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  1. They played the presser on Kfan. Leipold said no rebuild. He is happy with the roster. Just a tweak or two. That was from the horses mouth.
  2. Dubnyk missed the cut off time to turn it due to his slow reactions! Granlund loves to help out so he did his, Coyles and Ninos. Zucker wrote so fast you have no idea what was written so you give him a pass.
  3. Quick update, Parise just hurt himself writing the report. Suter gave his to Spurgeon to deal with well he goes off to vacation. Koivu just kept putting cheat in faceoff, thrown out, take lazy penalty, rest for 2 minutes in the Penalty Box and than skate over to the bench looking like you just gave 1000% and been on the ice for 10 minutes straight.
  4. Funny thing even Brandon Mileski was like wtf! When he even starts to go wtf you know there is a huge issue. He knows the roster won't win it all and unless change comes we are going to be in the same spot. Hilariously Leipold even talked about how we don't get 1-11 pick ever and sort of stuck. Well duuuuuhhhhh! This roster is the worst kind. Not good enough to make it past the first round but too good to get any decent draft picks. That should highlight the need to do a rebuild!!!
  5. I know. I went from wanting to run down the street streaking and yelling "F*ck Yea!" to now going well.....chit........
  6. I was excited until I just heard that presser from Leipold. He just straight up said that anybody who he interviews who says we need to rebuild, change up a bunch of the roster, etc will not be hired. Repeat, not be hired. He said a tweak is ok. So basically he fired Fletcher to go out and hire Fletcher. He wants no major roster changes but he wants to "win a cup". So what do you want Leipold, to win a cup or make the roster you have now happy? You can't have both!!!
  7. Thank you! So I am listening to Leipolds presser and now I am depressed. He just straight up said that if a GM comes in and says we need a tear down and rebuild he will not hire him. Only a tweak will be ok. So basically Leipold wants the next GM to be...........Fletcher.............. WTF?!
  8. I think just maybe that CL knew that even with those two players this team has never been good enough to make a serious run in the playoffs under the Fletcher era. The only way this could get better is Fletcher is signed on to some team very soon and our new GM convinces Suter, Parise and Koivu to waive their NMC and go over to where Fletcher is so they can continue to run a team with Fletcher!!!
  9. Literally me right now. Now Koivu, Parise and Suter are probably:
  10. No doubt more consistency but we still say lines getting broken up when they were clicking. Why damage a good thing in hopes that maybe somehow how it will maybe get another player getting hot. We have seen it doesn't work that way for years.
  11. Let me know if you would like me to contribute! I will be more than happy too!
  12. LiG I would be interested in providing you some thoughts and ideas if you want to hit me with some like a questionnaire. I don't think I would be able to do a Google Hangout at all. Like Rotty said it would give you a chance to read it and see if it's worth your time. Just let me know and I will gladly help out!
  13. What is your Twitter? There is no easy answer. The one thing that has to be done is Fletcher is gone. I know some people will say not Fletchers fault because of injuries. Yes, he doesn't have control of injuries but even with a healthy team there was not enough there to beat the Jets. The Jets were just as fast if not faster than us and had a good 6 plus inches of height on most of our guys. And majority of the guys don't want to do the dirty work to move forward in the playoffs. Our big bodied guys were more than happy to dump the puck into the zone and lose control of the possession in order to avoid hits. Guys like Zucker wanted nothing to do with the middle of the ice. Staal had the heart and grit to do the dirty work and would get cheap shot after cheap shot on him and not one person would step up for their teammate. They just watched from a distance. This team is not built for the playoffs and instead on a hope of having a pretty good season and to try to suck in the "casual" fan who gets excited hearing a name like Parise, Suter or Koivu cause they really don't have to much hockey knowledge and assume they make a lot of money so they have to be top 10 guys in the NHL. The locker room is broken. Guys play as individuals instead of a team. Hell we all know that with Parise and Suter. The PP sucked so what do they do? They go by themselves to get "help" on the PP. Why in the world didn't they get all their guys involved than? Are they so dense they forgot there is 3 other guys out on the ice with them too? That still hasn't sat right with me and told me right there that our "leaders" didn't see anybody else on the ice but themselves. It's not a team but individuals. I don't know what you do though to attract a good GM. Show them the boat anchors which are Koivus for 2 more years, Dubnyks for 3 more years and Suter and Parise for 6 more years? Show them that you stud prospect is choosing to sign with KHL for another 3 years instead of coming over to you? Show that you are going to have some good to very good players whose contracts expire in a year and are going to need a payday to stay but their paydays could really limit how much more you are able to do? I feel for the next GM unless he has a horseshoe up his @ss. It will probably be 6 years before he could he try to fully implement his plan. As far as Bruce. I like him as a coach. Some coaches are great but just never win it all just like some players. I honestly think his contract prevents him from saying much but before he signed it he was having a carrot dangled in front of him by Fletcher. I still think something is up with how all of a sudden he is doing things with this team that he has never really done with the other teams. If Fletcher stays I hope Bruce walks away. Bruce won't win it under the Fletcher era. And we all know Yeo got fired cause he got caught losing it on tape at the players and that didn't sit well with the "core leaders". If Yeo would have kept his cool and been the yes man they wanted he probably would still be here.
  14. Lol loved the pegged in the title! Great write up! You know I sit here and wonder what the Wild need to do versus what they can do. Fletcher needs to go. I am pretty sure 99.999999999% of us agree on this but what do you say to try and attract a good GM? Come here and just ignore the boat anchor contracts of Koivu for 2 years, Dubnyk for 3 years and Parise and Suter for another 6 years. They only eat up 40% of what you can work with. You can't move them or trade them either. Don't worry though, our most talented prospect we have ever had, Kaprizov, will becoming soon. Wait.......what do you mean...... a 3 year extension with CSKA Moscow? Ok... well we have Kunin. He was looking to be a solid 4th liner not bad 3rd liner before his injury. We are trying to break Greenway down to play like he is the size of Granlund so he should be good to go soon. Honestly this team needs to be pretty broken down to basically nothing but a few guys like Greenway, maybe Staal, Stalock and rebuilt. You honestly can't begin to do this for at least 3 years and even than you have 2 guys eating up a huge portion of the cap room. I doubt Parise plays more than 45 games a year now. He is made out of glass. We have no idea how Suter will come back. We could be paying a fortune for two guys who are getting older and declining. So do you tell the new GM we will give you 10 years to try to do something so you can have the last GMs stupid decisions be flushed out of the system? I honestly don't see a good GM wanting to jump into these waters either. It's a mess that can't be cleaned up in one or two years. Factor in you guys a bunch of guys whose contracts expire soon that are going to be able to get some paydays before even Koivus contract is up. This would force a GM to either hope to god this guys continue to develop and carry the team and lock them down or let them walk. If you lock them down you just killed off even more of being able to sign free agents and maybe even some of your draft picks. There is no easy answer to this. And I don't feel bad for Leipold either as he let this get to this point. One last thing that bugs the hell out of me. Why is it we are the only team to constantly switch who is on a line?! Doesn't matter who the coach is. Bruce never really did that in Washington or Anaheim but all of a sudden has a bug up his butt to do it in Minnesota even when he finds players connecting? Something smells and it isn't Dubnyks Leg Pads I am talking about.
  15. I wanted to say it was great everybody!!! Fun year talking with everybody and seeing what everybody posted! Predictions was so great and a nail biter! Hopefully we get a new gm and maybe new players so we can all come back and chat early! LiG and MNsot thank you for the write ups!!! Rotty thank you for the madhouse that is the predictions!!! Even though we went down like the Titanic in overdrive it was still fun!