  1. I am excited to see what Stalock can do. Fingers crossed he looks elite and the team gets the fire back they have been missing since the beginning of this month. In Stalock We Trust!
  2. O there is no doubt everybody should but listening to that small interview after the game it was apparent that Dubs thought he was playing at elite level well everybody else sucked. In the mean time one of the goals against Dubs was a pass that went to a wide open Ovi who took a good two seconds to wind up and shoot after he got the puck well Dubs had nobody in front of him and reacted a good full second late. Ever since that Chicago game where Dubs looked like a joke goalie that you would see in comedy sports movie he seems to blame everybody else but himself. Lets be honest, Dubs has become the worse goalie this month just by looking at the weak soft goals that should have never made it in.
  3. I laughed pretty damn hard. Rotty I think Confrontational should just get a point for having the set to predict that!
  4. After the Caps game I heard a little interview with Dubs and it seem to me that he kept saying we need to get better at PK, PP, etc but never the fact he was letting in goals that he should have stopped no matter what. That did irritate me to through the blame everywhere but him. I yelled at the radio like dude you have been the worst goalie this whole month!!! You are letting up high school level ****ty goals. I like Dubs but that made me hope that Stalock just goes into beast mode and we ride him to the cup so maybe Dubs can look in the mirror.
  5. Praise as in praising the lord? Maybe then. Only time a player will carry a team to a cup is the goalie. Look at Roloson on the Oilers. They had no business making it there but he was so on fire he literally carried that team to the cup. What bums we out if it wasn't for the injury I think Roloson would have won the cup for the Oilers. I was rooting for him. But not even the mighty Ovi or Sid can carry the team solely by themselves to the cup. They can make huge contributes to the run but if they have a crap goalie it won't matter.
  6. I think the move is part 50% rest for Dubnyk and 50% wake up call. Dubs has played pretty poorly this month. He isn't getting the full rest cause he will be dressed sitting on the bench. So I don't think this is a move to just rest him only. He will now be watching from the bench and if Stalock does good and fires up the team it will become a complete wake up call. As poorly as the team is playing with Dubnyk giving no confidence boost to the team there needs to be a change. A goalie is basically the QB of a hockey team. The team might be misfiring but if you got a damn good QB he can steal games for you. Dubnyk has been letting in goals that only high school goalies should be letting in. As far as benching other players, I don't mind that happening. As we seen it appears that the Caps are going to goon it up against teams that will be in the playoffs in hopes to get a head. Plus I wouldn't mind seeing some of the young kids come up knowing that if they lose it won't hurt the team. Could be find to see what we got in the future.
  7. I am excited on this. I hope this gives the team a new fire!
  8. Just seen on Twitter that Stalock was recalled by the Wild! Could you possibly see a Stalock start?
  9. Honestly I don't think Bruce is to worried as he has been changing lines every game sometimes even period by period. And Fletcher went out and got two guys that were not skill guys to put on this team when our fourth line was one of the best in NHL. So I don't think he's afraid of disruption either. I think the two reasons are either they are just hoping that by playing Dubnyk he will find his game again or Fletcher banked alot on Dubnyk and should have went after a goalie during the trade, and he knows it, and now it's biting him in the butt and he refuses to change it.
  10. A very interesting article for sure. I do have to pump the brakes just a little as this was one coach on a team that even Captain Zetterberg basically said good riddance. This sounds like a guy that players just don't want to play for if they can avoid it. It would be another thing if you heard the same players say the same thing about another coach too. Basically I wouldn't put my eggs in either basic on this topic. This losing streaks sucks for sure but I need to see another year or two of Bruce coaching. If the same losing streak happens then I can say for sure it's something internally with the players.
  11. I would be interested in anybody who doesn't like the idea. Not so much as to argue but as to what they think. I just can't see a reason to not try it out. It's almost been a month and Dubs just doesn't look good and doesn't seem to have his issue(s) figured out and we are almost in playoff time. Maybe him sitting and watching another goalie who hasn't played with the Wild go at it for awhile might snap him into gear. To have two hot goalies into the playoffs would be great but we need one right now and we don't have that in Dubs, right this second and Darcy. I would love a Stalock shot!
  12. Thanks Hockey. I think this team needs a little change and a goalie change might be exactly what we need. I just don't see any confidence coming from the team when our opponents are on the attack. Even our offense doesn't seem to push in very far when we have the puck. It's like they are scared to allow any type of chance against Dubs.
  13. 3/30/17 Wild 5 OTT 0 *Edited it due to Stalock getting the start. My goal is to just hit 30 points this season. Come on Wild help me out!!!
  14. So with the Wild locked in and what we are seeing with Dubnyk how would you feel about the Wild bringing up Stalock to try a few games. We know what we have with Darcy and right now him and Dubnyk look pretty much the same. Why not try Stalock? What's the worst that can happen, we continue losing? Maybe with him playing this will light a new fire under the team. And if he does good maybe it will give the team the confidence back that they desperately need. Who knows maybe with the Wild trying other options it will also snap Dubnyk out of this funk. I honestly can't see any negatives to giving it a try. Even Dubs knows he is sucking right now.
  15. Like I said Rotty I don't think you are wrong on what you are saying either. I just think right now with our goalie situation so bad that the coaching and even players don't really know what to do. On shots that should be easily stopped Dubs looks like a back up high school goalie that has only seen one or two games in his playing career. I can see where the players start playing way to tight and probably over think everything which in the end causes more issues. I think the goaltending is the biggest issue and if that got settled down the team would be different. I would like to see Bruce have Stalock come up and play a few games. I mean what is the worst that happens, we continue losing? Maybe this change would start a new fire under the players and if Stalock starts making the saves that gives the team confidence again we will see the team that we knew before this month. I don't know maybe I am wrong but when I watch these guys you can see so much hesitation in how they play now. You can see the fear in the players eyes when the other team takes a shot at Dubs. I wish the guys would realize the best defense is the offense keeping the puck in the other teams zone. I now see maybe one guy forechecking well the other four guys sit on the blue line. We basically work and spend a ton of energy to dump the puck into five guys well one of our guys tries to get it back. 5 on 1 doesn't favor the 1.