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  1. 11/18/17 Wild 5 WSH 2
  2. I can't understand where this he is playing great is coming from. He has been really slow. Has the most penalty minutes on our team. He is taking those stupid penalties due to him being beat easily and he lazy attempts to do something. If there was a stat for how many times you get thrown out of the faceoff Koivu would be number 1 in the NHL. And you are right about him just dumping the puck instead of taking it in. I did laugh my ass off cause if you watched on the PP when Koivu had the puck they gave him a good 15 to 20 feet of room. Nobody was pressuring him at all well anybody else touched the puck they would get swarmed. They know Koivu doesn't want to play offense or score. But yea, he is playing great..............................
  3. It starts with Fletcher. I am telling you he is best friends with a few vets (Koivu, Suter, Parise) and when one of them feels hurt or upstaged they run to Fletcher who then tells the players if they don't cut it back they will be in the AHL. If you are a kid that finally made it to the big time you don't want to go back down so you listen. I have never seen a team with more players looking so good then just revert back to looking like a bunch of players playing their second NHL game for the rest of the year. But we shouldn't be surprised. Ever since Fletcher has taken over it has become not what is the best for the team but best for the player(s). Look at the players that we have let go. Look at the guys we have kept forever and gave crazy contracts too. Look at how our PP unit never changes. Look at how other teams that were below us for years are now moving forward well we either sit in the same spot or start going backwards. Look at how Fletcher hasn't gone after a pure goal scorer. Look at how the Wild go after players that have no proven history to show that they might be better then a 4th liner. Look at how Fletcher hangs on to players in hopes everything works out instead of looking into the future (Koivu, Backstrom, Vanek, Pominville, etc). The day Fletcher is gone is the day the rebuild to a better team starts. When Koivu, Suter and Parise are all gone is when we get to look forward to us moving forward and not sitting idling in one spot!
  4. If he had a guy like Kane or Crosby to feed all the time Granlund might actually look really good. But overall I agree with you on this. Fletcher banked on him being a star and got snake bit once again. Granlund reminds me of a less physical Parise. If they have a star to play with they can look really good. Without a star they look average and can't make their team step up to the next level or carry a team.
  5. I think Mikko is key in certain situations but overall all I think Zucker, Staal and Nino are way more key for the forwards. I also think Brodin is going to be key as he is going to be running that second pairing on defense most of the time. Mikko will be key for needed faceoff wins and very key for defensive moments and defensive key faceoffs. You are right it's not his fault for the contracts and the Wild trying to parade a average at best center as a star. People complain about this cause we want some of the sheeple to see the truth and stop accepting the franchise to allow crap like that to get away with. By the way I do find it funny that Koivu has put our team in more bad defensive moments, aka PK, then any other player on our team. At this point he leads the Wild in PIM with 16.
  6. Get use to this. This is going to be the new norm for Parise tell his contract is over or he retires. At this point I have completely forgotten we have him on the team and I wouldn't bench anybody to place him in right now. I like how the young kids and guys that normally don't get as much time are playing and improving. It might be time to start cutting the vets minutes and go younger.
  7. 11/16/17 Wild 4 NSH 0 Yes, I am jumping on the 4th SO in a row for Dubs bandwagon!
  8. 11/14/17 Wild 3 PHI 1 Zucker is scoring his seventh straight and tying the record this game! He might need to have more kids if he goes into a slump again!
  9. Wait........ You mean there is more then Koivu, Parise, Granlund and Suter on this team?!?! What the f*ck FSN!?! I thought it was only those 4 with Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubnyk! I can't believe FSN lead me astray!
  10. 11/11/17 Wild 5 PHI 1 I would like to take partial credit for the W last game with the start of the rant thread! Just kidding, lol
  11. I thought about it, went to bed, woke up and still can't determine what I am more impressed with, Zuckers hattie (his first in his NHL career and second ever) or the fact Dubnyk didn't let in a softie and got a shut out. I was pretty happy with the play though. Let's string some Ws in a row boys!
  12. Like I said no arguing on this thread! Let it out everybody. I don't think there is going to be one rant in here that is going to be wrong unless it's so insane or dumb, lol. I still think Yeo made a lot of bone headed mistakes. But there was stuff I was calling him out of that I believe is completely out of the coaches hands due to some contract crap.
  13. I started a rant thread Rotty but I got a theory on this I put on that thread. I am starting to think that it's not the coaches decision on these players. I got a weird feeling it's either in the players contracts that the coach can't do anything to these players or it's in the coach contract that he isn't allowed to touch certain players. There is just no way Bruce would keep the same PP unit 1 out over and over with no results. He wouldn't have done that with the Ducks or Caps but all of a sudden does it here. And, can't believe I am saying this, I think the same thing happened with Yeo. Damn Yeo is making the Wild look really bad. I think even the mighty Scotty Bowman couldn't get much better results then Bruce being handcuffed the way Bruce is with this team.
  14. Leipold is on the border on this. If he keeps Fletcher after this year, then no, he isn't a good owner. I agree that it appears he is more worried about filling the seats now then the good of the team later. He could surprise us and fire Fletcher and spend some money to get a good GM that isn't worried about players feelings and worried about the team it's self!
  15. First, I wanted to create a thread for people to come in and go off without other people attacking them on their opinions or rants they have of the Wild. Grab a cognac, whiskey, or your drink of choice, sit down and put up your feet by the fire and release tell you feel better! I will start first. The players deciding it's ok for them to take two-thirds of the game off need to go now!!! Talk about spitting on your fans faces! You know the people who pay for the merchandise, food, tickets, etc that pay for your damn contracts! No fans= no contracts! You make more money then us average joes will ever make and in your lifetime will only work maybe 20 years well we will work 50 + years!!! Get off your asses and play 100% all the time!!!! Dubnyk needs to ride the pine for some time. He isn't tracking pucks well at all. A good 1 to 2 second delays are showing this. He is back to letting in High School embarrassing goals in. Dubnyk appears to be a head case. Starting to remind me of Kuemper. Stalock needs to be the starter and maybe find somebody else to back him up. Suter is playing so poorly. I am pretty sure a busted knee Sam Bradford right now could skate faster then Suter. Suter is in bad positions a lot and is making poor decisions too. He should be either a third pairing D right now or even maybe a healthy scratch for a game or two. Maybe that will start a fire. Captain Panzy Ass, errr, Captain Koivu. Why he has the C is beyond me! He has as much leadership skills as a empty pop can. Isn't willing to stick up for his teammates. Makes sure to not have to bring the puck into the offensive zone as much as possible. Willing to make a bad pass to anybody in order to avoid a check. Willing to pass a puck to a player that will result in the player getting steamrolled as soon as they touch a puck in order to get the other team from getting closer to him. He would rather sit on the blue line with the two defensive guys then step up and maybe help his wingers out. Rip that C off of him and bench him for awhile. The only good Koivu is a angry Koivu. Fletcher is such a moron. Has to be one of the worst GMs of all time. His drafting is just plain awful. We have about 6 or 7 guys from all the draft picks he has had that are currently playing on the Wild. They were able to crack the line up in the NHL and 2 first round picks that are playing on the squad right now are very iffy. Dumba and Ek are not screaming NHL caliber right now. Here is a list of his first round picks: Leddy (16th overall) Traded for Cam Barker........... Granlund (9th overall) Would have been a great late first round pick up but not a top 15 pick up. Brodin (10th overall) Solid defenseman that probably could have been gotten second round Phillips (28th overall) What the hell?!?! First round for him?! We could have gotten Brandon Saad who didn't get picked up tell 43rd!!! Dumba (7th overall) His rookie year he was good but since then makes so many costly mistakes he hurts this team. He doesn't learn either. Not worth a high pick like that. Tuch (18th overall) Who knows how this would have gone since he was so new. But if the LVK have taught us something, Tuch will probably be pretty damn good. Their picks have been golden so far. Ek (20th overall) Could have drafted Brock Boeser. Ek so far has shown nothing other then maybe being a career 4th liner. Not looking that great. Kunin (15th overall) He could actually be a very nice surprise. We will have to see how he plays continuing. Showing a lot of promise but making the typical rookie mistakes. If he learns he could be really good. This is just the first round guys. Most of the second, third and on have been huge busts. The future looks kind of bleak with Fletcher and his cronies. The sad part is he trades away so many picks for rental players that disappears out of the NHL as soon as their contract is up. Last, as most people know I was a very vocal Yeo hater. Seeing how Bruce is coaching and the results I would like to say I apologize to Yeo for a lot of stuff I said. I think Fletcher has handcuffed the coaches to certain players no matter what happens. Koivu and Suter should not be on the PP. Yet they continue to be on PP unit 1 and never held off of it. Yeo did it and Bruce is doing it. Bruce has been around long enough he would see the none production from them and switch it. I think some of these players have it built into their contracts that they get the minutes and PP minutes no matter what. Suter should be benched right now and he is still riding the most minutes. I love hockey and the Wild. It's just that more and more fans are seeing the direction this team is heading and it's completely the wrong way. We do need a rebuild. Our farm team is very weak with not much to talk about. We have to start a rebuild from the top though. Fletcher has to go now. The longer we keep him the more damage he is going to do to this team. We got insanely stupid contracts hurting this team. We are going to lose the actually young talent we have due to these contracts. The worst part is appears Fletcher is more worried about players feelings then the good of the team. These contracts tell you this. Minnesota Wild fans deserve so much better then this. It's depressing and the reason why a lot of fans have adopted another team. People aren't hating on the Wild cause it's fun or the cool thing to do it's cause we see glaring huge issues holding us back and it's not ok as a fan to just accept it.