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  1. The way Parise is going I wouldn't be surprised in 2 years he is retired. His body isn't holding up at all. He can't play the style that makes him a pretty good player.
  2. Honestly when we would enforce our game to the Blues, basically game 4 and towards the end of game 5, the Blues were scrambling and having lots of issues. Allen leaves big rebounds but the Wild decided to play a Yeo style and have 3 guys camped out on the blue line and one behind the net and one on the boards so we never punished him for it. Nashville is going to make it a very long series as they crash the net hard with their big guys and push the Blues around with easy. The confidence Nashville has right now is probably bigger then all the rest of the teams.
  3. 1. GM- Fletcher is a players GM before a Team GM. In other words he cares more about the players thinking of him then what is good for the team. He reminds me of the kid that wasn't popular but now is the boss to everybody but wants to be "cool" so he does what the individuals want instead of what is good for the company. His drafting sucks. How many years has he had and still doesn't have a elite top line player either by draft or pickup/trade. Face the facts, none of our players would be on the other teams top lines unless a injury happened and they got bumped up. He gives retarded contracts out that hurt the team down the road. He has had, what, 8 years now to show he can put a team together that can run deep and just gets trashed in the playoffs. The guy doesn't know what he is doing. Most of his trades result in lost draft picks for rentals players who disappear out of the NHL after being with us. Fletcher has put together many teams for the Wild and everyone ends in horrible bounce out of the playoffs. HE NEEDS TO GO NOW!!!!!! Fans should start not going untell he gets fired! 2.Our hot players disappeared- Everyone of the guys that was doing so well became a shadow in the dark during the playoffs. Parise actually came alive the first 3 games of the playoffs when he was pretty quiet all regular season. 3. Being a small team- I am not saying lets get four lines of giants who do nothing but smash but we are pretty undersized. Our defense look like a bunch of peewees standing out there by the rest of the NHL players. We can't move people around and they do what ever dirty and cheap stuff they want to Dubs cause they know there is going to be no big guys there to smash them around if need to be. 4. We stopped playing out game- The first three games we reverted back to a Yeo style game. Dump and chase with one guy. Have at least 3 guys sitting on or close to the blue line when we are in the offensive zone. Have 3 of the wingers behind the net instead of spreading out or crashing the net. I mean I literally thought that Yeo came over to the Wild bench and started coaching them. I couldn't believe what was going on and how it wasn't changed. I like Bruce but after game 1 that should have been nipped in the butt and told the players who keep playing like that will be sitting. 5. No elite scorer- That is a huge hole the Wild have to fill. I know Fletcher didn't do his research very well and was probably thinking Parise was a Kane or Crosby style player. He isn't and never was. He was a guy who would camp in front of the net and make it a nightmare for other teams but now his body doesn't hold up to that style of hockey. We need a elite guy who can take the team on his shoulders and win it. 6. Line shuffling- It drives me nuts as guys never get a chance to develop any chemistry with other guys. I swear, just like passing, the Wild must double the amount of line shuffling then any other team. There is never a game where I go this group is going to be together. And even if they start together more then likely by halfway through the first period they are on a line with completely different guys. At first I was thinking it was the coaches but I wonder if Fletcher has it in their contracts that they are forced to do so many line shuffles a year. I just think every part of the game Fletcher is somehow pulling a string. 7. Last but not least is goaltending- I know people will hate hearing this but Dubnyk is a slight above average goalie. He is not the guy that will win you a cup unless your team averages 5 goals a night. Yes he had a career year but if you look at his history you know it was a fluke. He went back to his average of 1 to 2 soft goals in a night. Goals that no NHL goalie should let in but he does anyways. This playoff lost wasn't completely on Dubs. The weak goal in sucks and you can see it eat away at the teams confidence. I was hoping we would keep running Stalock just to see. We need to get very solid goaltending in that doesn't wavier at the end of the year. All in all, all of the mess still falls back on Fletcher. It's time he goes. We need a team GM that puts the good of the team in front of all players. Fletcher puts the good of the player ahead of the good of the team. We see the mess it causes year after year. With Fletcher leading this team we will never win a cup. I will also add that there is no positive to the season. Who cares if you got a new franchise record in points and a winning streak when you go into the playoffs and get wrecked by a team that both it's fans and players admit beat the better team. We need to stop this participation trophy mindset chit! No, Wild players, coaches and Fletcher you do not get a pat on the back. You blew it!!! The season means jackchit if you can't even get 2 wins in the first round against a vastly worst team!!!! Everyone of those players should be embarrassed but Fletcher was probably giving them hugs and tucking them in to bed telling them he was very proud of them for lacing up and even stepping out on the ice.
  4. I want to thank you and everybody else who has done a post game write. They are better then any of the media new write ups and enjoy them! I am going to miss them until next year. It was bittersweet to finally see some fight but it sucks that it happened now then instead of game one. I got to say that as soon as Staal got hurt I was like there goes any type of wind in our sails. That really sucked and was wondering how the Wild would respond. They didn't go down without a fight at least. A error pass by Dubs and bad board play is what killed us. In the end it's probably for the best. After seeing how Preds played I think they would have swept us maybe with all four games being a shut out. I think they take the Blues in 4 games with another 2 shutouts. The Blues are not built to score and Nashville is built to be the big bullies and score.
  5. I hope he wins it too. Wideman is a POS and that was completely on purpose. His excuse is complete bullchit!!!! And this is coming from a guy that thinks a lot of the refs are horsechit!
  6. Got to say that half of my hockey prays are answered. If the Wild lose and go out of the playoffs I want Chicago and Pittsburgh out of it too. Tired of seeing those two teams go deep. Lol we got a Chicago boy here at my work and he just looks at us and shakes his head. He said the abuse he is going to suffer is more then enough.
  7. Thank the hockey gods there was no sweep!!! I am so happy and excited to see the Wild start to get back to playing their game and show some guts! They need to forecheck hard and crash the net and good things will happen. The Blues are a Yeo team meaning that they need to score the first and maybe even second goal and hold on to dear life to try to maintain the one goal lead. If a team scores two plus goals on them they are done. Listening to the Yeo presser after the game you could hear the defeat in his voice. He was really down in the dumps talking. At times it sounded like he just lost the series. He knew he got exposed that game and is realizing that if the Wild score first his team probably isn't going to win. Please Wild, continue doing what you did yesterday. And please start scoring on the PP and breakaways! You need to bury the Blues and Allen and you can watch everything fall apart for the Blues. Come on guys lets do it!!! I would also like to thank Randy Marsh for showing the Wild not to give up until you hear the bell!
  8. As long as the eye of the tiger is blasting we can do it!
  9. I am sure it's Schroeder. I mean who else would we replace a center with?
  10. Lol then I will say great minds think a like!!! Lol I posted this to the Vikings last season when we played Green Bay for the last time.
  11. Blueline I wish I could be in the same boat as you but I have seen enough of Fletcher and think he has been given way to many redos to have a job after this year.
  12. I actually very rarely go to reddit for anything.I didn't even know there was a Minnesota Wild reddit forum. I might have to check it out. Lol I seen this one on a facebook post sometime in the past. Lol that episode was gold.
  13. I should have added this in the last post though. Hey Saint Louis:
  14. We can win if we get out of the Yeo defensive minded game that we for some reason started playing this series. When we were the best in the league we forechecking with all three wingers and crashed the net. Now we dump the puck and chase with one guy. If he is lucky enough to get then it seems like the other two guys want to stand a few feet apart from him instead of spreading out to give more room or even maybe crash the net to force the defense to move to the goalie. In the meantime we have three guys sitting on the blue line. We continue to do this even when we are down. We know the Blues are a Yeo coached team so they will not be lighting the net up like a team like Chicago would normally do. A Yeo team thrives on getting a one goal lead and holding on for dear life. These players should know this and take advantage of it instead to have reverted back to playing like a Yeo team even when they don't have a lead.
  15. Dubs one of the best goalies in the game? No. He had a great stretch but he has shown over and over he isn't one of the best. He is average to slightly above average. Nino for Clutterbuck was a pretty decent trade. Staal pick up was a lucky one. I am a huge Staal fan but the last few years he hasn't looked good and got hot this year. Need to see more before we can say it's success. Parise and Suter are nice to have but the contracts were too much and handcuff us to watching potential talent leave to other teams as we can't resign them. Parise is a glorified Hossa and Suter does great during the regular season but seems like he quits or half asses it during the playoffs. I would say right now I can call this a neutral to slightly negative decision. Granlund was on his way out the door tell this year. He hasn't been much at all up tell this point. Haula is way to much of a streaky player to say he is a good decision. Spurgeon was a great decision. Very happy with him and the size of the heart he plays with! Coyle is very disappointing. So streaky. He should be a solid number 2 center if not number 1 and he is playing like a 4th liner center. So far he is a negative especially when you realize we traded Burns for him when we probably could have gotten something better then Coyle. Ek we have no idea where he will be in a year. I hope he does great and stays. But for every good decision Fletcher has made he has made about 5 or 6 bad ones. Look at all the wasted draft picks for rental players that completely disappeared out of the NHL after their contract ended with the Wild. Look at all the stupid no move/ no trade clauses Fletcher handed out to some many bad players. Fletcher and his team of draft "experts" look pretty stupid with all the guys they have drafted that were suppose to be a top ten player in NHL and are lucky if they crack the top 200 list. Defending Fletcher at this point just points to people who are content with making the playoffs and getting destroyed and never advancing. If we have Fletcher next year I bet we won't even make the playoffs.