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  1. 1/20/18 Having a hell of a time trying to figure out the score. Do the well rested Wild of the past show up and lay a giant egg or does the bitterness of the loss before the break start a fire..... Wild 4 Lightning 3 (OT)
  2. No way any in shape or form do I blame Parise or Suter for signing those contracts. Same with Koivu, Vanek, Pominville, etc. They are being offered crazy money and would be fools to pass it up. The contracts and not looking deep enough into players falls on one of the worst GMs in all of pro sports, Chuck "Here's a NMC/NTC" Fletcher. Even if they thought the league was going to raise the cap there was no signatures put down to guarantee this. If you have any business sense you don't base a decision passed on some talks, rumors or thoughts without solid proof. And in contract sense never unless there is signatures down to show 100% without a doubt this is going to happen. Do I expect Parise and/or Suter to renegotiated even if they could? No. Would I want them too if they could? Yes. I honestly don't really believe the game has changed radically enough from when Parise first played in the NHL (2005) to now. They tried cleaning up some things but we all still complain on here how the D on our teams mauls our players when we are near their net and nobody sticks up against it. To me it seems like Parise is facing the same type of mauling. If Parise was playing in the 90s, especially early 90s then I would completely agree how it would be hard to gauge his stats. His style of play was for a bigger body player or a person who had a hell of a strong body like Neal Broten or Dino Ciccarelli who were small guys making a living around that net. Hell Parise is taller then both.
  3. Sadly this is Parise now. Remember he is offense. He is not a fantastic defensive winger. He cracked top 30 three times in his career and struggles to even get to the 50-60 range otherwise. But he is highly paid. He is making money that teams pay top franchise changers that can carry a team. Parise is not that either. I know people want to dismiss this cause he is one of us and the bit on the hook Fletcher left out there but at some point you have to take the blinders off and see. There is no team that would trade for Parise and his contract. There would have been no teams offering that contract to him either if they did any type of research.
  4. The only positive I can dig from this is I think he is grasping to a degree the amount of serious trouble he really is in. Not legally but personally. Not wanting to see his family shows he must be embarrassed. Not wanting to be released on bail shows he must know if he does he is going to end up back where he is at. I just worry about suicide though. I hope he can recover and become a success story but I do worry this story ends in the worst way.
  5. I worked in a Pharmacy for years. I had to leave cause I was getting so depressed watching doctors act like drug dealers for people who truly needed help. I watched good people get hooked on opioids and even die when there was a clear addiction issue going and signs everywhere. We got to watch the DEA/FBI look into one doctor about this. We got to have them in our pharmacy going through all the prescriptions for this doctor but otherwise I never seen other doctors get in trouble. I know prescription addictions are now finally starting to get the attention they should have been getting but if you worked in the pharmacy field/medical field, you know this has been a issue forever. I feel for Matt. He got a double whammy on him. It's hard to tell at this point if he even wants to get help. The even sadder part is that these guys, enforcers, are some of the nicest people too. I remember meeting Boogaard a few times. Honestly he was a gentle giant and how he interacted with kids was so awesome. Made me such a huge fan of his. I remember one year we were at the last game of the year where they do the drawing for the players game worn sweaters. A little girl got her number drawn for Boogaards. I remember him putting it on her and it look like he was dressing her in a tent. He was laughing and smiling so much and he picked her up and skated around the rink with her. It stuff like this that makes it so much worse to know now what he was going through. Majority of people don't ever want to get to that point. It's just one day they wake up and they are at that point without even knowing.
  6. Parise- I agree completely with you on this. I have been saying it for some time now but Parise was never ever worth the contract he got. He only cracked top 30 three times in his career. Otherwise he struggles to even get to top 50. And I said he has been losing steps since after the second season with us. His style of play doesn't equal a long life in hockey. But his issue is that without that style of play he is completely useless. We have players better at doing the puck handling. We have players better at doing the pass for a one timer. We have snipers (Parise is not one). He is now just a big ball and chain holding this franchise back with his contract. Zucker, Granlund and Staal have the saviors for this team. If it wasn't for them this would be a really bad looking team. This worries me as I can see with Fletcher one or two of these players will have to go in order to sign some super aged useless vet. Coyle- I have been talking with my uncle who lives and breathes hockey. He was big on Coyle but now agrees with me that Coyle is no more effective then a guy from the AHL. Coyle looks like he is waiting in line to take the place of Koivu. More then happy to sit back and watch everybody try and give as little effort as possible. He is in complete cruise control at 10 mph and couldn't be happier. I hate seeing him on the ice as much as Koivu in big situations. Our goalie situation sucks due to how our teams plays in front of them. Dubnyk lets in softies right and left yet the team gives a 100% in front of him. Stalock is honestly a better goalie then Dubnyk and makes the saves but the team stops playing defense in front of him and leaves him out to dry to try and make multiply stops with three opponents in front of him. No goalie in the world is going to be able to stop multiply opponents in front of him taking shots all the time when his defense is causally coming back into the zone. I agree with you that Stalock should have gotten the start but then more then likely the team wouldn't have bothered to give more then a 25% effort. I can't wait tell Suter, Parise, Koivu and Fletcher are gone. I think then we will see a actually united team.
  7. I honestly don't agree he is even a $4 Million player. I argue he really is $2.5-3 Million tops. I honestly believe he is making double the money he is actually worth. By far this is Fletchers biggest factors in the contracts. He is worried only about a select few players and their feelings (Koivu, Parise, Suter and in the past Vanek, Pominville, etc) well ignoring young talent. I have no idea why Fletcher wants to have a smooch session with Koivu as Koivu hasn't provided one thing to the team. He hasn't moved this franchise forward to a championship. He wasn't moving this franchise forward to even make the playoffs but yet Fletcher treats him like he is Kane.
  8. 1/13/18 Wild 4 Jets 2 1/14/18 Wild 5 Canucks 3
  9. Gut says the Wild should get a spanking from the Hawks, especially after they spanked Ottawa and sending them to their room but with this teams bi polar mentality they have they will win by 3 goals. It makes no sense and drives me nuts but this is the call card of the Wild. I hope Suter gets another breakaway and gets tripped and gets a penalty shot. With how slow he moves he might beat the goalie due to the goalie getting bored waiting for Suter to get there. Suters speed reminds me of that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the guys at the castle see Lancelot running to them but everytime they look back he has resetted into the same spot.
  10. I hate how this team actually plays when Dubnyk is in while leaving Stalock out to dry. Dubnyk lets in goals that have no business going in well Stalock brick walls until he has 2 or 3 guys in front of him with no help from the defense. Feels more and more like a few players are dictating what is going on with the play style. My guess is that if Dubnyk left or was somehow traded this team wouldn't play defense at all.
  11. In the years past it was frustrating when the Wild had bad slumps cause we knew they were better then that. Now it's frustrating cause I don't even believe anymore the team is better then that. We got to many players Fletcher highly overrated (Koivu, Suter, Parise and in the past Vanek, Heater, etc) with good 3rd and 4th liner guys. We just don't have any complete great 1st and 2nd lines. We might have a really good player (Staal) in those lines but then they get put with dead weight like Parise, Suter, Koivu, Coyle and makes the line look like a 4th line. Then their contracts keep us from moving forward and we get stuck in one spot or moving backwards. This is a bad team that is being saved by a few individual players doing the work.
  12. 1/10/18 Wild 5 Chicago 2 Yes I am going opposite of my gut as last game said we would win. I thought the Hawks would kill us but not I have to go opposite. This bi polar team will prove me right.
  13. I honestly wish we had year one team playing right now then these guys. They are not fun to watch. All but maybe 3 to 4 players are very overpaid. 95% of them feel like playing for 40 minutes at most. Really hate how Coyle is turning into a Koivu. Big body guy not using it and now turning into a passing machine. I watch numerous times he tried to force passes into areas where there was 2 to 3 defenders when he had a better chance of just holding on to the puck and shooting or waiting for something to develop. Now the camera didn't show it but on the game winner, one of our guys was really late getting back into it. Was this because Suter did a Vanek and slowly went back to the bench for a line change forcing our guy to have to wait for his slow ass to get back? If this was the reason it's time for people to start throwing **** at Suter! He has become one of the worst defensemen. At this point it's not injury so it's either his skill set has declined really severely or he just doesn't care anymore. Either way, Suter should not be on the ice for OT, PP, PK or anything that isn't 5 on 5. Slow, gets turned around easily, can't check for ****, poke checks like he has a wet noodle, weak shot, etc. One thing I will say, the refs were bad for both sides. Lots of missed calls both ways that should have been called. Then the Prosser penalty. WTF?!?!?! That should be enough to have all those guys canned. The guy ran into Prossers elbow. The ref puts his hand up to show a penalty on Calgary and Stalock leaves the ice well we play with the puck for a good 15 to 20 seconds. Then Calgary touches it and the play is stopped and Prosser goes to the box? Awful, Awful, Awful!!! NHL needs to make it so they can overturn these calls. They also need to make it so the refs don't do any replay challenges. That should be all done in the HQ and the refs should have zero to do with it. If there is a replay there is a high chance they already F*cked it up so don't give then another chance to do it. Funny thing is the Wild will win against Chicago. It's stupid how this team does this. Show up once every 3 to 4 games.....
  14. You think the Suter statement is bad wait tell you do that with Parise! My god, the way those people act Parise must be a 120 goal scorer a year! Facts point to him not being a top 30 player. In fact he struggles to make top 50. But he is one of us so the fact his contract holds this franchise back with really not much return from him is ok.
  15. 1/9/18 Wild 4 Flames 0 Hey they got to win one before they get blown out of the water against the Blackhawks.